Review and Recap: So I Married The Anti-fan Episode 16 drama:Final

I Will Be Standing In Your Time

The episode starts with who-joon leaving the hospital room of JJ deciding to meet Guen young. When he doesn’t find her at her apartment he goes to the park they used to meet and finds her crying.

Guen Young staring at the stars cries like a child and who-Joon says from behind “If you are going to be crying like that why did you say that you could wait for me?”.
He hugs her saying she had him worried that she is gone. After they settle GuenYoung is embarrassed that she cried and tells him she didn’t cry every day.

Who-joon asks whether she missed him and she says “I really missed you so much and she came here whenever she missed him and look at the brightest star and say ” it’s shining brightly”.

Who- Joon says “The shining star has fallen, now what?” and GuenYoung consoles him that the falling stars are meteors and normal stars, we see every day but most of the people never get to see meteors. one day people will say Who- Joon has gone through so much that he is more special than just some twinkling star.

Who-Joon praises she has grown and knows how to console someone.

He says ‘stop being a journalist and become a writer’.
Who-joon says he missed her the most and a lot of things happened when they weren’t in touch. He says he found out the answer to the question that burned in him for so long YAMA “You are my all“.

He says about how his father has gone too far and at least he now knows where he is. he asks her to wait for him some more time as he is going through a lot and come back a thousand times better and ” I am sincerely Thankyou sorry and love you “. GuenYoung asks to take out the sorry part and they kiss.

The next day morning, Who-joon takes JJ to walk and when he leaves for the release Ji-Hyang advises better he doesn’t attend now but Who-joon says he has to face it.

So many bizarre news comes out about Who-joon like he trampled on an old woman … Who-joon is hurling abuse from his bike and all his fans turn their back on him.

At the movie preview, Who-joon and Ji-Hyang meet Mr.Bae and Mr.Bae attempts to mock Who-joon saying he didn’t give a proper send-off for him and it fires back at him.

Who-joon as usual calmly replies he won’t have any complaints and not to treat jiHyuk Like he treated him and cooly moves out.

GuenYoung at her home finds an advertisement for a job and mails her resume for it and then finds all the bizarre news about Who-joon.

But among all the chaos she finds the man holding a card saying Who-joon is not a bad person. She smiles realizing it was the person who once kidnapped Who-joon to propose to his girlfriend.

Who-joon postpones the preview and is also gets sued by the advertisers. Ji-Hyang says he has to find a competent lawyer and leaves.

After Ji-Hyang leaves, Who-joon all night composes a song from the diary that he found from JJ’s stuff.

The next day when JJ wakes up in his hospital bed finds that Who-joon is not there. Ji-Hyang advises Who-joon not to go to the hospital today as the situation is bad but Who-joon is stubborn and says it is important to him.

GuenYoung attends the job interview, the interviewer says she has seen her in the show and  GuenYoung says she is pretty famous now but she wants to be famous for her work now.

Our heroine also stands out as she says if Who-joon’s contact is a disadvantage to her that’s something she has to bear but she will never allow it to be advantageous to her when the interviewer asks would his contact be an advantage or disadvantage. GuenYoung also asks to evaluate her for her works and writing only.

When Who-joon is at the hospital he gets a call from the Attorney Mr.Choi and Mr.Choi asks why he didn’t tell about the lawsuit.

Who-joon says it’s ok and he will take care of it. Mr.Choi says his father and he were too close friends to do nothing and ask him to come over whenever possible.

At Mr.Choi’s Office, Ji-Hyang informs that it’s their first case and they are not sure what to do. Mr.Choi says he will try to reduce compensation as much as he can. Who-joon asks instead to let him pay only for people who are affected by him.

Mr.Choi then says ‘I don’t know how you will take this but you and your father are similar‘.

Mr.Bae’s actions backfire and his investors cancel all their contribution to their branch launch budget and his secretary informs at this rate they would go bankrupt.

