Review and Recap: So I Married The Anti-fan Episode 14 kdrama

This Can’t Be The End

GuenYoung bids her farewell to Who-joon ( well she plans to move out and she is not in the plan to inform him any time soon) saying ” Great work to the end ” and Who-joon says ” it’s not the end. It’s just the beginning ” and kisses her. ( I was shocked too and I didn’t expect he would kiss in the shooting spot publicly! But ahem nobody saw them. Again!!!)( Let’s wait and see whether this one got caught on camera🤭)

When Ji-Hyang drops her at the penthouse after the shooting, Guen-young tries to tell him about moving out but she couldn’t bring herself up to tell the news. Who-Joon also is super piled up with work so Ji-Hyang gives him a No when Who-joon plans to cancel all the work.

As GuenYoung settles down after a long day shoot, she gets a call from the Chief-editor of the super patch( the person who gave a deal to exchange who-Joon’s affairs for her job). He says he called her only after getting to know that the show has come to an end, and he wants her to join his company.

GuenYoung makes it clear that she won’t be sharing any information on Who-joon’s affair. GuenYoung then decides to join the company and Informs the editor that she will join soon.

JJ scoffs at the news of So I married the anti-fan show ending abruptly and how wittily Mr.Bae has put an end to his blackmail. After knowing he can’t mess in this matter anymore, he decides to call Who-joon.

Who-Joon rejects JJ’s call but is intrigued by his message, “You should probably stop by.”

Who-joon reaches JJ’s place only to get provoked that JJ will destroy Guen-young life, exposing their relationship to the world if he didn’t accept on joining his company. (JJ has turned into a bigger jerk and not only who-joon, but I think no one would understand what he is trying to do ).

Who-joon calls Mr. Bae and screams for ending the show on a deal with JJ. Mr.Bae assures that he will take care of JJ and asks him to not get involved with GuenYoung as it is the only way to protect her.

GuenYoung joins super patch the next day and is beaming on her old two-faced Who-joon list. As she corrects the true nature of who-joon, one of the staff provides her a form to fill in her details.

It was the Guen-Young moving day, Who-joon texts that he resents for not been there, and GuenYoung asks him not to worry.

To her surprise on the same day, who-joon comes to the new house in the disguise of a delivery guy and gifts her a TV saying she needs it as he comes in TV. Who-joon says he feels anxious for her to live alone and feels the penthouse is empty. Guen young replies that it was easy to live off someone and crash in a big house but ‘ I am not that brazen. I need to live my life too.’

At Guen-young’s new office the next day, she wants to print some documents and is informed by her colleague that she needs the company ID or access to print. Her colleague offers to add access and takes her laptop.

I felt sorry for Guen young when the chief editor and the staff took her laptop and tried to get any details if possible about who-joon.

In-Hyung comes out of the studio after a long day and PD of the show encourages her to work hard as she has come to the semifinals. He informs her that the show is going to be live in the coming week and shamelessly asks Who-joon to come backstage to support her as a friend.

The document stolen from Guen Young’s laptop is released and who-joon while coming out from a song release is startled by a flood of journalists bombarding him with all insane questions.

Who-joon takes a minute to understand that the news is about Guen-young exposing his double face and his abusive relationship with an unknown woman.

After coming out of the mess, Who-Joon and Ji-Hyang plan to go to the penthouse as no other place is safe from journalists.

Guen-young is also swarmed with journalists near her home and she is totally clueless since her phone was dead.

Her friend saves her from the journalist and guen-young is remorseful for not being careful and her friend advises her to call who-Joon.

Mr.Bae calls JJ and yells for the false news of our leads dating and asks why would Guen-young expose who-joon if he was true.

Mr.Bae then goes to the penthouse, he starts bickering that he should have taken care of guen-young at the start and he complains who-joon should have not trusted her even after his constant warning. He asks Who-joon to stay low and says he would take care of everything and grabs who-Joon’s phone and leaves. Who-joon tries to follow Mr.Bae but Ji-Hyang please him to stay put for some time.

Guen-young leaves to the meet Who-joon and finds JJ outside her home.JJ asks her about the article and GuenYoung clarifies she wrote the article when she hated who-joon but she wasn’t the one who leaked the article.

