Kdrama review: True Beauty, best ost, why to watch, where to watch(No Spoilers)….

Before we go.. If you have got spoilers that this drama is like “My id is Gangnam beauty” blah blah blah… don’t get caught into it, this drama is more refreshing, fun and light hearted series and you will get caught into it easily😉🤗.

It will make you smile☺️, laugh🤣 and cry😭 (in some places) along with them.

A must watch recommendation from my side😉.. It will make you laugh hard, cry and travel with them to the end and leaves you with good vibes for sure🤗…

True Beauty is a Rom-com genre starring Cha Eun-woo as Lee Su-ho , Moon Ga-young as Lim Ju- kyung and Hwang In-youp as Han Seo -Jun which was adapted from famous webtoon.

This is a High school bully related Story, It Starts with Lim Ju-kyung getting bullied coz she is ugly(which I completely disagree with🤷..).

Luckily (Only to her😅) due to her family situation she gets transferred to new school. She finds a new way (makeup) to present herself beautiful and make some friends.

To her surprise, She finds herself in a new world where she is goddess of the school!!.. and also makes new friends.

This drama is all about how she survives here without getting caught.

K-dramas can’t be without love triangles and second lead syndrome ryt😂!

Though Seo-jun(Second lead) gets introduced as a thug, he has a soft side and funny which is really cute🥰. I bet You will fall for Seo-jun hard😜.

Su-ho and seo-jun who used to be friends, now have a unspeakable clash between them.

I loved…

  • How Ju-Kyung overcomes from bullying all by herself.
  • Her family – noisy, fun and loving family who stand up for each other in all situation.
  • Im Hee-Kyung(Ju-Kyung’s sister) and Han Jun-Woo(Ju-Kyung’s home teacher) love track.
  • How Im Hee-Kyung breaks all the stereotypes.
  • How the Seo-Jun  torchers Ju-Kyung in the beginning.

Where to watch: Rakuten VIKI app(I personally love this app to watch Kdramas… Its free!!!)

Also you can watch it in WeTV app(My next favorite),

If you prefer to watch it in website then watch in VIKI website, polldrama website..

Well of course there are many websites apps to watch in but these are my favorite…

My favorite dialogue: 

The dead wouldn’t want the people they left to suffer for so long, so you should be happy.

If I resent my own face because of their words, that means I acknowledge that I’m ugly. So I am going to ignore them and keep living my life the way that I am.

My favorite OST (BGM): I am in the mood of dancing, I’m missing you, Starlight .

Link to teaser: True beauty main teaser , teaser 1 , teaser 2, teaser 3

Quote of the day: A beautiful heart shine better than a beautiful face.😁


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