Recap and Review: Ghost Doctor episode 3

The episode starts with Professor Cha in the body of Seung Tak running to the ICU to check his body.

On the way, Seung Tak runs out of his breath that Professor Cha had to come out. He complains about how weak Seung Tak is even though he is a doctor. Seung Tak is catching breath and is confused about how he got there. But Professor Cha is in a hurry that he doesn’t give him any time to clear his mind.

He reaches the ICU and hurriedly check his body. The BP, pulse seems to be fine and he anxiously asks the nurse why she called in an informal way forgetting that he is in Seung Tak body now. The surprised nurse asks why he is talking informally to her. At this point, all three cardiovascular team members reach the ICU. The nurse informs that Professor Cha breathed on his own.

All four gets surprised. Dr An commands to check on him regularly. While Professor Cha spirit (in Seung Tak body) gets emotional and says they have to do an MRI scan and check if his condition is improved. Professor Cha spirit realises that Dr An is confused so asks him if Professor Cha would like your command or his. Dr An and the other two feel like Professor Cha would like the same and decide to do the scan only to get scolded by the neurological Professor for making a fuss about it.

Professor Cha also realises that if he is going to wake up he wouldn’t be in Seung Tak’s body.

He then sees Dr An coming out of the room and holds him firmly to the wall so that he can’t see his face and tells him that as he heard Seung Tak is the one who injected heparin in Chairman Jang’s body and says Seung Tak is doing it together with Han Seung Won and asks him to make sure that Seung Tak is attending the conference. He then pushes Dr An down and runs away. Dr An catches glimpse of him before he could disappear and now he is confused why Seung Tak said that to him.

Professor Cha then goes to check on Chairman Jang’s surgery report. He checks it in a computer while Soo-Jung finds him and slaps him hard in the back that Professor Cha is forced to get out of Seung Tak’s body. Soo-Jung is herself surprised by the slap as she didn’t mean it. Professor Cha is surprised as well and asks if her hand is a basketball or something and also asks Seung Tak if he gets beaten up like that😂.

For poor Seung Tak, it is hurting also he realises where he is and recites multiplying table to himself. (He is the cutest😂. But am wondering how come he is not uttering a word). Seung Tak then hurriedly runs somewhere. Professor Cha guesses that he is going to ICU and tells him he can’t really do anything there. Soo-Jung is curious so checks what Seung Tak was looking into. Professor Cha asks why is she curious and checks the chart standing behind her.

Seung Tak reaches ICU and tells them that Professor Cha is not brain dead or something and asks them why did they do costly MRI scans instead they just had to constantly check on him. Jae-Won protests that it was Seung Tak’s idea. Seung Tak asks if it is and tells them to bill it under his name and leaves. Jae-Won asks why he is acting crazy and wonders if it is because of what he did.

Dr An follows Seung Tak and says as he asked he will send the location of the conference the next day morning and asks him to come which leaves Seung Tak confused.

Professor Cha nags Seung Tak to go to the conference and threatens him that he will somehow reveal what he did. Tes comes and asks Professor Cha if he is going to again possess him to reveal the truth. Professor Cha asks him not to nag him.

Tes says he gives banana milk to the doctors and nurses as they are taking good care of the patients. He says he doesn’t meddle with their personal life and only helps them in some unnoticeable things as ghosts also have some rules. He says he should leave the matter of the living realm to the living and asks him not to get involved in other people life. He also says that his life is hanging on a thread already and asks him not to worsen it.

On the other side, Soo-Jung gets goosebumps as Chairman Jang report Seung Tak was seeing was from Professor Cha’s account. She gets a message from Seung Tak that he won’t be able to get her coffee so he will double it tomorrow. Soo-Jung pities him as all these things aren’t making sense. The next day she hears rumours that Seung Tak is may be possessed as he was performing Professor Cha’s surgery. She then covers for him saying as he is a special being, he gets an epiphany now and then and that’s what they saw.

