Review and Recap: So I Married The Anti-fan Episode 11 kdrama

There comes a time when you must choose a side

The episode starts where Who-joon gets a call from a hospital telling that In-Hyung was found unconscious in her car and is currently admitted.

Who-joon gets nervous and says he will take Geun young home first. But Geun young offers to go with him as if he goes to the hospital, it may cause chaos and rumours. (She is so sweet… isn’t she?)

They both reach the hospital and Geun-young goes alone as In-Hyung is in the emergency room and the attending nurse mentions that many times person from the speed dial of the patient’s phone won’t be the guardian but thankfully it wasn’t the case with In-Hyung.

After In-Hyung gets shifted to the ward, Who-joon looks at her and wonders when exactly everything started to go wrong for them.

Geun young comes and consoles Who-joon. At this point, In-Hyung gains consciousness and looks at them wondering how she ended up in the hospital and why both Who-joon came with Geun young.

Geun young excuses herself as she could see In-Hyung’s hesitance to answer Who-joon.

Who-joon asks what happened with her and what JJ did. She says she doesn’t even know when she reached there and it’s been difficult for her.

Who-joon gets emotional and says he thought she was happy but why is she in that state. In-Hyung asks will he accept her if she says it’s been difficult for her and want to return to him.

Ji-Hyang arrives to hospital and asks Who-joon to leave with him as In-hyung is awake now.. but Geun young sees he is concerned to leave so offers to stay with In-hyung for that night.

In-hyung starts talking to break the awkwardness between them and confesses that she is the one who leaked the song. She says she didn’t even know what she wanted from that..

Geun young gets mad and lectures her to first know what she wants and think about people around her before doing something rashly.

Who-joon feels sorry for her as she got involved in this mess and messages her saying sorry.

The next morning, Geun young gives In-Hyung the hospital food and says she needs to be strong to get what she wants and it’s her job to find out what she wants.

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Geun young takes In-hyung’s mobile instead of hers and leaves to fetch some water. She sits in the waiting area and wonders if she is even in the position to give In-Hyung advice.

In-hyung notices that Geun young took her phone and wonders how messy she is. At this point, Who-joon messages Geun young that he is worried about her. In-hyung, who happens to see this message replies back saying “are you sure you are not worried about In-hyung” and deletes that message. (I was thinking, she became jerk like JJ as she spent so much time with him).

Who-joon visits In-hyung, while talking she confesses that she is the one who leaked the song and Who-joon reaction doesn’t change much. She assumes he already knew the fact and also confesses that the last message from Geun young’s mobile was actually sent be her. (Now I feel like, she herself doesn’t know what she is doing… Hope she get on the track and face everything head on in the upcoming episodes).

JJ who is madly searching for In-Hyung comes to know she is in the hospital. As he arrives he sees Geun young with In-hyung’s mobile. Geun young tries to persuade him to go home as she will look after her.

But JJ doesn’t listen to her and enters In-hyung’s ward. JJ gets angry to see Who-joon there. Geun Young tries hard to handle the situation. Who-joon calms her down and says he will do as he pleases.

Somehow media gets to know that Who-joon is in the hospital and worried Ji-Hyang comes as well. When everyone is wondering what they should be doing, Geun young gives an idea.

Geun young stays at the hospital as a patient, In-Hyung escapes in disguise.

Who-joon tells Geun young that she should stop worrying about others. And they lovingly bicker which makes Ji-Hyang wonders what exactly going between them.

And then our Who-joon and Ji-Hyang give an interview saying that Geun young was not at the fault (in leaking his song issue) and she got stressed because of media that’s why they are here to apologize to her.

Who-joon’s boss gets all mad at Who-joon when he comes to know that he went to the hospital to take care of In-Hyung. He says Who-joon to get it together before he makes In-Hyung disappear from this Industry. Who-joon inturn threatens that he will do what he will have to if he touch In-Hyung.

His boss says he will miss the attention when people forget them. Who-joon slams the door and sees his fans outside the office and wonders if he will really miss everything once everyone forgets him.

On the other side, In-Hyung and JJ fight. JJ notices Who-joon’s number on her speed dial and says she is only worried about Who-joon and is using JJ. This makes In-Hyung mad and she asks to end the contract and also their relationship. JJ says he won’t let her go so easily and leaves (omgg… What a toxic relationship it is, I was feeling very sorry for In-Hyung)

JJ then calls Who-joon to ask if they were using a different number to keep in touch. Who-joon says he tried to understand him as much as possible but now he needs to stop. Who-joon then cuts the call saying he will call first if needed.

Who-joon comes to hospital to surprise Geun young with pizza when she gets really bored.

