Review and Recaps: Jirisan episode 15 (also known as ‘Cliffhanger’ or ‘Mountain Jiri’)

The episode starts with a young woman trespassing in the black bridge village and suddenly jumping up and spraying the bear spray at the rangers. Poor rangers just tapped her from the back to tell her it is a restricted trial.

She then apologizes and sits down to take her ID to pay the fine. Not only trespassing she knows it is a restricted trial and she should pay a fine. She introduces herself as Kang Seung-Ah from Seocho-gu.

On the other side, an old couple is trespassing another restricted trial and paying the fine and on top of it, they give some energy powder to the rangers and thank them for their hard work.

We get to know the young woman and the couples are a family and two more people reach the Cheonwangbong peak. They are Hyun-Jo’s family and look at the beautiful place their son has worked. And they finally plan to let go of Hyun-Jo.

At the ranger station, Yi-gang is informed that Hyun-Jo’s family has decided to remove his life support. At this time, Hyun-Jo’s sister comes looking for Yi-gang. She at a single go releases she is speaking to Yi-gang and tells her that she visited Baektogol, Wildflower habitat below bidam cliff and black bridge village. She then tells her she wanted to meet Yi-gang because most of the time Hyun-Jo only spoke about Yi-gang. She thanks her and leaves.

After some time, Gu-Yeong and Il-Hae come and tell her that the murder happened at 2 Pm at Seokyi cliff and not at 5 pm at Guseong cliff. They ask her if she is in any idea to tell them the truth.

Yi-gang has no choice but, to tell the truth. To confirm the truth that Hyun-Jo’s spirit is still in the mountains, Gu-Yeong and Il-Hae visit the illegal hiker who saw hooded Hyun-jo and confirm his existence. But the illegal hiker stumbles more when Yi-gang asks him what happened in black bridge village during 1991 as all the people from there are mysteriously murdered. The person doesn’t answer and runs away into his house.

At the ranger station, Yi-gang tells Gu-Yeong and Il-Hae that not only the illegal hiker but Da-won and herself have seen Hooded Hyun-Jo and shows them the proof from the Da-won recording. The twigs move by themselves and the mark changes.

She tells them what happened back in 2019. As Yi-gang is doing some office stuff one of the rangers talks about how Hyun-Jo is hurt every time after his day off and wonders if he needs money and illegally collects herbs in the mountains.

Yi-gang messages Hyun-Jo since it’s his day off and they decide to meet the next day. Something changes Hyun-Jo’s mind the next day. He hears the news that it is going to snow 10cm in Mount Jiri. But then he goes outside and informs Yi-gang over the call canceling their plan.
Yi-gang knows he has gone after the murderer by himself and immediately calls bidam shelter if Hyun-Jo is there. After knowing Hyun-Jo has left to the mountain with his gear from there she goes to the shelter and follows Hyun-Jo’s footsteps in the snow.

And the rest of the story as we know she reaches for the hiking pole in a cliff which the murderer has left on purpose. Thankfully Hyun-Jo notices Yi-gang and safely takes her to a cave. When he comes outside and makes a call to the ranger station, the murderer hits Hyun-jo right in his skull 3 times and leaves.

Back to the present, As Gu-Yeong and Il-Hae’s doubts are all cleared now Yi-gang tells them it’s their turn now to help her find the murder mystery. She puts forward the records of all the bridge villager’s death cases and they shortlist all the people who have died. Gu-Yeong comments that these many people died and they didn’t even notice it. The only people who are alive now are Yang-sun’s grandpa(Lee Jae-guen ), Heo jin-ok, Hwang Gil-yong, Officer Eung, and Sol.

So the trio split their work. Yi-gang visits the police station to get some information about Officer Eung’s Activities. She learns from his junior that it’s his day off and when she enquires if something is odd about him. He says might be because of his mother’s illness for about 1 year now. She tries to contact Eung but he doesn’t pick the call. Officer Eung is into the mountains’ restricted area for some reason.

Gu-Yeong visits Yang-sun’s grandpa to know the real story of the black bridge village and Il-Hae visits Sol to enquire about the black bridge village incident. Il-Hae doesn’t succeed as Sol again says the story of him being too young to remember anything. As soon as Il-Hae leaves Sol gets a message from Eung to meet him at 3 pm in black bridge village.

Yang-sun’s grandpa is too ill to talk sanely. Yi-gang visits Heo jin-ok’s house and gets to know that Heo jin-ok is already dead due to cancer and no one came to her last rites except the monk from the mountains. Yi-gang visits the monk and the only information he could give is Jin-ok regrated something and always came there to pray for that.

As Yi-gang returns to the ranger station Il-Hae informs her on the phone that neither he nor Gu-Yeong could find anything until now and Gu-Yeong is visiting a retired ranger who used to work at the time of black bridge village migration. Il-Hae then says he also is going to look into the cable car project documents. Yi-gang visits Dae-jin and asks him any small information regarding the black bridge village might help. Dae-Jin asks her to look into the file of Sol’s mother (who was also the wife of the head of the village) death case file. He has it still because it was his first case.

