Review and Recap: So I Married The Anti-fan Episode 8 kdrama

Things That Do Not Fit Always

Become a Problem

Guen-Young and Who-Joon are waiting outside a shop for the rain to stop. Seeing Guen-young growing restless, Who-Joon offers his coat for them to reach the shooting spot. So, they cover their head with his coat and run.

Coincidentally In-Hyung happens to be in nearby coffee shop for an interview and her heart stings to watch them run under a same coat.

She then flashes back to the time when she and who-Joon were still young and who-Joon came to her rescue on a rainy day at a bus stop and they both took cover under a single umbrella. This time JJ comes to rescue when she prepares to run in the rain. while JJ flashes back to same time when he was with umbrella but watches In-Hyung and who-Joon leave together.

Who-Joon drops Guen-young at his penthouse and notices she left the necklace he bought her while shooting at the street . He chides her how can she lose his gift and she can’t get it now if she wants as it is now “Who-Joon Premium” .she mocks back saying he bought only for the sake of show and she can sell it and make some money now.

JJ and In-Hyung are in his car and he asks why she came out while it rained, she replies that he was running late.

JJ rants how nowadays people can’t trust weather reports and she should carry umbrella always and he comments she has always been the type to make people put umbrella over her.

In-Hyung changes the subject that they should change her profile photos as the current ones are too old but JJ retorts back that her manager should be doing these works and she should not be making the CEO to do all these works.

PD Han and Na are doing their reviewing of episode 2 of “So I Married the Anti-Fan” and again this episode doesn’t put Guen-Young in any good picture. For them anyway it is their strategy to show Who-Joon cool to make people hooked to the show and Guen-Young has to work hard. They also plan to put Behind the scenes of Who-Joon.

At the Shooting Star (Agency of Who-Joon), Who-Joon’s personal reporter came for some work and he informs him that Guen-Young has got some attention and She is now going for few interviews to be a reporter again and says of course she has to do something after the show ends.

When the reporter leaves, Ji-Hyang informs Who-Joon that week’s shooting is in club Benny (JJ’s club) and they can’t switch out the spot without any valid reason. Who-Joon has no choice so accepts.

Guen-Young is getting ready for the show and she notices that Who-Joon is not in the makeup room and curiously asks the make-up artist why he is not there. She replies that today shoot is the club benny and who-Joon has gone there. She starts to poke at Guen-young that she misses him when he is not there and she has definitely fallen for him.

Guen-Young denies and tries to make a point that in no way she would fall for him but makeup artist turns a deaf ear.

Guen-young reaches Club Benny and as she settles down PD Han gets a call that Who-Joon had an accident and everyone rushes out leaving Guen-Young to wonder.

Who-Joon enters singing birthday song…yes again a prank and again Guen-young falls for it.

Guen-Young is shocked and chides him for making pranks on these matters and that really made her worry. The crew celebrates her birthday and Who-Joon presents her black shoes(which doesn’t fit her anyway).

Guen-young is overwhelmed. You can already see the chemistry developing between them and it is beautiful.

Who-Joon and Guen-young are shocked to see their surprise guest JJ and In-Hyung and when they join sudden tense atmosphere develops. JJ takes advantage of the situation and starts poking out Who-Joon in all way possible.Who-joon is visbily annoyed by JJ.

Afterwards Guen-Young and In-Hyung meet at the women’s restroom and In-Hyung tries to get information from Guen-Young on how close Who-Joon and JJ are to her. She is surprised that Guen-Young knows JJ’s full name and JJ has never talked to Guen-Young about her.

As they come out In-hyung asks whether she saw her on that day( she meant the opening of club Benny) and realises they have met several times than she thought. In-hyung excuses herself as she left her purse in restroom and leaves first.

JJ now appraoches Guen-young and asks ‘is this where you two met and awful fate with joon began and the shoe throw’ and Guen young terms it as old memories.

He makes her flustered by asking whether she saw In-hyung with Who-joon that day. She replies that she is not that sure.Who-joon is watching all these from down the stairs and JJ comments she might be knowing about Who-joon’s and In-hyung’s history as everybody knows.

Who-joon misintrepts their convo and rushes out of the club furiously. Guen-young tries to clear the misunderstanding but Who-joon has fixed his mind on his version of truth.

When Guen-young leaves club she finds out from PD Na that shoe was bought by her and Who-joon was the one who planned the surprise birthday party and he was very excited.

While going back to home she buys some band aid for bruise caused by ill-fitted shoes tha Who-joon gifted her and thinks things that don’t fit will always become problem.she then decides to leave Who-joon’s penthouse to put end to all the misunderstanding.

JJ calls Who-joon to meet and when they meet JJ vent all his anger on him for events that occurred in club and they both get into a fist fight.

Guen-young is all packed and sets to leave the house,door bell rings and it’s Who-joon.As usual he came for consolation and soju.

