So I married the anti-fan Kdrama Episode 1 Review and Recap.. (spoiler alert given)

So I married my anti fan.. starring Soo Young as Lee geun young (female protagonist), Choi Tae-joon as Who-joon (male protagonist), Hwang Chan sung as JJ(supporting cast), Han ji an as Oh In-hyung (supporting cast), Kim min-kyu as Go soo-hwan (supporting cast)..

This series started airing on 30th April 2021.. Weekly 2 episodes is being released… and currently 6 episodes have been released!!

Totally episodes: 16

I started watching this series as I could see familiar faces from Suspicious partner series..

I like watching on-going series as I like the thrill it gives.. if you haven’t watched any on-going series then go for it.. let’s watch So I married an anti fan together 😜😉

Now without any further do.. let’s see the sneak and peek of first episode (spoiler alert will be given!)..

Episode1: How can someone be this different from me?

It is basically a ROM-COM genre series where Who-joon is a world famous idol and Lee geun young is a hookie reporter..

Episode starts with describing how famous young Who-joon is and has millions of fans all over the world…

They show the sneak peek of all his famous concerts, his fans going crazy for him and all.. even in America his birthday is being celebrated with his picture on the billboards..

He is a sweet, sugar dripping guy for all his fans but not so sweet in real life.. His manager who is a honest gentle man keeps him company where ever he goes and takes care of all his businesses…

While he is in the concert makeup room, he receives a birthday card from JJ.. which he doesn’t like..

Lee geun young is a rookie reporter works at a company and she is in madly love with a guy (Roy, a chef)..

As she is a junior, her seniors make her to run errands for them.. which she does in order to show them respect… she sometimes says that everybody loves her sarcastically..

Her boss makes her work late and work at holidays also

She has this one friend Go soo-hwan in her office who helps her in the errands.. and he makes her life somewhat easy for her..


JJ owns an entertainment agency.. he gets irritated when his staff talks about Who-joon’s new album..

Who-joon, JJ, Oh In-hyung used to be friends and now has some unresolved misunderstandings.. it is evident whenever Who-joon and JJ meets

On the new year eve, Geun young goes to meet his boyfriend after working late.. there she sees his boyfriend cheating on her with a boy🙄

She approaches them to fight head on but leaves holding back.. her boyfriend follows her to say that he also wanted to be a normal guy that’s why he dated her.. and says that she should have held back until the end as she is good at it.. which breaks her..

She drinks all night with her friend…

On the other side, Tae-joon tries to call someone who doesn’t pick (may be his mother).. he then reveals that it’s his fake birthday.. (I really don’t understand why idols birthday revealed to audience is always fake in these idol dramas🤷)

He wins the grand prize of the year that night✨

After days, JJ arranges a party for the idols and reporters… And announces that Choi Tae-joon is being invited..

Geun young’s company also gets the invitation.. and the boss asked who is willing to go.. and as usual Lee geun young gets this errand and boss asks her to cover Choi Tae-joon well for her..

This so called party begins and Who-joon steals spotlight as soon as he enters the party..

Who-joon, JJ, In-hyung meets and tries to have a small talk..(which was awkward)

Geun young drinks a lot and searches for a washroom.. that’s when she encounters Who-joon with a girl(who is In-hyung but she doesn’t get to see who the girl is)..

When Tae-joon notices Geun young he misunderstands that may be she is filming them and gets tensed..

He approaches her and asks her to delete the filmed video which she actually wasn’t filming.. Who-joon gets more irritated when Geun young vomits in his shoes.. he then smashes the camera and behaves rude..

And tells her to hold back till the end which triggers her..

As Who-joon opens car door to leave, Geun young smashes heels right in his face.. the reporters around them goes crazy about what happened..

JJ laughs at what happened and collects the heel..

The next day every headlines talks only about how a misterious women smashed her heel right in Who-joon’s face.. but the big thing which bothers Who-joon the more is that may be she filmed and knows about him and In-hyung talking..

He worries about that scandle would spread if she writes and asks his agency’s boss to take care of Geun young..

His boss makes Geun young to loose her job.. she goes crazy when she comes to know that Who-joon is the reason behind him..

She breaks down while returning home.. and realizes that her current and water bill is overdue when arrives home..

She then goes to her friend’s home to live off her.. and tries to meet Tae-joon for justice about what happened to her..

On the other hand, Tae-joon helps rookie In-hyung (who is trying hard to come back to the industry) by telling a director that he knows her.. lately she thanks him over text message..

The episode ends as Geun young tries to write and article describeing how two-faced Tae-joon is.. and hoping some reporter to call her…

I feel like so many exciting things happened in this episode..😁😁😁…

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