Recap and Review: Ghost Doctor episode 4

The last episode ended with a nail-biting cliff-hanger if Professor Cha’s spirit would be gone forever or would he reach Seung-tak’s body in time. Though I knew at the back of my head he would not go… I was not patient enough to know what would happen.

Of course, Seung-tak knew Professor Cha’s (or at least some ghost doctor) presence and extends his hand asking for the ghost’s help in saving the lying lady. Professor Cha and Seung-tak reach for each other and fortunately at the right time Cha gets saved. Professor Cha then saves the lady and they take her to the hospital.

At the ER, Dr.An attends the lady and he is dumbfounded to see Seung-tak saving a woman with neurofibromatosis. He asks him how he saved that woman, without Professor Cha, Seung-tak manages horribly. Seung-tak’s answer to how he saved the lady was, “I saved her swiftly”. Without any choice, Professor Cha gets into Seung-tak’s body and answers all the questions of Dr.An.

Seung-tak leaves at once after answering all the questions. He ( i.e Professor Cha inside him) yells “you jerk ” at the intern. As he pats Seung-tak in his head for the good work. He gets knocked by Soo-Jung so powerful that Professors Cha spins out of Seung-tak.

Dr.An is now suspicious of Seung-tak and remembers how the deputy director asked him to keep an eye on Seung-tak.
Seung-tak now stands in front of the vending machine and chooses his drink. Professor Cha stands beside him and asks if he is not at all affected by his presence and why is he so calm. Seung-tak freaks out and shouts. (For a second I thought he responded to Cha but no he was worried that he roamed with that hair throughout the day.).

Soo-Jung joins him now and asks if he is ok and tells him he is acting odd nowadays. Seung-tak asks for a favor to knock him now and then, as she did earlier. For some reason, she accepts the deal. Professor Cha from the side screams to take back the deal. (Well he knows how powerful her knocks are.).

While leaving Seung-tak recommends the blue can to Soo-Jung as it is better. Professor Cha remembers the last time When Seung-tak was complaining about the canned juice, Cha was asking him to drink the blue one next to the green. He gets suspicious now. Does Seung-tak hear him?

He tests him trying many ways. Saying that his shoe lays are untied, He forgot his phone in the ambulance but it is of no use. Seung-tak goes to the parking lot and screams that his car is missing for the second time now.

Professor Cha goes to the reception and sits calmly there. Tes comes now and asks him how was the experience. Cha gets annoyed for not informing him earlier of the consequences of leaving out of the perimeter. Tes teases him as if he would listen. Tes tells Cha that Seung-tak is smart enough to notice Cha using his body. Tes tells now he got some entertainment watching and using Seung-tak else the biggest problem of any spirit is to wait endlessly.

The next day onwards Professor Cha decides totally to stay with Seung-tak. He joins with the other doctors and goes for the rounds. Chief Bam leads the rounds and when they find a kid who was a patient of Professor Cha, Dr. An informs him that the kid is suffering from Pulmonary artery stenosis.

It seems that the kid’s operation got postponed because of chairman Jang’s operation but now the kid’s condition got worse and they don’t have anyone competent enough to operate on the kid.

Professor Cha uses all the opportunities to save any patient coming to the ER. He gets into Seung-tak and saves everyone. He even follows Seung-tak to his room and says he would crash there as he has nowhere else to go. (At this moment Seung-tak gives a side glance and smirks. It felt like he could hear Cha speaking.)

Tes and the other ghost visit the ER and talk about how he goes in and out of Seung-tak though he suffers from it. Tes tells he can’t resist going inside Seung-tak because he is a doctor and he can’t stop saving people.

One day, Professor Cha waits for Seung-tak to come and at that time a patient dies in the ER. Even though Professor Cha might have seen many deaths he stands there and stares at the patient sadly.

Tes stands by his side now and speaks, “Once the body dies, so does the soul. This is the order of the universe. And the order of the nature. Why do they cling on so much. They cling on to this life and the afterlife.”.
Professor Cha goes to the ICU to see his body and looks pity at the 3 spirits sitting outside the ICU. He gets shocked to see his body is nowhere to be seen. One of the ghosts informs him he has been shifted somewhere else.

Professor Cha hurries and midway finds a VIP suite under his name and doctor Jang se-jin. He finds Se-jin and his body there. At this time Deputy director Han comes in and He tells her he would help with whatever she needs and informs her he has assigned a separate nurse. Se-jin thanks him for his kindness.

When Deputy Director Han leaves, Cha follows him and yells at him to not lay a finger on Se-jin and asks him how she knows her.

