Recap and Review: Ghost Doctor episode 1

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I like medical thriller dramas so am very excited for this drama. Let’s see what Ghost Doctor have for us😊.

The episode starts with a daughter crying over her sick father in an ambulance. EMT(ambulance Technician) tries to find a hospital with surgeons and beds to operate on him but no luck from his side. The ambulance finally stops at a hospital. A doctor in the reception annoyingly asks the EMT why they brought him here as he already said there were no surgeons available.

On the other side, an old lady with white hoddie mysteriously says that

In life, there comes a time when you desperately call to all the deities.
If the deities are too busy to help, you wish even for a ghost to help, you are that desperate.

Back to the hospital, Cha Young Min(our main lead) stops the stretcher and tells the doctor that they should somehow save him and that’s what doctors do. The doctor asks if an intern like him would save him.

Suddenly we can see the air getting heavy and intern Cha Young Min eyes start glowing and his hands make fists around the pipe in the stretcher.

Back to the old lady, and she is not wearing a white hoodie rather wearing a white towel in her head. She seems to be a nanny in a hospital and she is telling tales to the sick children in the hospital. (Ok. I agree that I fell for that!)

The children who are listening to the tale asks the nanny if the ghost saved the patient. The nanny says it is a secret that the world can’t know. A boy asks the nanny if ghosts exist. She tells him that there is a guardian deity that looks after the sick and says that they can assume that the ghost doctors are looking over them as well.


A boy suddenly stands up and says that there are no ghosts and leaves. The other children follow him and leave. The nanny mutters to herself that they don’t know how adults work, if the living could take care of everything, it is a joke, a darned joke.

12 years later……

Cha Young Min walks into the EunSang University Medical Center. Oh Soo-Jung is waiting outside the hospital for an ambulance with her senior and others. Her senior notices Cha Young Min and introduces him to Soo-Jung. He tells her that he is Professor Cha Young Min, a Cardiothoracic surgeon and is extremely good looking for a doctor. He also tells her that he is full of mysteries.

Professor Cha Young Min
Oh Soo-Jung

At this point, the ambulance they were waiting for arrives and EMT reports to the doctors that there is no witness for when he collapsed and it took 30 minutes for the ambulance to take the patient here. Professor Cha glances at the patient before entering the hospital and asks someone in the phone to send Dr An and skip ECMO.

The patient is taken to ER and the doctors are busy giving him intubate and CPR. Dr An asks for ECMO repeatedly. Soo-Jung thinks something and runs after Professor Cha. He is near the escalator and Soo-Jung steps in with him. Soo-Jung explains to him that a patient in ER needs ECPR and asks him to perform it as it is an emergency. Professor Cha looks at her name on the id card and arrogantly starts to tell something but unfortunately, the escalator comes to an end and he almost falls😂😂.

Soo-Jung pushes him to talk the escalator which is going down and this time Professor Cha gets to give his arrogant comment. He says it is not her privilege to come and call him like that as she is just an intern. He also says that he just doesn’t treat any patient. He tells her three points about him.

One – I don’t treat just any patient because I’m not just any doctor for any patient.

Two – I don’t treat ER cases. Because they are a few steps until they reach me.

Three – I don’t treat patients like the one in the ER now. These hands are for those who have at least a one per cent chance.

(Well, these three points said pretty much about him)

He was being too busy to be arrogant that he didn’t mind the escalator again and almost falls again😂. Then he leaves with an arrogant face.

Soo-Jung is taken aback by him and runs to the ER again. In ER, Dr An and others are unsuccessful to save the patient and Dr An announces the patient’s death.

(A death in the first episode!. I seriously don’t know why I started watching this medical thriller when I told myself to watch a light-hearted series just yesterday. I must be crazy.)