JJ says how who-joon has stayed pretentious around the media and Guen-young explains he must have been hurt if he must have misunderstood her and that’s why she should go and apologize to him.

JJ thinks ” you and In-Hyung never seem to get a grasp of how I really feel“.

JJ then drops her at the penthouse and says this time he will wait and watch whether who-joon protects guen-young though last time he failed to protect In-hyung as he was an irresponsible kid.

Guen-young replies aptly ‘Love doesn’t mean, you just want to protect the other just for responsibility. ‘.

When guen-young reached the door Mr.Bae is coming out. They both then come out of the building and settle at a coffee shop.

GuenYoung explains she didn’t leak the article and she just wants to apologize to who-joon and calls who-Joon’s phone. Mr.Bae casually takes who-Joon’s phone from his pocket and says ‘we are trying to stop the article from spreading and you want to clear the misunderstanding. If you guys have any trust between the two please give him some time.‘ and leaves.

GuenYoung is speechless and leaves. The next day she sees the news of Who-Joon’s agency denying all the allegations. she thinks ‘ Once again nobody is interested in what I have to say.’.

Who-joon confronts Mr.Bae for releasing news without thinking about Guen young and being on the safer side as usual without even thinking about the other person.

He flashes back to the times when Mr.Bae used to beg every director for who-Joon’s opportunity and used to feed who-Joon without even feeding himself since he didn’t have money.

Who-joon wonders whether Mr.Bae did all those things for him or did he misjudge Mr.bae. Who-joon decides to leave the agency and declares the end of the relationship between him and Mr.Bae saying he doesn’t want to live like this anymore.

Ji-Hyang also leaves his job and they decide to call reporter Choi to release the truth.

When who-joon and Ji-Hyang leave after reporter Choi’s meeting, the Internet is flooded with news of Who-joon’s whole life was a lie.

Ji-Hyang informs who-Joon that the article was by an Anonymous person but he suspects JJ.who-joon is strong that it couldn’t be JJ.

After reading the news GuenYoung texts who-Joon ‘I am on your side are you alright.’. and joon replies ‘give me a little more time.’

This episode’s intensity increases more and more as JJ is kicked out of his office by his brother and JJ is frustrated that his own father has abandoned him.

Not able to cope up JJ calls In-Hyung but she doesn’t pick the call and next person he dails is GuenYoung.( For the first time in the series I felt JJ’s pain and helplessness).

JJ and GuenYoung meet at a coffee shop and JJ asks does she also thinks that he had put out the article on Who-joon. GuenYoung says now that she met him in person she doesn’t think he might have done that.

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JJ remorse for being a jerk for all people he cares about. GuenYoung stops him saying he has not been a bad guy for her.

You can literally see pain through JJ’s eye as he says she should have said that sooner and the thing she just said now was like humoring a jerk or a rebel. JJ then leaves.

In-Hyung is also made to drop out from Spigen audition because of who-Joon’s affairs.

JJ meets who-joon later that day with soju and is surprised for not getting punched by who-joon and asks whether Who-joon thinks he released the article . Who-joon says he knew it wasn’t JJ as he wasn’t completely transparent with JJ too.

JJ says who-joon was one who always stays calm and keeps all the worries to himself but he couldn’t believe he deceived everyone and kept a straight face. While leaving he gives a card of who-Joon’s father and informs him that he was his father.

When JJ leaves who-joon gets a call from Mr.Bae and he informs it was him who put out the article. Who-joon calmly says now that he knows the truth he knows how to handle this and cuts the call.

You think this was all the disastrous thing that has happened in the series till now and nothing can go wrong more than this. Noo…

In-Hyung calls out JJ as he is walking and yells at him for taking things so far. she yells at him for coming into her life and impulsively jumps in front of a truck saying all this would end only if she does this. JJ in an attempt to save her jumps too.

On the other side, Who-joon is giving a news interview revealing all the lies he used to climb the success he has now and confess all the news in the article is true.

My favorite go-to series for cheering me up at weekends have gone tragic in a single day. Though it was predictable that her two-faced who-Joon article will land in some serious trouble in the future, watching this series in a serious tone was a bit different.

I know JJ’s relationship with In-Hyung has always been sick other than that our leads always made us feel pleased and it was sad to watch them struggling.

So waiting for our adorable couples to come back all good and make us smile at their bickering as usual.

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