In the night, Se Jin calls one of her colleagues from Seattle to ask a favour. She looked like she is up to something.

The next day, Professor Cha is waiting curiously at his limit and wonders where Seung Tak is. As Seung Tak enters the hospital Professor Cha asks him to come to him eagerly and looked like he is going to possess him to reveal the truth he knows. Right when Seung Tak crosses the limit, he gets a message from Dr An about the conference. He stops and says he will go as he wants him to be there. Professor Cha waits and recalls Mr Han saying that Seung Tak doesn’t look like someone who would lie about what he did. Then Professor Cha decides to trust him and watch over him for now.

The legal team along with Seung Won also shows their presence at the conference. After everyone reaches, the conference begins. Chief Bam explains what happened before the surgery and then Dr An explains how the surgery went and how Professor Cha left the patient as he got an important text. He then explains Professor Cha commanded him to give heparin to the patient and Dr An seems to entrusted that to Jae Won. Jae Won says he didn’t give the heparin either. The legal team asks then who did it and Jae Won hesitates to it.

Professor Cha sees Seung Tak sitting silently there and decides to possess him. But then Seung Tak stands up and says “it was me”. He then goes to the podium and takes the mic confidently.

He first mocks the legal team asking they wouldn’t know what heparin mean and says it is given to the patient so that there is no blood clot after the surgery. So if it is given over the limit it will rupture the wound. He then says he didn’t give heparin after Jae Won asked him to as the patient was already receiving enough heparin at that time. Seung Tak also has a nurse who witnessed it. (Wow Seung Tak. I didn’t expect this twist).

So the table turns over. No one knows who gave that much heparin to the patient so they are back to square one. Seung Won, Cheif Bam didn’t expect this as they were planning to put the blame on Seung Tak. (So who did it?)

Professor Cha starts guessing the culprit. He scratches out Cheif Bam as he is not the type to toy with someone’s life. Then he guesses it should be one from his team as no one could have access to the patient. He then thinks that Jae Won would believe him even if he says aspirin can cure cancer so he is too naive to even think about it. He also scratches out Lee Seon Ho thinking that he can be selfish but won’t do anything to ruin his career.

Lee Seon Ho

His team then goes for a round to see their patients. Professor Cha looks at them and feels sorry for doubting his own team. In the end, Dr An doesn’t look at Professor Cha and says he would have done the same as they can’t help him and says Neurosurgery will take care of him.

Professor Cha feels heavy as he looks at his body. And then he hears voices of some talking about how Professor Cha student learned from him but it must be hurting to hear it for himself. Professor Cha turns around to see some ghosts gossiping and asks who are they. They ask if he doesn’t remember his own patients. They happen to be the coma patients Professor Cha asked Dr An to transfer. Professor Cha gets scared to see them before him. Tes comes and asks why they are bullying a poor kid and asks Professor Cha to greet them but Professor Cha is scared and runs towards the door and Seung Tak happens to enter the ICU by now so he possesses Seung Tak.

He then runs out and comes out of Seung Tak’s body. Tes comes and asks why he is doing it again and says it is Seung Tak’s problem by now. The other coma ghosts are wondering how Professor Cha got to possess Seung Tak and runs straight to Seung Tak but unfortunately, they go right through him. They are confused and ask why they can’t do it while Professor Cha can and pushes him again to Seung Tak. Professor Cha again comes out of his body. By now, Seung Tak is super annoyed and starts reciting multiplying tables and leaves.

Seung Tak goes to the stairs and sits down. He looks like he is going insane. Professor Cha carefully sits beside him and says he is not crazy yet and apologizes to him for doubting him before(heparin issue). Seung Tak then gets a call and goes to ER. Professor Cha follows him and wonders why he is so upset.