Director Han goes to his room, where Seung-tak is waiting. Director Han calls him intending to know about Professor Cha’s and Chairman Jang’s case(About how he looked at the chart and didn’t inject the heparin). Seung-tak tells him if that’s the case, he would have told him about Chairman Jang if he had asked him.

He leaves telling Han he got a call. Deputy director Han tells him that Professor Cha is put in a separate room now. When Seung-tak comes out he speaks to himself, “He has somewhere to go now. Will he be quiet now”.

In Professor Cha’s room, He watches Se-jin moving all her things to the suite and thinks why is she doing all these now. The nurse assigned to her comes and asks if she has planned to stay there. Se-jin awkward now, tells her that her office is far and hence she is shifting everything. She then continues, “If I must be exact, he is putting me up”.

She and professor Cha flashback to the college days when she used to crash at Professor Cha’s house and tell him the same thing, “If I must be exact, he is putting me up”. He hushes her away but stops knowing that she didn’t eat till the night. Se-jin tells him about her future dreams and they should conquer a hospital and Cha would run CS and She would run NS.

Se-jin snaps out the flashback and asks the nurse to retake all the tests and tells about the medications that should be given.

The next day the entire nation is filled with the news that Chairman Jang has regained consciousness. Even his daughter Se-jin learns it from the news even though she works at the same hospital. She runs to the patient room as Professor Cha follows her. The guard in the room stops her as usual.

On the other side, Chairman Jang’s son announces to the reporter that his father is doing good. When he reaches his father’s suite he finds Se-Jin and as usual, mocks her and doesn’t allow her in. Seung-tak silently watches it all.

Professor Cha follows Chairman Jang’s son inside the suite curiously to see his patient and to his shock Chairman Jang’s ghost is sitting on the same sofa playing go, his body still lying in bed in coma.

His son talks to his comatose father that he just needs to lie there for a year and leaves.

Professor Cha then goes to Dr.An to find out what he is doing after finding the news. Unexpectedly Dr.An goes in front of Deputy director Han’s room. Cha remembers how he used Seung-tak to confide to Dr.An that Seung-tak worked with Han to kill Chairman Jang.

Professor Cha then motivates Dr.An to go inside, man up, and raise his voice against injustice. But Cha was not prepared to know the real truth, the truth that Dr.An was one of them. Even Chairman Jang’s son was sitting with Deputy director Han.

Dr.An shakes his hand with Jang’s son and nods to keep his father alive for another year.

Professor Cha with full furious follows Dr.An outside and yells at him with all his fury for doing such a shameful act and tries to kick and beat him. But he passes right through Dr. An.

Dr. An goes into professor Cha’s cabin and talks in front of his chair. He asks why did he accept to do surgery on a person who was about to die. He tells that he warned him already and anyways he has saved Professor Cha’s reputation as his patient has woken up now.
Professor Cha remembers how Dr.An tried to stop Cha from doing the operation and realizes Dr.An was on their side from the start.

Professor Cha then goes to Chairman Jang’s room and apologizes that one of his doctors only did that to him. Chairman Jang’s spirit tells him that he didn’t raise his son properly and asks if Cha knows to play Go as he would get bored playing alone and he has more time now.

Professor Cha then goes to the ICU spirits and asks for their help as he wants to learn. One of the ghosts teaches him that they can pass through humans but not inanimate objects. He shows him how he can take anything from the supermarket and how to open the ICU door. Professor Cha jumps in delight that he could finally open the ICU door. The ghost then shows him how they could use someone’s dress.

That night Professor Cha uses Seung-tak and goes to Dr.An’s room where he is soundly sleeping. When Dr.An gets up he gets confused about why Seung-tak is there but Professor Cha tells it’s Cha young min and tells him that his operation was perfect and he saved a dying man but Dr. An was the murderer. Professor Cha then tells how he would have never got the Residency because of the school Dr.An went to, he saved him because he has tenacity. Many times Dr.An would have lost his license because of his mistakes but always Cha saved him. He threatens him to come clean else he would have more nightmares.

Professor Cha pushes Dr.An to bed and runs away. Dr.An thinks of what happened just then. He tries to chase Seung-tak but he runs away by that time. Barefoot Dr.An runs to ER and finds Seung-tak there. He grabs Seung-tak’s collar and asks what he was thinking doing that.
Seung-tak pushes away and asks him if he had any nightmares.

Speechless Dr.An leaves the place. Professor Cha’s ghost follows him and tells him this is just the beginning, and he is this afraid already.

Seung-tak leaves his home and bickers on his way as Cha listens that Professor Cha thinks that he is some ghost and thinks of this as some horror movie. He speaks that Professor Cha should have brought back his car. Professor Cha then possesses him to bring back the car.

