Review and Recaps: Jirisan episode 7 (also known as ‘Cliffhanger’ or ‘Mountain Jiri’)

This episode starts with Da-Won fixing the cameras as Yi-Gang guided her. Through the walkie-talkie, Yi-gang informs her of the next location as Praying grounds of baektogol through Magpie forest.

As Da-won travels through the forest and talks to Yi-Gang, she is shocked to death and falls down after seeing a figure in a blood-stained hoddie. Yi-Gang calls Da-won and asks if she is ok but, there is no response and, after some time, Da-won comes running to Yi-gang and is breathless.

What actually happened was this time Hyun-Jo is visible to Da-won’s eyes and when Da-won falls down seeing him, He hears Yi-gang’s voice over the walkie-talkie and tries to pick it up but gets frustrated because he was unable to pick up the walkie-talkie and tries to break the walkie-talkie. The more hard hooded Hyun-Jo hits the ground his hands are bruised and blood comes out from his nose from his comatose body in the hospital.

Da-won informs Yi-Gang that she saw a ranger in a winter suit covered in blood and the weirdest part was he just vanished before her eyes. Yi-gang confirms that it is Hyun-Jo after showing Da-won his photo in a winter suit. Yi-Gang immediately calls the hospital.

Yi-Gang and Da-won visit Hyun-Jo’s hospital and find him lying in bed in a coma. The nurse in the hospital informs them recently he had internal bleeding and something is happening to him which they are not sure but he is visibly weak after that. She then informs that if this continues they have to prepare for the worst.

Yi-Gang remembers the day of the horrible incident, She is lying in the snow-covered mountain in blood and Hyun-Jo is rescuing her and puts her in a cave and goes outside again for something. Then the next thing she remembers is her ranger team rescuing her in a stretcher and Hyun-Jo is lying there in the snow fully covered in blood and captain Dae-jin performing CPR on him.

On the day of the incident, Hyun-Jo is admitted to the hospital and when no one is around the hooded Hyun-Jo wakes up from the same snowy mountains in the same blood-stained hood. He then searches for Yi-gang in the cave and when she was missing he hurries to the ranger station.

On the way to the ranger station, Hyun-Jo finds Il-Hae and calls him. The first time he realizes something is wrong is when Il-Hae doesn’t hear him and passes right through him. Hyun-Jo then tries to follow Il-Hae to the ranger station but he is stopped by an invisible wall outside the ranger station. Hyun-Jo also realizes that he is only able to touch the mountain’s grass, stones, and twigs, nothing more than that. So he does the only thing he could do… leave the marks that only he and Yi-Gang knew using the twigs and wait for Yi-gang to find the marks. Hyun-Jo left marks for Yi-Gang to find out wherever he saw people dying.

It’s 2020, Da-won and Yi-Gang are back from the hospital to Haedong ranger station. Da-won tells Yi-gang how at first she was afraid to see Hyun-Jo but now when she thinks he was looking lonely and desperately wanted to talk to Yi-gang when he heard Yi-gang’s voice on the walkie-talkie. Maybe he has waited too long for her to find him. After this Da-won leaves to the mountain with the same enthusiasm, she had earlier to fix the camera in other locations.

Yi-gang then thinks to herself that only she and Hyun-Jo can now stop the murders and if they can do it, it might be possible that everything changes back to how it was before.

We are again shown 2019, the entire haedong ranger station team is in mount jirisan national park’s get-together festival. There were several other teams and among them, our haedong ranger station team are competing in a fun event. The first event is finding endangered species name, captain Dae-Jin enacts the species name and they terribly fail in the first round because no one other than Yi-gang and Hyun-jo finds the name enacted by the captain.

The second game is a relay race with each player having to do some activity given to them. Again the team loses because Gu-Yeong’s task is to carry the youngest in the team and the youngest is no one but Hyun-Jo. They both fall and Gu-Yeong is injured in between the relay. They have the final opportunity to win in the event and that is a talent show. As soon as Yi-gang comes to know that their team is going to send captain Dae-jin to recite a poem on Jirisan, she comes up with another plan.

They do dance on a song amor-fati, along with all the men dressed as women. They perform a dance and luckily they win the talent show and the cup of the event at the cost of Hyun-Jo’s leg. ( Hyun-Jo sprained his leg during the relay race and he performed the dance indeed of his injury for their team to win.) .

While the team returns to their home, captain Dae-Jin says they should treat Hyun-Jo for his work. Everyone backs off saying they have some or other work. So Yi-Gang says she will treat Hyun-Jo.

Hyun-Jo just asks for ramen and to celebrate the victory they have boiled egg and gimbap. Hyun-Jo feels bad that he has sprained his leg at this time of high wildfire risk. According to his vision, there is a big wildfire that is going to happen and the only thing he saw in his vision that might be of any help is a banner saying beware of wildfire and it was pitch black night. Yi-gang consoles him that he should not be hard on himself and every ranger is responsible for protecting the forest from wildfire.

At this time, we are shown in the same supermarket the blacked gloved murderer picking up yogurt drinks.

Hyun-Jo when he reaches home finds something fishy…it seems as if someone has searched his room. The murder is then shown going to the ranger station at night when no one is there and checking on Hyun-Jo’s stuff trying to find something.

The next day at Haedong ranger station, the captain assigns tasks to everyone in the team. Since it is a wildfire risk season and wind is also high, he asks the team to focus on trial patrol and restrict the use of any kind of fire. Since Hyun-Jo has sprained leg, he is assigned groundwork with yang-sun.

