Recap and Review: Ghost Doctor episode 2

The episode starts with Professor Cha keenly looking into his patient- Jang Kwang Deok (Chairman Jang). For some reason, Dr.An asks Professor cha if he wants to take a break and tells him they should let the academia know about this most difficult successful surgery.

Professor Cha doesn’t listen to his praises and insists on staying near his patient. Nut his mind changes as soon as he gets a message from someone saying they should meet. He immediately leaves asking Dr.An to administer 500 units of heparin an hour continuously over 24 hrs. He rushes to the spot and that someone who texed him is Se-Jin and she asked him to meet at the spot they usually meet. While waiting, Professor Cha gets a call that  Chairman Jang’s  Bp is normal and heart rate is gone up.

Professor Cha rushes to the hospital and while driving he orders his junior to look into the ECG of the patient. At this point, a man on his bike starts to follow Professor Cha and the next thing we know is Professor Cha gets into an accident as he rushes to the hospital.

On the other side, Chief Bam and Cha’s junior find from the ECG that indeed the incision was ruptured and the patient need another surgery immediately. Jae-won realizes something from his side and immediately guilty calls Seung-tak.

As usual, Seung-tak tries to avoid work lying that he is in ER and many patients are being rushed. To his surprise, one after another ambulance rush in, and every doctor is shocked to find Professor Cha injured. 

Jae won rushes with a blood sample of Chairman Jang and asks the nurse to do an APTT test on the blood.

Professor Cha in the body of Seung-tak is at the OR (operating room) and with ease finds the point of rupture in the heart and stitches it up. The BP gets stabilized soon and professor Cha’s spirit leaves from Seung-tak to his own.

Seung-tak comes to his senses and freezes seeing an open heart in front of him.  Unfortunately, before anyone could react another rupture is found in the heart and Professor Cha’s BP drops drastically. His spirit is thrown out of his body.

This time the Anesthesiologists asks Seung-tak to look into the rupture but poor Sueng-tak is lost totally and can’t make any sense of the situation. Professor Cha’s spirit is too weak to get up again. Right at the moment Dr. An enters the OR and takes forward the operation.

The Deputy head of the hospital (also the cousin of Seung-tak) talks with Chief Bam on the case of Chairman Jang and Professor Cha’s accident. They are really in a tight spot now and it seems the doctor should not leave the patient until they are not woken.

At the ICU, the operation gets successfully completed but Professor Cha’s condition is unstable because he was in low BP for too long. Professor Cha’s spirit shouts at his colleague for not coming soon. And tries his best to get into his body but no luck.  Professor Cha cries helplessly to get into his body.

Seung-tak is sitting alone and reciting 8 tables to cope up with his phobia as he makes sense of all that occurred in the OR. Jae-won comes now and marvels at Seung-tak’s first Solo operation and tells it is natural for any doctor to zone out and not remember what happened in OR. This gives Seung-tak some hope.

As Seung-tak walks back to his duty he gets startled by Intern Oh Soo-Jang. She asks him to explain the operation. Seung tak uses this opportunity to brag about him being gifted always and he just acted incompetent to avoid work for 4 years and get a doctorate. Soo-Jang cleverly says they will know if he was gifted or it is something else later and asks him to look into Professor Cha until the next day morning since it is very crucial.

 Professor Cha doesn’t need anybody. He keeps watch on himself all night and finds that the blood drain connector is disconnected. He uselessly shouts at the nurses at the ICU for being careless and not able to control the plans to possess the body of the doctor in rounds.

Before he could possess an ajumma comes and stops him. (Huh! How could she see him? She is the same lady who tells about the ghost doctors to the small kids 12 years ago.). She gets down and fixes the connector and scoffs at him for making such a big fuss for nothing.