Mi-Jung and GuenYoung celebrate her getting hired and GuenYoung is happy that Mi-Jung opened the restaurant only for her. Mi-Jung teases how naive she is and says that since GuenYoung’s boyfriend is having a hard time she did this.

GuenYoung is surprised that Mi-Jung knows and she apologizes for not telling before. Mi-Jung brushes it off saying Who-joon is not some ordinary guy so it’s ok. Mi-Jung advises to let go of him if it’s hard and he is not the only guy in the world.

Soo-Hwan enters now and misinterprets the convo that Mi-Jung is letting go of her love and teases her. He then says to GuenYoung how chaotic the situation is for Who-joon after the press conference and  Who-joon is not a Hyung now as he faked his age.

Soo-Hwan informs Mi-Jung that Guen-young contributed an article defending Who-joon. Mi-Jung is like ‘Love sure is..’ (oops) and manages by saying Loyalty is important.

Well, this doesn’t work and Soo-Hwan says he heard love and is taken aback knowing GuenYoung is dating Who-joon. Soo-Hwan says he really is my Hyung now.

Mr.Bae is at the police station and is informed if he doesn’t pay his due he will be imprisoned.

Who-joon reaches the hospital and gives JJ’s stuff back to him and says he is going somewhere and by the time he return JJ would be fine and they hug.

Who-joon gets a call from Mr.Choi and he informs that he consulted all the victims and it went well and he makes sure that Who-joon also wants to sell his house.
He informs Who-joon that the shooting star building is being sold and wonders if he is still involved somehow.

After hearing the news, Who-joon reaches shooting star and flashes back to the time when Mr.Bae bought him chicken though he could not feed his children and the day when Mr.Bae showed him shooting star building as their company and not a single floor but the entire building was theirs.

As Who-joon leaves, Mr.Bae goes to the spot and says to himself ‘To get here I gave up on many things…I didn’t think I’d have to give this up one day. and then he gets a call from his secretary that his debts have been paid by someone.

Who-joon is in front of GuenYoung’s house and calls her… he then says he planned to meet before going but he isn’t sure he can leave if he sees her…and also says he would come as an honorable man for her and others.

He promises he won’t make her wait for long though he wouldn’t contact her. GuenYoung says she will wait and take care.

Who-joon then meets Mr.Bae, Mr.Bae is speechless and asks why he would pay off such a huge amount of money.

Who-joon calmly says it is also his property and it has so many memories. He asks Mr.Bae to take care of it. Mr.Bae promises to pay back the money. Who-joon teases I never said I wouldn’t ask for the money back.

Who-joon is all set to fly to his country and he thinks ‘Finally, it’s time now that I go back to where I came from so that I can come back honorably to the world and the people I cherish‘.( I guess the most honorable person to me in the series is Who-joon).

We are taken from his penthouse to the windows of a skyscraper, GuenYoung is sipping her coffee in the new office and starring at the city and thinking ‘ I didn’t ask where he would go…but I could tell just like that who-Joon left…’

GuenYoung visits JJ but he turns away his face seeing her and In-Hyung enters and says he must not know what he wants to say yet.

They both leave the room and sit in the corridor and In-Hyung informs GuenYoung that JJ can’t speak and confesses that she thought when she leaves the world JJ would regret what he’s done but she is the one suffering now and he is as if he’s dead.

GuenYoung consoles that In-Hyung has also suffered a lot due to JJ but In-Hyung says she feels sorry for him now. She continues that she always wanted to be a celebrity and loved by everybody but she never knew how to love or be loved by somebody.

Guen-young says ‘I don’t know about others but you were loved by JJ and who-joon and leaves.

‘who is the real who-Joon?’ Mr. Heo interviews GuenYoung for this article and GuenYoung says that it’s inevitable fact that whatever who-Joon confessed at the press conference was true. she asks Mr.Heo for taking good care of the article and suggest the person who kidnapped who-Joon for an interview.

The person at the interview confesses that who-Joon is not the type of person as shown in the news and who-Joon has helped him in his proposal even when he had kidnapped who-Joon.