In the ER, Soo-Jung’s senior explains that there is a patient who needs treatment and all the OR is busy so asks Seung Tak if he could help him. Soo-Jung comes to save Seung Tak and calls another doctor. As soon as Seung Tak leaves he returns and it is obvious that it is Professor Cha now. He handles everything and leaves his body and says it should make up for using him. Soo-Jung and her seniors are shocked and not to mention Seung Tak is also shocked😂.

Professor Cha wonders what he is doing and accidentally goes to the place where other coma ghosts are. He is again scared and escapes. Coma Ghosts wonders why he is running as they can’t hurt each other and says they could have given him a few tips.

Seung Tak goes to the control room and sees his videos in the CCTV and asks the in-charge to delete them by using his influence. Not to mention that the in-charge would have thought that Seung Tak is insane.

In the night, Professor Cha thinks about how coma ghosts are on Seung Tak’s side as he was being kind when he met them on his first day. On the other hand, Seung Tak is so annoyed and plays a shooting video game and asks why ghosts are using his body like theirs and shoot aggressively.

The next day, Professor Cha goes to Chairman Jung and tries to console him in his way but Chairman Jang seems to have an idea that it is nearly impossible to cure him anymore. Professor Cha promises that he will go to the bottom of this. Chairman Jang then says that his son is moving Professor Cha’s body from ICU.

Professor Cha runs to the ICU and is struggling to open the door. One of the coma ghosts helps him to open the door and tells him to ask questions later. Professor Cha goes to see his whole team there and smiles that they are here to save him from moving. But his team discusses how unfortunate it is and clearly, they can’t be of any help.

Professor Cha then goes to find Seung Tak. But unfortunately, Seung Tak is on leave that day.

In Seung Tak’s house, his grandfather comes to scold him for taking leave but Seung Tak’s Secretary warns him and they escape his grandfather. Seung Tak seems to be close to his Secretary.

Grandpa and Secretary

Dr An goes to Seung Won after learning he was the one behind moving Professor Cha. Seung Won tells Dr An that because of him it got messy and asks him to stand by what he started.

Now we are flashed to the day of Professor Cha’s accident. Dr An notices that Jae Won didn’t give heparin to Chairman Jang and does it himself. (Now I understand why Dr An was nervous that Professor Cha was by Chairman Jang’s side after the surgery).

Present-day. Professor Cha sees Cheif Bam coming with a team for Professor Cha’s move. But to Professor Cha’s surprise, Seung Tak is there and he is trying to escape from Cheif Bam with Professor Cha’s body.

Seung Tak moves him with the help of Tes but finally gets caught by Cheif Bam but now Se Jin is here to save the day. She transfers to the hospital with her influence and accepts Professor Cha as her first patient. (So this is what she is been cooking).

Se Jin then talks to Seung Tak privately along with of course Professor Cha. She explains her difficulty with her situation and asks if he could help her. Seung Tak denies it saying Professor Cha was his responsibility that’s why he came and says he doesn’t like complicated things and leaves.

Seung Tak realises that he came running in pyjamas and wonders if that’s what he looked like all this long.

In the ICU, Se Jin thanks a nurse for telling her about what was going to happen. The nurse says that she also called Seung Tak just in case and thankfully he managed to buy them some time. She praises him saying that there was no stopping him.

Professor Cha follows Se Jin but is unable to cross his limit and then sees Seung Tak on his way out so he possesses him and goes out but she is nowhere to be seen. He then sees the season changing and decides to go for a ride using Seung Tak and his car.

Tes learns that Professor Cha left in Seung Tak’s body and says he can’t come out or if he came out by accident he will die there and his body will die here.

Professor Cha then enjoys the ride and goes for a walk. By accident, he bumps into a sick lady and gets out of Seung Tak’s body as feared.

Professor Cha, unable to move, starts dissipating and asks Seung Tak for help. Seung Tak is confused and then looks at the sick lady. He then says “hey, if you are still here, let us help this lady together” and extends his arm. The episode ends here.

Wow, so he knew but does he know that it is Professor Cha? I can’t wait for the next episode.

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