Bewildered Professor Cha follows her outside the ICU and by that time a man pops out of the woman. The woman gets confused about why she is there and thinks that again she is lost. The other ghost introduces himself as Socrates in short tes. He informs Professor cha that now he is a coma ghost and he should not possess others’ bodies if he wants to get back into his body. Tes then wonders that usually, coma ghosts can’t possess the human body and concludes if Professor Cha is already dead. Professor Cha then protests that he is not dead and Tes asks to wait and see and leaves.

In the ICU, Spirit Professor Cha sadly rants about how this can’t be his end and his dream is a long way to be the chief and then the director. Professor Cha desperately asks the nurse to take care of him well even though he always shouts at her whenever she administers him his meds.

Seung-tak visits him and stands there for a while. Professor Cha again uselessly speaks that it was he who did the surgery but not him. Seung-tak complains that because of Cha now he has shown his hidden skills to everyone and first time in his life he has to work the night shift. Seung-tak then asks him to wake up fast and thank him and treat him with good food. Professor Cha has other plans, His first thing is to spoil Seung-tak’s career and kill him.

The critical hours pass and the next day when Soo-Jang enters the hospital everyone in ER talk about how Seung-tak miraculously saves Professor Cha.

Soo-Jang realizes critical hours passed and by this time Professor Cha should be awake. But No, Professor Cha is not awake and one of the Docs brings EEG report. By this time Professor Cha is surrounded by all the Big doctors of the hospital. Administrator Deputy director Han Seung won requested EEG of Cha and it is evident that Cha is in a coma now.

Professor cha is depressed and this time with Tes there is another ghost judging Cha. When the group of doctors leaves ICU, Cheif Bam says he needed this as he was so arrogant and wonders he was the one who placed the jinx. This pisses Professor Cha more and questions Cheif Bam what has he done to him.

Now Professor Cha is totally depressed and to add more to it he finds sad Seung-tak near the vending machine and Seung-tak says to Soo-Jang that he did everything possible as the 1st year but it was the fate of Cha to be in a coma now. Tes comments that Seung-tak is just like Cha insulting subtly.

Professor Cha follows Seung-tak and accuses him.He says It all started when they first met and he put him in the ER. He then plans to take him to the other world instead of his baby mandu and at that point, he hits into an invisible wall and doesn’t able to move an inch after the wall.

Tes comes now and tells him this is the border of a coma ghost and warns him he should not be this away from his body, as he should be prepared to hop into his body whenever his body might come to senses. Tes then brags about his ability not to have any boundaries and comments, “My spirit is free . if you are jealous, die”🤣.

Deputy director Han speaks with chief Bam they should immediately conduct an conference to handle Chairman Jung situation or else they would be in a very tight spot.

Two nurses speak that professor Cha would be put into nursing if he doesn’t wake up and the saddest thing is he doesn’t have any kin to take care of him. Cha cries and comes out of ICU. He thinks of his surgery plans of that day and thinks he should let go of his life whenever the time comes.

A hand comes and splashes his head, it is Chairman Jang’s coma ghost. He asks him to first fix him and then die. Cha runs away from Chairman jang’s ghost and finds out from tes that Chairman Jang is also a coma ghost. He learns from tes that Chairman Jang didn’t go into a coma because of his surgery but after that something went wrong.

Professor Cha then visits Chairman Jang’s ward and at that time Se-jin also comes. It seems that she is not let to see her father by her brother’s bodyguards. She protests to see at least her father’s report but his brother insults her saying she is his daughter only until he is alive and asks her to go away to the US.

Se-jin doesn’t back off and says next time when she comes she wants to see her father’s report if not her father as something went wrong only after the surgery.

Professor Cha then only learns that she is not treated well by her own family. He follows her to the lobby and questions her after seeing her  cry uncontrollably, that she dumped him to be treated like that.

In the reception, Jae-won with Professor Cha’s spirit behind him secretly looks into the Chairman Jang’s report and closes it as soon as a nearby nurse asks for his help. Professor Cha misses the opportunity to know Chairman Jang’s report. At this time Dr. An calls him to speak.

