Review and Recap: So I Married The Anti-fan Episode 10 kdrama

When I Have Someone Else

To Protect

The episode is all about Who-Joon’s and Guen-young’s relationship taking shape. It also made me fall for both the lead’s lovely chemistry and how caring Who-Joon gets.

This episode starts with the anchor of the talk show asking Who-Joon that what would he do if his first love would come back and there is a long pause between who-Joon and Guen-young locking eyes and he wisely dodges the question by saying he doesn’t think of the situation that doesn’t occur. ( am I the only one who wished he would say he had someone else who he loved and protected 🥺).

In-Hyung runs away from the spot not able to handle the situation and JJ catches her outside and starts to question whether she ran from there because she couldn’t stand Who-Joon acting casually on that question or she was running from him. She retorts back that JJ now has no use of her as Who-Joon likes someone else and asks to at least let her go and stop her suffering.

After the talk show, JJ meets Who-Joon and asks him the relationship between him and Guen-young, and when Who-Joon replies that they are just working together in a show, JJ provokes him by wondering why does he always want to take away people belonging to Who-Joon (that’s because he a jerk).

When Guen-Young reaches her building the kid yu-ri stops her and fights that she didn’t keep her promise, our already fed-up heroine ends up venting that why all people around Who-Joon think that she is a big joke?. She wishes someone would leave her in the lost and found bin so that no one can find her.

JJ is in some bar and flashes back to olden days when Who-Joon joined the shooting star agency and In-Hyung instantly falls for him on his first day. Though JJ had feelings for her and she was his first love too, though he was with her from first, for In-Hyung who-Joon was the one.

At night, Who-Joon comes to the penthouse and Guen-young is anxious and tries her best to send him back but before she could explain the situation to who-Joon, yu-ri comes to the door and finds who-Joo.

yu-ri is head over heels and couldn’t believe her eyes and who-joon is confused too. They finally decide to settle in the living room and who-joon marvels at how the kid could find out the penthouse just by looking at the pics. The fangirl brushes it off and says it wasn’t that big thing.

She explains how who-joon asked her to marry him after she grew up and shows her shirt with his autograph. She says about the fan club she started after that and she is the head of North Jeolla District.

Guen-Young is having her fun and taunts both of them in every situation possible.
Guen-young also informs who-joon how the kid ran away from her home and the kid’s father is a station master.

While leaving Who-joon is worried about leaving guen-young with yu-ri but gets mocked by guen-young for acting worried and he manages by telling he is worried only because she might rub the anti-fan side to his beloved fan.

Who-joon never fails to show how considerate and caring he is and Next day who-joon plans to send off yu-ri to her home and makes guen-young and fangirl get ready as they are going for a drive and also makes yu-ri bring her backpack for which she falls without thinking twice(by the way how can she deny him of anything).

Our fearless hero also makes guen-young drive telling her she should practice.

They then plan to eat breakfast and of course guen-young ends up getting the food. When guen-young is away, yu-ri asks who-joon that does guen-young has some problem with him. She says Guen-young seems to be a nice person and feels that she seems to be lost and wants to be found by someone.

Who-joon complains how yu-ri can change sides after just a few days of staying with guen-young.

When guen-young returns They switch and Who-joon drives.
It made me smile hardly how Who-joon used this situation to brag about how everyone recognized him in a short while as they switched places while Guen-young scoffing at him that no one was around.

They leave yu-ri at the gimji station and Who-joon gives his number and asks her to contact him once she goes to college and warns their relationship would end if she leaks the phone number.

While returning our cute pair’s. bickering starts again, who-joon casually asks her home town as she doesn’t look like a Seoulite she retorts that he looks down on people who are not from Seoul and ask him whether he had heard about dangjin and says it’s her home place.

Guen-young falls asleep on the way and when she finds that they are visiting her home, she freaks the hell out and nags him to turn around to high way.

Who-joon is in no way backing down as he is driving for about an hour and he has put this much effort and they drive to her home.

Who-joon has no idea what he is getting into and He will soon regret it more than Guen-young agonizing over visiting her parents 😂.

