Review and Recap: So I married the anti-fan Episode 4 kdrama

Is Our Relationship

An Incident or An Accident

The episode starts with the phone call where Geun young asks help..

Who-joon makes up some story to the movie director and leaves to the penthouse..

As he enters the penthouse he complains about how she is making him to come and go as she pleases…

After teasing he opens door for Geun young… She thanks him and asks him to leave as she runs towards washroom

After coming back Geun young realizes Who-joon is still here and asks him what happened… He warns her that no one should find out she is living in the penthouse and leaves..

She gets mad as she got locked so as not to get caught and he didn’t even ask how she is doing..

The crew members explains that they both should bring some of theirs belongings as the next shooting would be them moving in to know more about each other..

Before the shooting, Who-joon gives interview about the show where he says that he accepted offer believing that he could learn to hold hands who hate him.. (he never misses an opportunity to show off his skillsπŸ˜‚)

Day 2 of the shoot begins and Guen-young enters Who-joon’s house as he opens door for her and they show each other the stuff they brought for the stay.

Guen-young shows the mountains of books she brought of her father’s while Who-joon shows her all his fans handwritten letters and tells how reading these letters supports him during his weary days and kisses the letter….( who-Joon has some innate talent of being soo nice in front of camera.)

Then they plan to have some food as Guen-young stomach exposes her by making sound. Guen-young voluteers to buy some food and takes who-joon’s credit card.

Our messy heroine ends up ordering around 10 servings instead of one. Who-joon acts calm as he is infront of camera and say she never fails to surprise him.

As who- joon says that atleast they both have something in common that she doesn’t eat tangsuyuk with sauce, Guen-young add sauce to tangsuyuk and wonders what to do now.. She may not be doing mission of exposing who-joon but does very good job in annoying and messing around with who-joon.

Crew packs up and leaves for lunch but for their part of fun they leave the camera as it is to watch who-joon and Guen-young while they are away and they are not disappointed with the choice..who-joon and Guen-young have cat fight even at that time.

At day end as the crew leaves Guen-young is not able to enter the house again and plans to take a walk to pass the time until everyone leave.

Unfortunately she meets the fans of who-joon and gets humiliated by them.

Who-joon is in agency where they want him to act in an Ad of JJ’s company which is to be shooted in japan,though he is not interested he is kind of forced to sign the contract. At this point they take us to flash back and show few glimpse of the past problems between JJ and who-joon.

It can be seen that JJ and who-joon used to be great friends,JJ wants Who-joon( at that point who-joon was getting popular) to join him in his agency but who- joon says no as young- suk (current agency) was one who debuted him and has done a lot for him.That was when the problems start. JJ and In-hyung come out of the agency after that because of no opportunities for them in the agency. (Flashback ends)

In-hyung as she passes by hears an Ad gig in which Who-joon is acting and the agency wants to take anybody for that ad, at this point In-hyung gets an idea and volunteers for the Ad to be shooted in Japan.

Day 3 of the shoot starts, Who-joon’s foot is sprained from dance practice and he takes full advantage of this situation playing around with Guen-young and enjoys his share of fun along with the other crew members.

He makes her bring water for him and then spills it knowingly and makes her clean it and and what not also makes her buy him his favourite cake…..and Guen-young has no choice but bite her teeth and act nicely in front of cameraπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

When Guen-young goes out to buy Who-joon’s favourite cake she comes across the journalist whom she calls Who-joon’s personal reporters (as he was the one who listened to her words when she lost her job because of Who-joon only to report it back to Who-joon) . Though Guen-young ignores him he comes and explain that he did a job of journalist and even she is using Who-joon now desperately and gives her few expired multivitamin powder.

GuenYoung thinks that he backstabs and butter her up what kinda person is he..

She reaches the set and gives the cake to Who-joon and they plan to have some drinks along with it….Guen- young now thinking of getting revenge on him adds the expired multivitamin in his drinks.

she thought it will only lead to diarrhoea but her bad luck Who-joon suffers from severe stomach ache and the set becomes ultimate chaos. …..The PD starts to blame on the man who brought the juice.

Unable to watch someone else taking blame for the situation Guen-young accepts the truth that she is the one responsible.

watch out for the look Who-joon gives her on knowing the truth….In the end it was all a prank by the crew and Who-joon on GuenYoung but they all end up getting shocked of Guen-Young’s prankπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

The Writer Noh makes her leave the set telling that she didn’t expect Guen-young would hate him to the extent of killing him…poor Guen-young only planned for diarrhoea πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

GuenYoung starts hating her actions and visit her friends for some consolation.She then decides to visit Who-joon’s house for apologizing.

At the same time In-hyung visits Who-joon but he turns her away.

In-hyung leaves the place while GuenYoung enters and she realises that she was the mystery women who Who-joon was talking to in JJ’s party and Guen-young starts following her and calls her out.

Before Guen-young could see her face Who-joon surprises her by pulling her into his embrace and she misses the mystery women.

Next day JJ and GuenYoung meet in a park and JJ gives back her heal that she threw at Who-joon at his party.with some plan in his mind he asks GuenYoung to join his agency.This surprises her but she respectfully puts it down and says she will think about it..she knows she doesn’t need any agency.

For the next day shoot the Writer Noh sends her the address of the restaurant that Who-joon likes and Guen young only realises that it is the restaurant of her ex-boyfriend Roy as she reaches the place and to add more embarrassment she is dressed in designer dress she was planning to wear on their special day and the limited edition shoe that Roy had gifted her.

Guen young decides to leave but Writer Noh sees her and pulls her into the restaurant.

When Who-joon introduces his friend and celebrity cook Roy to other members of the shoot GuenYoung doesn’t gets up from her chair and tries to ignore but finally ends up wishing him formally.

Roy doesn’t show that they knew each other before.

Who-joon and Roy start cooking , GuenYoung after watching they way both of them behave with each other suspects that Who-joon might be another boyfriend of Roy.

Guen-young is very uncomfortable in the presence of Roy and tries very hard to hide the shoes she is wearing.

After finishing food when Guen-young is outside Roy comes and talks as if Guen-young is still in love with him and says about how she is still wearing the shoes he had bought her.

Guen-young is embarrassed that Roy finally saw the shoes that she tried very hard to hide…

The episodes ends with Who-joon coming out from the restaurant and sees Roy with Guen-young and ask her whether they knew each other already..

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