Review and Recap: So I married the anti-fan Kdrama Episode 2

This episode had lot more misunderstandings between the leads , and lot more incidents to build up the story and spice up things little😋.

The episode starts with Lee Guen Young getting frustrated that she didn’t get enough attention from any journalist, for the article she posted online exposing double face of Hoo Joon and infact only person to reply was her Mean ex-boss warning her.

At this point of time for her delight, Geun young gets a call from a journalist that he wants to hear the story.

Though she was initially very happy that atleast a journalist is coming forward to hear the truth, it all ends with disappointment , the journalist tells her the truth that this story is not going to help her in any ways and she would’t even be able to reinstantiate her job.and on top of it he turns out to be a man of who Joon and actually reports all these to him.

This episode also shows the tension between Hoo Joon and his agency manager…They give few hints of the past troubles between the agency and his ex-girlfriend Oh in Hyung.
Also Who Joon is clearly seen dwelling in his past relationship and he never let anyone put down his ex-gf InHyung. Though what actually happended in the past is yet to be revealed in coming episodes ,Who Joon is seen to be troubled from his past and JJ and Who joon are in very unpleasant situation.

Guen young Checks her phone throughout the day,Only thing she gets are hate comments from Who Joon fans…As Impulsive as she can get She makes few posters and plans to protest for her justice as one women army (Which turned out to be very bold and dangerous decision and she only finds out as she starts to protest near Who Joon’s house and gets beaten up by a mass of his fan girls..).

Who Joon enters now puts up an act of embracing GeunYoung and says that he will also embrace his anti fan and not to hurt her .By this clever move he wins heart of all his fans and even geun young belives it to be true and was in shock .

Like a very nice person who joon takes her inside his home Only to shout at her about the misinformation that she posted online, geun young gets shocked that all that he did outside was acting…and wonders what a brilliant actor he was😂😂

As she return from there she is swarmed by a pool of journalist who were asking whether her story was true and to tell about it , in the heat of the moments she gets an idea and tells everyone that who joon is double faced person and declares herself as official antifan of Who Joon.

These event leads to idea of show “So I married My Anti fan ” by a leading tv creators
Yes as you guess this is were all the fun is gonna start…Ofcourse initially Who Joon and geun young are totally not pleased with the idea…but eventually they accept…ofcourse geun young has to get her revenge sooo she has to accept but why who joon accepts ….watch the show and find out..

And noww the prep for the show starts….the crew decides to shoot at Who Joon’s place and the crew along with geun young visit his place and Who joon’s manager shares house passcode to the shows PD and Guen Young.

Though Geun Young plans to Stay at her only friend’s house for some time until she thinks she gets her revenge on Who Joon and get her job back, Her friend had other plan’s ..Her Friend’s boyfriend moves in with her this puts geun young in a tight spot ,she leaves her friend’s house without telling her and goes back to her old apartment which is rented to someone else by her mother…

So guen young decides to stay at sauna but poor guenYoung,Who joon’s fans spot her there and chase her away from there.

Nowhere else to go she roams here and there ….while passing by near Who joon’s house, geun young gets idea to stay for a night at Hoo Joon apartment which is always vacant.

With all hopes that nobody would come at this time she gets settled in who joon’s penthouse …at this time who joon enters and story end 😂😂

Guen young desperately tries to hide and terribly fails
Whats happens next lets wait and watch

Though this episode was predictable…it was very light hearted and very fun to watch…what you say🤔😉

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