Soo-Jung is sad and she calls Professor Cha a scum bag. Soo-Jung’s seniors ask if she went after him and gets shocked by her word and tell her why he is the best doctor in Korea. He says, Professor Cha saved a patient by performing solo surgery when he was just an intern like Soo-Jung, he made the whole hospital stunt by that, he did that many times after becoming a resident, he saves all the patients he treats and some even say that he is possessed by a spirit. This catches Soo-Jung’s attention and asks spirit? And his senior says he was just trying to describe him and not actually possessed by a spirit. (Was she also there when that Nanny told the story 12 years ago?)

Professor Cha and his team with Cheif Bam attends a meeting where they discuss the patients. Kim Jae Won – resident under Professor Cha explains that they have to do a quadrido Bentall procedure on a patient and requests Professor Cha to do it. Things get heats up between Cheif Bam and Professor Cha. Basically, Professor Cha bullies Cheif Bam and he finally agrees to it when Jae Won says the patient asked to switch the doctor.

They next discuss the next patient with Cardiac Sarcoma. Professor Cha clearly declines to do the surgery as it is almost impossible and also says the patient could live a year rather than die in the surgery.

The meeting is dismissed and Chief Bam is pissed with Professor Cha’s behaviour. Clearly, Professor Cha is not in the good books of Cheif Bam.

Chief Bam

While leaving Professor Cha notices that Jae Won is happy and asks if he loosed a screw or something. Another resident explains a junior is hired and he is happy that he doesn’t have to do the works all by himself anymore. Professor Cha chuckles and asks them to warn the junior as he is not on time on his first day.

Professor Cha asks Dr An why he is dull and asks if it is because of the patient in ER that died. He also says that it was obvious. They leave the room talking. He asks Dr An if he used ECMO and Dr An says no. Professor Cha says that he did well as it would have wasted 3000 dollars.

All this while there was someone in the room observing everything. He comes out in his pyjamas and goes straight to Professor Cha and gives a handshake and calls professor Cha a genius. Flustered Professor Cha asks who he is. But the guy continues talking his own mind. He says how cheaply he calculated ECMO circuit cost was while it was about it save a person. He is on Professor Cha’s nerve by now.

Ko Seung Tak

The guy quotes Aristotle’s quote “There is no great genius without some touch of madness in it.” and indicates that Professor Cha is an example of it.

He then sees Kim Jae Won and calls him “Brother” and he introduces himself as a new resident Ko Seung Tak and leaves.

Professor Cha and others turn to Jae Won and ask who the heck he was. Jae Won is scared and cringes at the fact that Seung Tak knows him. Another resident recognises Seung Tak as Mr I was told to be a doctor. He tells that everyone in the interviews answers with “I wanna save patients who are in pain”, ” I wanna save people” for the cliche question “Why you wanna become a doctor?”. But Seung Tak said that he wants to become one because his grandfather told him to and also his mother told him to.

The chairman of the EunSang Hospital is Seung Tak’s grandfather. And the board director is his mother. (No wonder why he was so confident back there)

Professor Cha thinks Seung Tak as immature, rude, arrogant, logistical. He learns that Seung Tak is the heir of the hospital and is there only to get his doctor license. (Now Professor Cha is gonna make things hard for Seung Tak. But can he? Given the fact that Seung Tak is always gonna be treated well because of nepotism.)

Seung Tak presents the nurses and the receptionists of his department with luxury scents which despises Professor Cha and others.

Professor Cha hears about how infamous Seung Tak was in his university for his intelligence. Swing Tak used to ask professors so many crazy hard questions that no one has a clue where he read from. But Professor Cha is determined to kick him out.

Professor Cha and others including Seung Tak take rounds to see patients. While seeing the first patient Professor Cha asks about the patient’s condition and Seung Tak flawlessly explains it and Professor Cha assigns the patient to Seung Tak. Everyone is a bit taken aback about it. The same happens with the next patient.

