Kdrama Review and Recap: So I married The Anti fan.. Episode 3

Episode 3: Reality is between How and Somehow

The episode starts with Who-joon holding lamp thinking that some burglary happened in his penthouse.. while Geun young trying to hide..

Who-joon finally sees that it’s Geun young and relaxes his body and asks her why she is in the penthouse..

Geun young replies with the same question and Who-joon replies that he was passing nearby and came.. and Geun young replies with the same answer..

And then Geun young offers food to Who-joon in which he only accepts Soju and says that he don’t eat food like that.. Geun young mocks him saying that he shouldn’t be drinking Soju also..

While drinking he notices her bag and asks her if she roam around with all her luggages..

Then Geun young accepts that she has nowhere else to stay.. and eventually blames him for her situation..

The next morning.. Who-joon wakes up and tries to remember what happened last night in which he fails.. and goes to bathroom to fresh up.. where he sees Geun young in the bath tub and completely looses his mind wondering if she is alive🤣😂

He catches his breath and goes near to find out… and hears her snoring🤣🤣… And then scolds her if she had nowhere else to sleep..

Geun young recollects last night conversation between them where he asks her to stay in his house only.. which Who-joon also remembers and let her stay in the house and leaves..

In the morning, Who-joon finishes his practice and plans to leave when he sees In-hyung came alone for some shoot.. he consoles her (after seeing her nervous) saying that she is not nobody as nobody has come with her.. and gives his jacket to her and leaves..

But JJ sees this incident which leads to a misunderstanding between JJ and In-hyung.

The So I married my anti fan crew member and Who-joon, Geun young goes for a party to celebrate the start of the show.. where all of them ignores Geun young as Who-joon sweet talks with the Program Director.

After getting completely ignored Geun young sings karoke herself thinking that they won’t even know if she leaves..

She losts her way back from the washroom and randomly meets JJ. They both casually talks when Who-joon notices them and asks if they know each other.. JJ and Geun young tries to irritate Who-joon and finally JJ leaves..

Geun young losses her conscious after drinking so Who-joon carries her home while complaining how heavy she is..

After reaching home Geun young starts to walk which makes Who-joon drive crazy thinking how she made him carry her even though she is awake..

Geun young starts sleeping in sofa.. while leaving Who-joon covers her with a bedsheet saying that he is covering so that she could feel hot not because he is concerned.. 😂😜

The next morning, JJ calls Geun young and asks her out for a casual breakfast.. Geun young suggests a place where they both go and eat while having a small talk..

In the morning she goes for grocery shopping, when she returns, to her surprise the whole crew of So I Married My Anti-fan were already present in the penthouse..

Then she notices the message in her phone where she was asked to come in casual for the shoot.. when she enters the house, Ms.No teases her that she was asked to be there in little casual (as she is in her pyjamas)

Then the makeup artists turns Geun young to be a beautiful bride.. and Who-joon as groom..

The first Photoshoot of the show begins with a gun in Geun young’s hand which you might have seen in the promo itself..

It was so much fun watching both of them in photoshoot.They both act rude to each other during the photoshoot..

Now the crew members plans to do a photoshoot in a car.. where they let Geun young to drive the car consideration the fact that she has driving license.. but unfortunately Geun young doesn’t know how to drive one.. anyways she tries to manage the situation..

Who-joon tightens his seat belt as he doubts Geun young.. Geun young tightens hers also saying that it’s only human nature to be afraid..

But the crew members asks them to remove the seat belt as it is only a casual photoshoot.. as the shoot begins, Geun young starts the car with the crazy speed.. which everybody appreciates in the beginning..

But when she almost reaches the end (where half of the crew members were standing) she hits accelerator instead of the break.. everyone asks her to slow down but she panics.. and Who-joon tries to handle the situation by hitting the break himself and changing the direction of the steering wheel.. where accidentally they kiss each other..

Fortunately they hit a van and doesn’t get hurt in the end.. Who-joon gets angry and asks her to shut up as she confesses that she doesn’t know how to drive car well… Who-joon leaves under shock.. They both try to recall how they accidently kissed each other.. (I actually thought that it would blow up but no one notices it and not even camera captures it🤷🤷.. )

The crew member call both of them to apologize for the accident happened and calls off for the day..

Geun young goes out for the crew sake and comes back to the penthouse as they all leave.. she takes bath and relaxes in the sauna when she suddenly hears someone from the crew entering the house… She desperately hides her things and hides herself in the balcony.. and while the crew member leave, they lock the balcony.

When Geun young realizes that she is stuck in the balcony she complains that no one break through balcony in the 25th floor.. she stays there until night..

She tries to call someone for her rescue when she desperately wants to use the washroom…

First she thinks of her friend to call but she hesitates as she would be exposed (as  her friend thinks that she is living in her senior’s house).. then she thinks of Who-joon’s manager and calls him..

On the other side, Who-joon and his manager go to meet a movie director to hear the plot…

Who-joon happens to attend the call from Geun young by chance.. and she asks to rescue her..

This is where the episode 3 ends… And am really excited to see how the shooting is gonna go😜😁

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