Review and Recap: So I Married The Anti-fan Episode 9 kdrama

We just can’t get closer

The episode starts with the doorbell…(I really thought someone would be there but nope..) Geun young and Who-joon stares at the door wondering who it could be.. and it stops ringing.

Geun young then realises what just happened and remembers the ad shoot Who-joon and In-hyung acted together back in Japan.

She then suddenly pushes him away from her and asks if it was some kind of prank and rushes to her room.

Who-joon who is confused leaves penthouse.

The next day JJ plans to debut his rookies in a audition program as his father suggested (he also tells JJ that it’s his last chance).

In-Hyung asks for a chance in that audition but as per the condition (that only rookies are allowed for it), he denies her. They again start fighting 🤷.. but In-Hyung doesn’t hold back this time.

Geun young reaches her wonder women company for the shooting thinking it is too much to do so.. writer Noh agrees with her and also asks why Who-joon decided to do the show again. Geun Young says we can never be close and they both head in. 

All the reporters in the company clean and gets prepared for the shooting under their boss’s order.

Who-joon tries to talk to Geun young when they were getting ready.

But Geun young gets cranky with everyone. Who-joon takes her privately and asks her not to be so obvious as he is flustered as well.

Geun young gets cranky again and asks him to say if it was a mistake to put an end to this and leaves.

The shooting starts!.. Who-joon starts his acting and Geun young feels awkward to be in Wonder Women office again.

They finally sit to sign a contract. That’s when Geun young realizes that it was her proposal and feels taken aback.

Who-joon asks for her suggestion also saying it is important for him. Geun young clenches her teeth and says she doesn’t like the proposal. Everyone shocked by what she said takes a small break to break the awkwardness.

The meeting room is left with Geun young and her ex-boss. Her ex-boss bullies her and on time Who-joon enters the room to save Geun young and rejects wonder women’s offer.

When they are finally out, Geun young says only the editor will be pressured as he rejected the offer. They start bickering and in the end, Geun young gets emotional at how easy target she was and leaves.

Who-joon playfully confronts his boss who is mad at him for rejecting the offer.

Ji-Hyang, who is suspicious of Who-Joon’s behavior asks him if he rejected the offer because of Geun young. But he denies him playfully as well.

On the other side, JJ looks for Who-Joon’s father’s friend whom he met back in Japan.

He then calls Geun young to his office and has a small talk. She accidentally sees the picture of the ring she picked up in Japan hotel and tells him about it.

Who-joon reaches the penthouse thinking Geun young is there but as she was not there he tries to call his friend from wonder women’s office to ask about her.

Geun young rejects all his calls and reaches her friend’s home. To her surprise, Who-joon is already there drinking with her friends.

Her friends compliment Who-joon about how down-to-earth he is. Geun young continuously disagrees with them while drinking making it awkward.

After some time, Geun young gets drunk and talks with her mom. Who-joon overhears it.

When Geun young comes back Who-joon again starts a conversation but cranky Geun young doesn’t respond properly. He says if she is like that because of what happened between them then let’s consider it as a mistake.

She says that if he doesn’t know who he thought she was then he should let it go.

Who-joon becomes tense and says why would he consider her for someone else and will it make her feel any better if he says he mistook her for someone else.

Geun young then leaves without saying anything and Who-joon smiles.

Who-joon then excuses himself saying he has got schedule.

The next morning, Who-joon thinks to call Geun young and suddenly Ji-Hyang comes home which makes Who-joon all nervous and act awkward. Ji-Hyang then wonders why he is acting strange lately.

Geun young meets her senior from wonder woman. He asks Geun young to persuade Who-joon to accept the offer from them as they all are stressed. Geun young without any choice agrees and calls Who-joon for a meet-up.

Who-joon records his new song at the agency. He gets continuously distracted wondering what Geun young is up to. Then he calls her, to his surprise Geun young offers to meet up right away in his agency which makes him all excited.

As Geun young reaches his agency asks him to agree to the contract wonder woman offered in return Who-joon asks her to listen to him singing. Then Who-joon sings ‘i wonder what his love’ song (which is really a beautiful song guys.. you should listen to it at least once)

Geun young mesmerizes seeing Who-joon singing thinking that she kissed this amazing man.

While recording the music engineer plays the girl’s part of that song which an unknown person sent (it was actually In-Hyung. She recorded it behind JJ’s back and sends it for the duet hoping to do something on her own) Who-joon recognizes her voice right away.

You can see Geun young getting anxious after the music engineer mentions that the girl part was from In-Hyung. Who-joon cuts him off and asks Geun young about the song. She says it was a pretty good song and excuses herself. Who-joon offers for a ride as he is headed out of town.

After reaching the penthouse she notices someone’s shadow in front of the main door. So she quickly hides for quite some time and returns when the person is gone.

She then relaxes and opens the door. But a girl catches the door before she could close it. Geun Young tries hard to push her away but the girl wins and marches inside the house (so the doorbell mystery solved🤣😂)

Looking at the uniform and backpack, Geun young asks if she a student. The girl(Yu-ri) introduces her as one of the bullies who bullied Geun young by throwing eggs when the 1st episode got released and says she felt bad for what she did last time.

Yu-ri did all the digging and came to the penthouse after finding out that Geun young is living here.

She blackmails her that if she failed to meet her up with Who-joon, she will expose her secret.

Geun Young remembers that Who-joon is out of town and asks Yu-ri to leave. But Yu-ri confesses that she ran away from home a week ago and gains Geun young’s sympathy to stay at the penthouse for the night.

The 2nd episode of So I married my anti-fan happens to release on the same day. Yu-ri watches it in the hall cheering on Who-joon. Geun young watches it in her room. When they show how Geun young used Who-Joon’s t-shirt to clean the house😂, comments Section overloads with hate Comments. Yu-ri and Geun young fights in the comment section (it was really funny to see how a grown woman fought with a high school girl😂)

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The next morning, the shoes Who-joon presented to Geun young to console her, gets in the hand of Yu-ri. Geun Young somehow manages to get the shoe from her and wears the shoe for the shoot which is for a talk show of Who-joon.

After reaching the shoot, writer Noh hands her some beverages to distribute among the fans. Geun Young is confused if writer Noh is thoughtless or evil.

Who-joon peaks at the stage to find out if Geun young is there and finds her wearing the shoe he bought. He then gets really excited (which was really cute♥️) and texts her that her shoe is pretty.

On the other side, JJ finds out Who-Joon’s duet with In-Hyung and brings her to Who-Joon’s shoot to cause a scene.

When Who-joon meets JJ and In-Hyung, he clears the fact that nothing about the duet is decided even though they received In-hyung’s recording. Ji-Hyang and Geun young happens to come there as well with the crew. Who-joon breaks the right spot by leaving with Geun young.

Now the interview starts, the interviewer asks about Who-joon’s first love to his surprise. He says first love will always remain first love whole 2nd 3rd love may become history.

The interviewer then asks what he will do if his first love comes back to him. All his fans shouts ‘no’, while Who-joon looks at In-hyung with JJ and slowly his gaze move towards Geun young. This is where the episode ends…

What do you guys think?.. what will he answer?.. I feel like he is going to give a little hope to Geun young 🥰♥️… Let’s find out in the next episode.

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