When they reach the other patient, Seung Tak, after realising what he is doing, says he doesn’t know the answer and Professor Cha looks at Jae Won and he explains it then Professor Cha assigns the patient to Jae Won. (😂poor Jae Won, failed to read the room)

They skip two patients and prepare to leave. Swing Tak asks why and Professor Cha says that there are two types of patients. One who will survive with his hands and another doesn’t. He says those two patients are the second category. He also says that it’s not like their lives were so great and ask shouldn’t they let go coolly when it’s time. He then turns to Dr An and asks him to transfer them within a week.

Seung Tak says “He is a jerk. They say genius is slightly insane. So don’t take his words to your heart” to those two patients. (He doesn’t leave a chance to piss Professor Cha)

Seung Tak sees Oh Soo Jung and smiles at her while she is working in ER. (I feel for his smile there). Soo-Jung sees him and they both steps outside for small talk. Soo-Jung treats him like a jerk though he acts superior. When she asks him to take this chance and fix his behaviour he says he is been used to acting superior for the past 28 years and says others should adapt to it as it is not possible to change himself anymore. (Why do I find him so cute!?). We can see that Seung Tak likes her.

Professor Cha calls Seung Tak in his surgery where they are doing the Quadrido Bentall procedure. Other junior residents and interns come to watch the surgery including Soo-Jung.

Professor Cha hears that Seung Tak is weak in practicals and didn’t attend most of them in University so he calls him to humiliate him.

Clueless Seung Tak gets flustered when Professor Cha asks him to do a stitch. He starts sweating and Professor Cha shoves him to do the stitches himself. He then comes out and tells his viewers that the patient wants the harsh doctor who is greatly skilled over the warm-hearted humane doctor with poor skills. He says they should work with their brains and hand rather than their heart.

Soo-Jung thinks to herself that it is not a ghost but himself. She then sighs at Seung Tak before leaving. Seung Tak didn’t like to show that side of him to her.

Professor Cha at home – what a sight to see. He is coolly peeling his apple while talking to his pet- squirrel named Cha Mandu. He rants about Seung Tak and thinks that he won’t show up the next day but if he did he will do something more. He says he won and talks with his pet randomly.

(Nobody would believe that it was Professor Cha)

The next day, Seung Tak reaches car parking in his car right when Professor Cha steps out of his. Professor Cha jerks at the sudden car entry and is surprised to see Seung Tak. Seung Tak says he should have this much virtue for an heir and says he has a good business mind. Professor Cha asks him to tell that to his grandfather as he may change his mind. Seung Tak says that his grandfather changes his mind frequently anyway to appeal to him.

They both then walk together into the hospital.

Professor Cha gets a coffee and goes to his favourite place. Curious Seung Tak follows him. Professor Cha sees Jang Se Jin in the place and becomes still. Se Jin approaches him and asks how was he. They both have so much pain in their eyes. Professor Cha, who is not very happy about meeting her, ignores her and tosses his coffee in the dustbin before leaving. Seung Tak observes all of this.

Jang Se Jin

Chief Bam makes Professor Cha meet the Vice President of the Chunmung group. His father is a patient with cardiac sarcoma who’s the surgery he previously denied so that he can live another year.

Professor Cha arrogantly says he can’t do the surgery just so the son can save his face and tells him the complications.

Professor Cha makes Seung Tak work in ER and asks him not to come into his surgeries.

Seung Tak once again shows off his nepotism by giving everyone scent in the ER department. Soo-Jung’s senior agrees on Soo-Jung to be Seung Tak senior in the ER department. Soo-Jung’s senior is surprised to see their bond.

Seung Tak says she is only an intern now as she took a break but he is a resident. Soo-Jung asks him to follow her and he follows her saying she is gonna regret this and smiles.

But Seung Tak is the one who is regretting as patients treat him badly and he is not used to it. He whines on even cleaning a wound and it was so cute to watch😂.

They then go to meet the patient and the patient introduces Jang Se Jin as his youngest daughter and tells him that she is also a doctor in Seattle, US. Professor Cha is shocked to know the fact.

In the past, they both used to date but Se Jin left to the state after meeting her biological father without giving any hints to Professor Cha. There were rumours that intern Cha is not suitable for her anymore. This broke his heart. (Now I understand why he tossed his coffee before. Maybe I would have done the same.)