Geun Young says she is craving for tteokbokki and then they plan to go for a run.

They escape the hospital on his bike (my heart fluttered at this point).

They finally reach the penthouse with tteokbokki. Geun Young says she is finally relieved to be home. Who-joon says she is acting like it’s her own home while she replies she knows more about that house than Who-joon except for the second floor.

Who-joon takes her to the second floor room saying it’s no big deal. (Like finally.. yessss)

Geun young feels dumbfounded to see he is hiding his game inside that room (well… Me too).. he also has his old pictures with In-Hyung and JJ and also some of his wood crafts.

They both then start drinking, Who-joon says she must have startled to see JJ acting up in presence of her. Geun Young asks what happened between them while they seem to be close in old pictures.

Who-joon now tells her the story… JJ asks Who-joon to come with him to his new agency but Who-joon rejects his offer as he overhears his boss’s conversation with the hospital saying that he will give money soon for his kid’s operation. Geun Young asks why he did not tell the actual reason to JJ and he says he did not want them to gets pressured as they were determined to leave. They then talk about In-Hyung and her relationship with JJ. Geun young suddenly gets all anxious and leaves to sleep.

Geun young couldn’t bring herself to ask what he will do if In-Hyung wants to come back to him. Who-joon also feels scared whenever Geun young gets anxious like that and he doesn’t want to lose anyone anymore.

Who-joon gets a taxi to leave home.

The next morning, Ji-Hyang calls Geun young saying maybe Who-joon got abducted. Geun young hurries to the police station and Ji-Hyang explains he took a taxi from the penthouse but not able to find out about the taxi as they could not see the numberplate.

Who-joon also leaves a last message to Ji-Hyang ” I think I got abducted by a fan. The ca” then they reach his home in the hope to find something. Geun young feels bad and constantly says she shouldn’t have let go of Who-joon the previous night.

They go through the gifts by the fans and Geun young finds a cap and says she has seen a person with that cap in the middle of the fans.

Also, she recalls Who-joon’s last message which ended with “the ca” and wonders if he was talking about the cap. She then calls Yu-ri to ask if she has seen the cap. Yu-ri says she has seen a man among the fans wearing it and says he works at a part-time delivery job.

They go to the delivery company from which the cap got delivered. They then somehow figure out where he would go for his next delivery and waits in front of a mall with police.

The man wearing the cap and a mask comes to deliver a box to a woman. Ji-Hyang looks carefully and notices that the man is actually Who-joon. They then go to the mall to realize he is helping with a proposal. The woman sits in a chair in the middle of the crowd and Who-joon introduces a man who is going to propose her. They get emotional when proposing and Who-joon takes his mask off(audience goes crazy to know that it was Who-joon) and sings his new song ” I wonder what is love”

The couple then apologizes to him and the man says he really can’t believe that Who-joon helped him to propose and Who-joon says they should stay like that forever and leaves with Geun young and Ji-Hyang.

On the way home, Who-joon apologizes to Ji-Hyang saying he couldn’t help but help in that situation.

They then drop Geun young. Who-joon texts her saying he is not able to leave her after seeing her worried face so will be back after making up with Ji-Hyang.

Geun young smiles after reading the text and when about to reply gets a call from JJ.

On their way home Ji-Hyang finally asks about him and Geun young so that he doesn’t cross his limit with Geun young.

Geun Young and JJ meet in a restaurant and JJ apologizes for putting her in a tight spot and pulling her into this mess. Geun young who is confused asks if he is that gentle with In-Hyung too as she always looked gloomy. JJ starts ranting how Who-joon is always in In-hyung’s mind and how they stayed in contact behind his back.

Ji-Hyang drops Who-joon. Who-joon playfully sends Ji-Hyang and takes his car to go to Geun young. He waits for her and asks where was she as she arrives. She dodges the question.

They both go to some secluded place for fishing. They both start bickering about patience and Geun young says everyone waits for something and says everyone waits for someone to love them wholeheartedly and awkwardly stops there. Who-joon teases her asking if she is waiting for something.

Then he reminds her that So I Married the Anti-fan Episode is going to release. And they start watching it together, the episode covers the scene where they accidentally kiss on the first day shooting’s car accident (hahahaaa happy to know that it was caught on camera) .

Who-joon laughs at it while Geun young worries about how she is going to gain all the hate again. And reaches for her phone to scold PD Han.

Who-joon stops her and says now what is gonna happen is not an accident. And steals a beautiful kiss from her.

This is where the episode ends..

Am looking forward to see what’s gonna happen with In-Hyung, Who-joon and Geun young’s relationship and strongly feel like JJ is going to trigger some problem.. let’s find out in the next episode 😉

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