He takes the car and goes straight to his house. This time careful not to stumble on anyone. He reaches the house and finds Mandu is not there. He packs up his stuff in a suitcase and leaves.
Outside his apartment he finds Se-jin. Se-Jin is surprised too to find Seung-tak there. She tells him that she thought this place is empty so she needed to check, and got the address from the nurse. Professor cha(Seung tak) tells he came there for the same reason.

Se-jin is surprised that they are that close. Cha tells yes they are close because they hate each other mutually. Se-jin then tells him that Cha’s condition is getting worse.

They go to Cha’s hospital room and Se-jin shows Seung-tak Cha’s MRI. She tells him that for some reason his brain is getting damaged more though his vitals are good. Professor cha thinks of how Tes used to warn him not to go in and out of Seung-tak as he pleases if he wants to live.
Professor Cha immediately pops out of Seung-tak. Seung-tak as usual gets confused about what is happening and looks around the room and tells that the room looks nice and leaves. Se-jin asks about the suitcase. They open the suitcase and find Professor Cha’s dresses.

Professor Cha defends that he can’t simply steal somebody else clothes as he has a better taste. As if Seung-tak heard Cha, He tells to Se-jin he could not lose the fashion sense. She looks at a cover and finds Professor Cha’s credit card. Professor Cha screams and tells them he wanted to pay his bills.

This puts Seung-tak in an awkward spot. Seung-tak says his family is so rich and he wouldn’t steal the card from Cha. He brought it so that she could pay the hospital bill.

Seung-tak reaches to the parking lot and finds his car again missing. He shout at Professor Cha that he should have used public transport if he wanted to go to his home or at least should have brought back his car.

Professor Cha watches it from his room and thinks how Seung-tak knows about everything and still is helping him. In the room, Se-jin thinks how Cha is now buying good clothes and thinks of the college days when he would not spend money on his clothes. She then tells him that She knows he is busy solving something complicated but asks him to get better first and wake up first. She promises that she would help him solve the problem so he should stay strong until she brings him back.

Professor Cha decides not to enter Seung-tak body from then on. The next day, Cha dresses so well that the ICU ghost looks at him and tells him how he has become hot again. Cha then takes americano from the coffee shop and enjoys the morning. At this point, Tes joins the ICU ghost and tells them Cha is doing it because he wants to live now.

At this moment, a dark figure spirit hides and watches Professor Cha. Tes notices it and tells he thought everything was under control but it’s not the case.

A new patient comes in ER and there is no doctor except Dr.An and his hands are injured. Dr. An finds that the patient is suffering from Cardiac tamponade. Dr.An suggests Seung-tak do the operation since there are no other doctors and he has performed the same operation on Professor Cha.

Professor Cha’s spirit stands right there and tells them they can’t let a 1st year perform open-heart surgery. Dr.An looks at Seung-tak and tells if he can’t they have to shift the patient to another hospital but by that time the patient would reach a critical stage.

Seung-tak looks at the patient’s family and thinks hard. Professor Cha goes near him and tells him that he knows how he feels but this is an open heart surgery so he should let the patient go to the next hospital. Seung-tak tells that he would do the operation. (Why does he not realize Dr.An is cornering him.).

In the OR as Seung-tak is getting ready, Professor Cha tells him that if he thinks he would help him, that is not going to happen. He tells him that he is not in any position to possess Seung-tak now and leaves.

While leave Cha tells himself that if Seung-tak fails Dr.An would take over. But he finds Dr.An speaking to the Deputy director on phone that he made Seung-tak do the same operation he performed on Professor Cha and asks him to come to the OR.

Cha runs to the OR and warns Seung-tak that Dr.An and the deputy director are setting him up and he should not do the operation. Seung-tak reaches and gets a scalpel. Cha scolds that being a resident he doesn’t even know to hold a scalpel, it should be held like a pencil. Seung-tak holds it like a pencil and tries to hold it as Cha instructs him.

Cha realizes that Seung-tak can hear him now and at this moment Seung-tak turns to him and asks Professor Cha that let’s first save the patient and extends the scalpel to him.

We are shown all the instances when Seung-tak could see Professor Cha. In fact from the start when Cha was brought to ER after the accident till now Seung-tak could see Cha.

Whoa what a twist. Well the story is getting more interesting now! I never thought Seung-tak was able to see him. Well I thought he knew about Professor Cha’s ghost but not that he could see him through his naked eyes the whole time. He is as good an actor as a charming he is.

I really want to know how he stayed calm and ignorant the whole time. Excited for the next episode.

Tell me about your thoughts on this twist in the comment box.

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