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Mr.Han and Noh are sitting at a restaurant, Ms.Noh is leaving to find another work and Han is trying his best to stop it saying they have met after 10 long years.

Mr.Han asks Ms.Noh to take a look at his amazing program pitch with an open mind before leaving and gives a file and Noh is surprised why is he working so hard suddenly.

The program’s name is ” So I Got Married”😂 and the idea of the show is basically them getting married…He proposes her with the pitch saying ‘Noh dayoon will you work on this project with me forever,'(awww It was so cute❤️)

Ms.Noh is totally fallen for it and beats him for how childish he is and laughs…

GuenYoung emails her THE Who-joon Manual and episode show the entire journey of them in a beautiful song ‘ I wonder what is love’ .

Mi-Jung is at her restaurant feeling sad that shin-hyuk left without telling her and He Comes in and back hugs her and apologizes that he wanted to become someone big and then meet her but he couldn’t do it without her.

He then says he will prepare for the bar exam and will become a lawyer. Mi-Jung chides that just don’t do it.

As Who-joon always suggests, one day, GuenYoung’s boss tells her she read her piece The Who-joon manual and she suggests GuenYoung become a writer than being a journalist.

3 months later…..

Soo-Hwan starts a studio and becomes a wedding photographer and our second cute couple Han and Noh are getting married.

After Mr.Han and Noh kiss and it’s turn for catching the bouquet, Noh chooses GuenYoung to catch…but our heroine misses the catch.

As she leans down to get the bouquet Who-joon picks up the bouquet and gives it to her. (I know it was predictable but it was cute).

Who-joon asks ‘Have you been waiting for me?’ seeing her shocked he says ‘surprise!’.

JJ at his home listens to the new song of Who-joon and realizes that the lyrics were his and he gets nostalgic on the happy times when all three used to have drinks secretly in the practice room…JJ shares his fish cake with In-Hyung and Who-joon and only has soup.

JJ starts to speak for the first time after the accident and In-Hyung hugs him in relief. On the other side, Who-joon and GuenYoung are having a happy dating time.

GuenYoung is a full-time writer now and Who-joon chides her for not sending him off when he is going to another country for work.

while GuenYoung leaves for the airport to send off Who-joon but gets a call from the publisher on urgent changes in her book and also they ask her for a meeting regarding a contract renewal. Fortunately, Who-joon flight gets delayed and he isn’t leaving.

GuenYoung reaches the meeting spot and a friend’s group asks her to click a picture of them. When she takes the pic the group of people turns simultaneously to show…. marry me please. (This one was a surprise for me too…did u predict it).

Who-joon enters and gives her a bouquet and waits for her answer and says he is serious and proposes with ring YAMA. He asks her you know the meaning right you are my all.

Her answer was ‘This isn’t one of those prank cam, right’ 😂.our hero kisses her to prove it.😉..This is their happy ending.

So…. finally the beautiful 2 months journey has come to an end…It was such a feel-good series that hooked me up every weekend.

I will really miss the bickering of our Tom and Jerry and especially missed it at the last few episodes.

I really loved how In-Hyung broke through her insecurities and embraced her life and JJ… Finally, she has learned how to love and to be loved.

The most transformed character in the journey of the series was JJ. He learnt how to listen to others.

In the end, it was nice to see how GuenYoung kept her ego aside and realized she is more fit to be a writer.

The only constant thing in the series was the calmness of Who-joon. I fell in love with his character and loved how he always found a way out of his problems cooly.

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt like the decision you took years or months ago would have changed the situation you are in right now….just because you were not sure about the decision?

This series taught us how our leads started to break through the what-if chain and embrace what is around us wholeheartedly.

Though this series started to be a feel-good series I didn’t expect how they pushed all the unfortunate things to the end and rushed in the end.

I am kind of unsatisfied with the end as I was expecting more laughter and bickering at the final episode.

Only while watching few series you would feel like this is gonna remain with you forever and I got this feeling in this series and I am really gonna miss it.

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