As the meeting finishes, Hyun asks Yi-gang to stay careful. Yi-gang says she is his sunbae. She becomes awkward when he says he cares because she is his sunbae. (I sense something developing now).

Few village women cook and chat in the baektogol forest like a picnic and they are sitting right above the banner of a forest fire that Hyun-Jo saw in his vision. (It’s the same woman who lost her husband due to the potato bomb.).

Yang-sun and Hyun-Jo are responsible for fault-checking all the equipment, suits, and banners. After finishing their work in the station, they go to headquarters. Yang-sun goes to get some documents and asks Hyun-jo to get Closure banners and fliers from the office.

In the office, as he feared they see smoke coming out in the baektogol area. The rangers nearby are Yi-gang and gu-Yeong. Yi-gang and gu-Yeong confirm the smoke to be wildfire in baektogol, near dalgawi forest and they inform they are going to the spot first. The second team of bidam informs they are 1.5 Km away and they will join too.

All the hikers are informed to evacuate the forest and a high alert is given to all the regions in jirisan. All the rangers from the headquarters also leave to stop the fire. One of the head rangers there-Sol asks Hyun-Jo to help. The first ranger group to reach the spot is Yi-gang and Gu-Yeong. They both get the equipment from the nearby Fire equipment cabinet and start Digging the fire line( any inflammable materials are removed to prevent a wildfire from spreading).

Other rangers also inform fire detected 2km from Baeksil. Head ranger Il-Hae asks a few rangers to create a fire line in the direction of the pine tree habitat also. Hyun-Jo along with the ranger from headquarters – Sol is set on to find the source of fire using a drone. They find that the head fire is from 3 km northwest of the forest.

As all the rangers are involved in digging the fire line, 3 helicopters are used to fetch water from the nearby lake and drop it from above the forest. All the rangers stick to the ground when the water is poured from the top. The fire is stopped after the water is poured and the rangers leave the responsibility to the mob team to search and cut the source of any other potential fire in the forest.

Before they leave Yi-gang asks Gu-Yeong if he saw any campfire closure banners. Gu-Yeong dismisses it saying they have not yet started placing banners and there is no possibility of banners in the middle of the forest.

The rangers leave to the bidam shelter and start with their ramen and before they could eat, other rangers come with Illegal herb collectors- the same village ladies who did the picnic earlier. When their bags were emptied, Yi-gang finds the campfire restriction banner from their bag.

Officer Sol drops Hyun-Jo at Haedong station and bids him. Sol says he is part of the mob team and they have to see if there is any Tiny ember buried underground which can potentially cause another forest fire. They have to search for at least 3 days.

Hyun-Jo then meets up with captain Dae-Jin and asks what to do with the banners he has brought. Dae- Jin guides him to arrange it in the storage room. When he opens the box he immediately remembers the banner he saw in his vision(the letters were green in the vision but in the box he opened, it was red.). Hyun-Jo asks Dae-Jin if the letters are always printed in red or sometimes they change to green. Dae-Jin says it changes and last year it was green. So finally Hyun-Jo gets his lead that all the old banners are disposed of and it is usually used by illegal herb collectors.

Hyun-Jo immediately calls Yi-gang and says that he saw a green letter banner in his vision and it might be with an illegal herb collector. Yi-gang in bidam shelter immediately talks to the snake collector lady and gets to know that she has kept the banners in the storage place where they busted her husband for having an endangered snake.

Hyun-Jo and Yi-gang depart to the storage. Yi-gang informs him that she will come through the shortcut- the pine tree habitat and she will meet him in the storage. Hyun-Jo takes his car and reaches the storage and finds only 3 kids there. The kids hide under a table when they see Hyun-Jo entering. Hyun-Jo goes to them and says he is a ranger so he is safe.

The mob team goes to all the spots where the fire happened and spray water where the fire might happen. How much ever they worked hard in preventing the fire, the wind increased, and the fire sparks of the leaf’s flies and spreads in the nearby pine forest.

At the storage, as he speaks to the kids the black-gloved murderer locks him up in the storage. Hyun-Jo knocks at the door endlessly but he has no luck. On the other side as Yi-gang comes to the pine tree habitat she finds it completely on fire and immediately alerts all the rangers.

Everyone immediately rushes to the pine forest. Gu-Yeong looks at the faraway fire and says it is spreading so fastly and they can’t even use a helicopter because of the darkness. The leader Il-Hae points out the more dangerous thing – because of the wind even the fire can spread to the town.

Yi-Gang after alerting the rangers runs among the forest fire to the storage location. The fire in minutes covers most of the pine tree habitats and it looks deadly.

At the storage, the black-gloved murderer sets fire on the fire camp banner near the storage and the whole place within sometimes is surrounded by fire. Hyun-Jo along with the kids are helpless.

The episode ends with Yi-Gang running in the forest fire and she loses her grip and rolls and falls at the place where she finds a skeleton of a person and she is in shock.

I was expecting some flashback to the deadly snow-covered mountain incident, but it was not shown and they have gone to the 2019 forest fire. I guess they have saved it up towards the end. I am just waiting to know what exactly happened on a snowy day. Maybe in the next episode, Yi-gang may talk to the hooded Hyun-Jo with Da-won’s help and we may find some truth regarding the accident. This episode was good and engaging.

What do you feel about the episode? Comment below how you guys felt about the episode. I would love to know.

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  1. i also expected the snow-covered mountain incident highly, I am also just waiting to know what exactly happened on a snowy day.

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