Guen-young treats his wound and he asks for soju .Who-joon reveals that In-hyung was the girl who he failed to protect and asks her not to reveal anything to public if atall she learns any truth about him.

Guen-young says she guessed it already that it was In-hyung and she won’t stoop that low by spreading gossip about someone’s personal matter.

Who-joon notices luggage of her and ask her about it. She says she is moving before getting kicked out. Who-joon ask her to stay.she stares at him and comments how mean he looks now.

JJ is in some plan of trapping Who-joon into a contract and discuss to a lawyer to prepare a contract between Who-joon and his agency.

JJ then calls GuenYoung to meet in his office to clarify things that happened on her birthday.JJ explains about their past relationships and why it is so twisted and he is releaved to know GuenYoung and he are still in good terms.

When Guen-young is outside JJ’s office she gets a call from Who-joon and he yells at her asking why she is not at the house and asks her to rush back to home.

Who-joon takes her in his bike to a game release for which he had already booked the game soundtrack but he has to wait in queue for about 6 hrs to get it. Guen-young yells that he should have asked Ji-Hyang or someone else for company.

Who-joon explains his manager Ji-Hyang cannot know about it because he has skipped work for game 😂 and they sit in the queue with helmets on.

Guen-young is hungry now and Who-joon complains how high maintenance she is. they both leave to nearby shop requesting neighbouring person to lookout for their place.

In nearby store they bicker over what snacks to buy and eat ramen with still the helmets on…while getting up our messy heroine messes again and pours the ramen soup over Who-joon and spend some time cleaning his head in helmet.

Who-joon leaves for song recording asking Guen-young to buy the game without fail and send him picture after buying.

While in recording his personal reporter calls and falsely accuse Guen-young of her joining a news company and the condition is she has to expose Who-joon’s personal information for the job . After hearing it Who-joon doesn’t give any second thought to it and believes it blindly.

He is hurt thinking that Guen-young has betrayed her and thinks twice to pick her up from the game release shop.
Guen-young at game company is alone without her purse to take any bus or cab and her phone is dead.

When Who-joon comes she starts yelling but he is indifferent and simply drops her at his penthouse and leaves without saying a word and totally ignoring.

Guen-young is confused that again what came into him. Who-joon suggest Ji-Hyang to arrange next shoot for show to be arranged in photo wall event and asks Ji-Hyang to cancel all the subsequent shoot and says to withdraw from the show.

Next day before the shoot,Who-joon totally ignores Guen-young when she makes tries to make conversation.

Guen-young and Who-joon are at the photo wall for shoot and as they finish posing, Guen-young is attacked by Who-joon fans. The crew than saves her and sends her back to home informing her that today was the last day of shoot and Who-joon is withdrawing.

After Guen-young left Who-joon’s reporter finds the truth that Guen-young didn’t accept the offer by the news company and informs the same to Who-joon . Who-joon lashes out at him for not fact checking and leaves to the penthouse.

Guen-young is heart broken and have wine with Who-joon’s house one last time before leaving and Who-joon enters now trying to talk causally.

He notices that she is all packed and ready and ask her not not leave.she snaps back at him that he is not the only one with opinions and she has got her opinion too.
He tries to console her by redoing her birthday and gifting her correct size shoes and she announces she is never going to celebrate her birthday again. Who-joon then comments she is acting all cranky today.

He is dreadful at comforting anyone and ends up saying she did a good job today and not all would handle the situation that well.
She retorts this didn’t help her in any way and no one is ready to be in her shoes and see how hard it is for her. The PD are acting kind but they make a fool out of her and Who-joon is no different he is kind and caring at one moment and totally ignorant at other moment, but she tries with all her might to understand everyone.

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Who-joon complains she is not hearing him out and she is getting him concerned by saying such things.
Guen-young say that’s why she is offering to move out and she doesn’t want anyone to be concerned and gets up to leave .

He argues that he regrets bossing around her and how he should be apologizing but he is not doing it .
Guen-young says why he is so fickle and confuses her every time.

Who-joon says he is confused too, why he so concerned and confused and says ‘let’s find out today night’..
Impulsivly he kisses her and Guen-young pushes him away and they speak heart to heart Who-joon says she is very high maintenance and Guen-young says not to look at her like that or else she will fall for him.

They kiss again and now someone is ringing the bell at the door.

Who might be at the door?.. I have no idea let’s watch it next week.

This episode had so many misunderstanding. Honestly speaking I didn’t expect their misunderstanding to end in this episode and thought they would drag it to next episode but Who-joon comes to know the truth from the reporter and they patch up.

Though Who-joon had his reason, it would have been nice if he would have taken a minute on deciding whether Guen-young would have done that (In my opinion).As per Guen-young she is confused and naive and always tries to understand others but she can’t be holding back forver and her breaking point was in this episode and she did well expressing it to Who-joon.

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