Guen-young mom predicts someone is going to visit her with cards.
As they reach GuenYoung’s home her mom is with a broomstick to beat up Who-joon and asks that whether he is the one who caused all this trouble.
When they settle in the living room Guen-young’s mom is still with a stick ready to kill him anytime 😂.

As she gets ready to prepare for cooking she mocks him he doesn’t look that good to be famous.

She makes her famous recipe tteokbokki.

You might know that from previous episodes….if not she cooks tteokbokki horribly and has failed business of tteokbokki Restaurant.

Who-joon knows the fact but only to impress her he ends up eating all the tteokbokki. GuenYoung was on the safe side-lying she didn’t like tteokbokki.

I felt sorry for him though 🤭…

After the evening GuenYoung and who-joon leave to meet her father. You would literally feel the pain when Guen-young’s father beats Who-joon up.

Guen-young tries but she couldn’t help to save Who-joon.
Her father’s friend comes to the rescue of Who-joon.

Poor Who-joon is given only a laundry room to stay at night this moment Guen-young seemed to be pretty cruel though she only tried to tease him

After some time she feels sorry for him and finds him in the garden sitting on a bench.

They have small talk and GuenYoung freaks out seeing something like a snake and Who-joon acts protective and hugs her closely. GuenYoung asks not to joke around her like this. Who-joon then asks why does she always thinks he jokes around her.

It was good to see GuenYoung being pretty straightforward and asking Who-joon that what intention he had.
GuenYoung is clueless or confused but she thinks he is only playing with her.
Who-joon then confesses to her ‘ I don’t know when it happened but I like you’ and there goes a beautiful kiss among the trees.

The next day Guen-young’s mom makes who-Joon sweep to get food. Guen-young’s dad childishly tries to annoy Who-Joon by taking his food from his plate.

when they leave Guen-young’s mom gives boxes of kimchi for them to share with lots of love.

Guen-young’s father also warns who-joon that he would break the antenna of the TV station and also who-Joon’s leg if he made his daughter cry. He then throws a box of mangoes and a bag of rice at Who-Joon.

Who-Joon bravely says he would come back for more tteokbokki.

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As they drive they run out of fuel and
We can get to know how mischievous Who-joon can get when he plays around GuenYoung seat as If searching for something and kisses her.

Ji-Hyang comes to pick them up and by the time they reach the house, he could spot something fishy between them.

He tries to get the news out from Who-joon but doest succeed.

In-Hyung seems to be in some plan and she is at the recording studio and downloads the song from the system when the music engineer is away.

GuenYoung gets a call from Noh to reach the penthouse for shooting that day.

Guen-young looks at the mess around her and quickly cleans up and hides the rice bag and mangoes at the emergency exit.

During the shoot, PD Han and Noh find out news of Who-Joon’s song being leaked, and Guen-young is being blamed for it throughout the internet.

Yes as we guess and it is predictable to us, In-Hyung was the one who leaked the song.

JJ in a doubt goes to In-Hyung home and she seems to be in no guilt and confronts him with the fact that she was the one who leaked the song.
When everything in the drama seemed to go well, In-Hyung creates trouble not only for her but also for people around.

After the fight with JJ, In-Hyung goes to a secluded place and out of frustration takes lot of her depression tablets without even thinking twice.

On the other side, joon leaves his house even though Ji-Hyang advises him not no be careless and meets GuenYoung at her friend’s house.
Who-joon then takes her to the lake and Who-joon asks does she regrets being his Anti-fan and she regrets it.

she regrets people would have not hated her had she held back then.

Among all the chaos, Who-joon makes her feel at ease, he makes her shout at the empty space all her misery.
You can see how warm their relationship is shaping not only during their bickering and love but also during such a dilemma.

When they get up for dinner GuenYoung thanks him and gives him a warm hug and Who-joon says ‘Don’t cry you cry-baby.

Spoiling that moment, Who- Joon now gets a call from the hospital asking that whether he is the guardian of In-Hyung.

Hope that the feel-good vibe doesn’t go away in the next episode… We know they would keep the drama fun so let’s wait and watch how the In-Hyung situation gets resolved and what fun the drama is yet to give us🥰😋.

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