Jae-won confesses to Dr.An that he found out from Chairman Jang’s  blood test heparin overdose that’s why his stitches got loss and injury  ruptured even after successful surgery. Both Dr.An and professor Cha are in shock now. Dr. An asks Jae-won how much does he gave. Jae-won explains that he didn’t give the dose but he asked Seung-tak to give 1000 or 5000mg. Dr.An scolds him saying he asked him to give just 1000. and professor Cha scolds that even 1000 is too much.

Now that professor Cha learns the truth he goes straight to Seung-tak and as he tries to catch Seung-tak, but unknowingly he pops into Seung-tak’s body. He doesn’t realize that even and starts talking to Dr.An about the jerk “Seung-tak”. Soo-Jang snaps him out of it.

A new ER case comes in from the construction site and Seung-tak once again surprises everyone asking for gloves and putting his finger into the abdominal injury. And orders intern Oh to stitch it,  because it is not too deep cut and leaves.

Seung-tak now runs to tes and asks him how slipped into Seung-tak’s body not even realizing it. Tes remains clueless and professor Cha tells him it’s him. Cha pops out of Seung-tak’s body and enjoys seeing him confused. Tes sarcastically warns him not to possess’ others bodies if he wants to live.

Seung-tak again clueless sits in stairs and starts reciting 9 tables. He then calls his mom to say he wants to act or sing since he has a pretty face and voice only to be warned that he would be kicked out. (Now I feel bad for him. He has to face his phobia each and every day just because of his family.).

He then goes to ER. He manages to lie that he ordered her to stitch up the construction site worker. Soo-Jang is certain that Seung-tak is hiding something but decides to act alone for some time.

She orders Seung-tak to get coffee for her. At the coffee shop, Jae-won finds him to ask about the dose of heparin that he gave to Chairman Jang but instead, Seung-tak doesn’t let him speak and asks him when will his ER duty be completed.

They see Chairman Jang’s son and Seung-tak realize he bumped into him earlier and the son was speaking of some plan B. Then only Seung-tak learns that even Chairman Jang is in a coma. Jae-won wonders how odd it is for a patient and doctor to be in a coma at the same time.

At Chairman Jang’s room, Professor Cha finds Chairman Jang’s spirit too. Chairman Jang’s spirit warns him to fix him if he doesn’t want to be killed by his son. At this time his son comes in and spills out the truth that Chairman Jang should have listened to his daughter if he wanted to live. He confesses that Now the blood is in his hand.

Chairman Jang’s son gets a call and leaves for the terrace and Professor Cha follows him. The whole truth comes out as Deputy director Han is also involved in this. He helped Chairman Jang’s son to kill his own dad. Chairman Jang’s son asks if Deputy director Han was involved with Professor Cha’s accident but the chairman says, “Hurt a robot that brings lots of money for me”. It was all their plan from the start. Now they also plan to do something with professor Cha.

At night, Deputy director Han finds Seung-tak near the elevator and tells him that he has put Dr.An’s name on Professor Cha’s surgery as he doesn’t want any blemish in his name.

Professor Cha now follows Seung-tak to his room and connects all the dots. He asks Seung-tak that he was also involved in all this from the start just for his doctorate. And the heparin dosage was not a mistake but was a planned one. That’s why every doctor was involved in Chairman Jang’s case that day and nobody was there to treat him.

Professor Cha thinks that there is an upside to being a ghost as he has got to know all the truth but he questions one thing to Seung-tak. Did he pick the scalpel on that day in OR to kill him and did he fake everything in ICU asking him to wake up if possible.?

I was thinking somehow Seung-tak would answer this question. At this time he gets a call from ICU that Professor Cha’s condition is not good now. Seung-tak drops his coffee and runs towards the ICU. Professor Cha runs just behind him and now pops into Seung-tak’s body.

The episode ends here. Though Seung-tak is not involved in Professor Cha’s state he somehow meddles into this mess and now it seems as it is an unchangeable fate. I am waiting to watch what we have more in this series.

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