When Yi-gang leaves, Dae-Jin asks her to find the murderer only she can do it because no one else knows the mountains better than her.

As the trio meets up, Il-Hae breaks a big twist- he gets to know from the cable car records that every single black bridge villager had signed accepting the cable car project. Until then they believed every villager opposed the plan. Yi-gang puts together all the facts and connects the dots – by the 80s Wildlife protection law was enforced so Snake hunters and poachers were heavily impacted. And at the same time, National park legislation reinforced strict rules so herb collectors were also impacted and the only people who were not impacted were the bee collectors because the government wanted to protect the bees and in fact created more projects to promote bee collection.

So few of the villagers had nothing left and wanted to leave but few didn’t want to leave.

At this time Gu-Yeong comes and informs that Se-Wook’s father died due to a hit and run case and that too in a path only the villagers take. But the case was closed because no proper evidence was found.

Yi-gang immediately suggests looking into the case files they might find any clues but Il-Hae and Gu-Yeong oppose and say they should leave it to the police. She makes another plan because convincing the police of the truth might take a long time.

She goes into the police station and informs Junior of Eung that an accident occurred just outside the police station. As he leaves Yi-gang with all her might locks the door from inside and goes to the system to find any information possible.

The junior police after some time find Yi-gang has locked him out and illegally searching through the police station, he rushes to the back door and searches through the keys to open the door.

By the time he opens the door and comes inside Yi-gang finds the Doekseoryeong hit and run case files, find that the prime suspect was Kim Seong-guk (father of officer Eung), and leaves the station through the front door.

In the Black bridge village, as per the plan Officer Eung and Sol meet up, and then the next thing we are shown is one of the people hits the other and the phone falls covered with blood. We don’t know who has hit whom.

And the murderer is revealed when Yi-gang sorts the entire story and rings the bell of Sol’s house. Sol comes out and asks if she wants to know about the black bridge village incident and he has spoken to Il-Hae about it. (So at the black bridge village earlier Sol murdered Officer Eung.).

Yi-gang gives the hint as so many things happened coincidently and rolled up into big trouble and everyone regrets it till now. Sol acts clueless. And now We are then shown the flashback.

It is 1991, Young Heo jin-ok is the one who puts the dead animal into the community well of the village, and the next day when rangers come Sol’s father complaints that Mr.yang is the one who did that.

Lee jong gu, Choi il man, Hwang Gil yong, Kim jin-deok meet up and Jin-ok tells then the idea of putting a dead animal into the well didn’t work. Lee jong gu suggests directly asking Sol’s father instead of doing such things and Choi il man says it won’t work out and they plan to convince Sol’s mom.

They accept the cable car program only because they are restricted to collecting any animal or herbs from the mountains and to survive in the town they need compensation from the government.

The four men Lee jong gu, Choi il man, Hwang Gil yong, Kim jin-deok meet up with Sol’s mom and try to convince her. During convincing her in a rush Choi il man pushes Sol’s mom and her head hits a rock. They find her dead at the spot and escape from there before someone else finds it.
But in reality, Sol’s mom was still alive and she tries to get up when they all left.

Back to the present, Yi-gang in front of Sol tells him that the missing report of Sol’s mom had something odd. She was not found in the route to home but the route down from the hill. Some speculate she had her head hit and she went to hospital but Yi-gang speculates she might have tried going to the police station.

She then points that Se-work’s father’s hit and run case has officer Eung’s father as the prime suspect and coincidently on that date only Eung’s father changed his car’s bumper and also that was the day he signed in the agreement form of the cable car plan.

In the flashback, Choi il-man and the group along with Eung’s father are seen digging up his car bumper into a pit. Il-man then blackmails him to sign up for the cable car agreement.

In the mountain, black bridge village, hooded Hyun-jo finds officer Eung lying in the ground covered in blood. Hooded Hyun-jo realizes that the phone he saw in his vision covered was not of the victim but the murderer.

Yi-gang tells Sol that he says he doesn’t remember anything from that time but the truth is he remembers everything. He remembers the selfishness of the village people who abandoned the coexistence with the mountain and in the process, Sol’s parents and Se-Wook’s father died.

She then announces he was the one who murdered people in the mountain disguised in accidents. Sol and Se-wook started this murder for revenge

The episode ends here as Yi-gang reveals that she knows the real murderer.

It was evident after some time that Sol was the murderer but they failed to confuse me that the murderer might be Officer Eung also. And then they revealed the murderer’s face to be Sol and showed officer Eung in the mountain lying unconscious which was not so good. I felt like why are they trying so hard to build up a mystery to the end.

I liked how they started the story of black bridge village and its mystery but now that it is revealed Sol is the murderer. I really want to know how they end the drama. Let’s watch the finale and decide if we like the ending.

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