Present-day. Professor Cha and Se Jin step out of the room to talk. Professor Cha rudely says she is doing well with her father. Se Jin says he is also doing well as a doctor. Professor Cha then arrogantly asks what she wants to do in the surgery? Kill him? Is that why she called him. She asks not to perform the surgery and is aware of his father’s condition. She says as a doctor he must have come to the same conclusion. Professor Cha asks if she doesn’t like the will he wrote and that’s why she wants him to live. He then says he will do the surgery and it is not impossible for him and says he is not the lowly intern from 12 years ago. Se Jin asks if he is doing because of her and asks if this is the kind of doctor he has become.

He then informs that he is doing the surgery. He is determined to show off his skills to Se Jin.

The next day, before the surgery Dr An asks why he is doing the surgery as he doesn’t do this kind of complicated surgery. Professor Cha says that he will get benefits from the patient’s son and says naturally Dr An also will get the benefit for all the abuse he is been enduring under him. Dr An nods and says he will prepare for the surgery before leaving.

He then performs surgery by taking out patient’s heart out. The surgery ends.

Suddenly, we are shown the Professor is met with an accident and he is in the driver’s seat with blood running in his face. The last thing he remembers is that he was next to the patient’s bed anxiously waiting for him to wake up and he gets an anonymous text message to meet up. He then hurriedly leaves the hospital. The next thing is he met with an accident.

He wakes up and comes out of the car to see the outside. His car seems to hit a container lorry and a person is pretty badly hurt. He then rushes to the man who is hurt to treat him. He then tries to see if there is any pulse but his hand passes right through the man. He then tries to do CPR but his hand again passes through is the body. He is gazed out and is unsure of what was happening and at this point, an ambulance arrives and to Professor Cha’s surprise, an EMT goes to pick Professor Cha from his car. That’s when he realises that he is nothing but a spirit now. He is full of gold shimmers and golden eyes.

In the hospital, Jae Won calls Seung Tak and asks for his help but Seung Tak says he is busy though he is just chilling. He then sees an ambulance. Soo-Jung is out to receive a patient from the ambulance. She and the others are shocked to see Professor Cha and get him inside. Spirit Professor Cha follows them.

Soo-Jung and others analyse what could be the problem and continually call for the on-call doctor. Spirit Professor Cha tries to think straight and thinks of what is his body condition. He screams they need echocardiography and says they will get late if they take a CT scan. But no one hears him.

Seung Tak slowly comes to the ER and professor Cha is shocked to see him and asks why it has to be him. He then screams to others that he won’t get it and asks to call Dr An. But no one hears him which makes him frustrated.

But to his surprise, Seung Tak is shocked and in the verse if cry but says that he needs echocardiography. Professor Cha again doubts if knows how to use it but Seung Tak pulls it off as well and says there is pooled blood and says it is Cardiac Tamponade. Professor Cha is satisfied and asks them to prepare for the surgery soon.

Everyone is in the surgery room but they could not find a surgeon. Professor calls them fools and asks if there is no surgeon to operate on him while he saved so many patients in the very room.

Professor Cha body’s bp starts dropping and the Anesthesiologist says that he could die if the bp keeps falling. But they could reach no surgeons yet. So Seung Tak decides to do the surgery. The anesthesiologist scolds him for his decision but any of them have no other choices.

Professor Cha is shocked again and is stumbled between if he wants Seung Tak to perform the surgery as he is his last hope or not to have him as his surgeon as he has never properly used a scalpel before. He then holds the hands of Seung Tak and suddenly he finds himself inside the body of Seung Tak. He then starts surgery with Soo-Jung as his first without any further ado.

He cuts open to see his heart beating and the episode ends here.

Whaaaa….. Seung Tak is such a cutie. Am sure I can watch the drama and gonna enjoy it because of him.

I like the plot as of now. What do you guys think?

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