Recaps: The Devil Judge episode 6

The episode starts with Sun-ah kidnapping Yo-han and Yo-han wake up in a weird place tied himself in a chair and could recognize his things from the past(when he was a boy).

Sun-ah reaches him in a white dress and kisses him while Yo-han recognizes her as the maid (whom Yo-han made to jump from the 2nd floor in the past just because she liked him.)

On the other side, at Yo-han’s home, Eli wakes Ga-on up in the morning and tells him that Yo-han didn’t reach home last night and she seems to be worried. Ga-on smiles and says he must be chilling with his girlfriend or something and asks her why she is so worried. Eli explains that Yo-han has never stayed outside since the accident.

Ga-on takes her to the sofa and makes her coffee and consoles her with a smile and says she is precious to Yo-han. Eli says she doesn’t want to be because he destroys everything around him. Eli also says that she was 12 when she hijacked Yo-han’s computer for fun. But ended up finding a hidden folder which had the contract rejection(where Issac was supposed to donate his wealth for the foundation) and she found that a week before the fire.

Yo-han dodges off from Sun-ah’s kiss. They show us the flashback where Sun-ah (a young girl then) working with the maid (who is still taking care of Yo-han and Eli). Sun-ah admires the things in the kitchen and says this seems like a different world and she likes everything as everything is sparkling and also says how can Yo-han be so handsome and says she likes him the most.

She makes food for Yo-han who is locked in the basement and tells him that she will look for the master (Yo-han and Isaac’s father) so he can come out whenever the master is not home. He eats the food she made and goes out whenever the master is not home and Sun-ah always admires him from a distance.

One day, when she is cleaning the 2nd-floor window, Yo-han comes to her and asks if she likes him. She says she likes him so much. Then Yo-han asks her if she can jump from the second floor for him while smiling and caressing her cheek. She smiles and jumps off the second floor. The flashback ends.

This seems to be the Sun-ah’s version of the flashback.

Yo-han says she did not like him but she liked something else and his version of flashback starts.

Yo-han sees Sun-ah stealing things like glasses which she finds pretty. Yo-han warns her not to steal cause the master may even kill her. Sun-ah changes the topic saying he is worried about her and says she likes him so much. The elder maid notices things going missing and Sun-ah changes the topic and says Yo-han is coming out every now and then and says she is worried about him as he may get caught. Yo-han hears it without their knowledge.

Sun-ah eventually tries to steal a chain with a cross (which Yo-han is wearing on his wrist right now and it originally belongs to Isaac’s mother) and Yo-han threatens her saying if she steals that he will tell everything he saw until now. Sun-ah says she knows that the master will kill her if she steals and says she was just looking and leaves. She comes in the night when no one is around and in the end steals the chain.

The next day, Yo-han manages to get the chain and when she is cleaning the second-floor windows, he actually threatens her saying if she likes him she should jump and she jumps. The flashback ends.

Sun-ah who is listening to this says ‘was it like that?’ and says he has a good memory and she likes him a lot too.

She says she always liked the sparkling things and still like them. To which Yo-han says that she now became a maid of foundation and is stealing like petty theft. Sun-ah grabs him by his throat and leaves it after some time.

Yo-han finally asks her what she wants. She says she doesn’t care if he is after Minister Cha but asks not to touch the foundation. Yo-han asks if it is about the dream project and says he is not gonna listen to her anyway as he has nothing to protect so she should kill him right now as there won’t be any other chances like this again. She smiles at him and injects an injection on his arm. And asks Jae hee (who was following Yo-han as Sun-ah asked) to leave him at his house. Jae hee asks if it is safe as he is a tough guy and Sun-ah says the foundation will be dependent on her so it is fine for now.

When Yo-han wakes up it is already night and he is in his car in front of his house and notices his mother’s chain is disappeared from his wrist.

Yo-han enters the house and sees Eli and Ga-on sleeping on the sofa and adjusts Ga-on’s sweater which is lying on Eli. He accidentally bumps on Eli’s wheelchair and makes noise but to his surprise, both Eli and Ga-on don’t even move an inch for his sound.

The next morning, Ga-on finds himself alone on the sofa with his sweater on him and sees Yo-han enter the room. Ga-on asks where he was last night and Yo-han asks if he is prying on his private life and says he was with a tough woman who grabbed his hair and kissed him. Ga-on stops him in the middle and says he doesn’t want to hear it and leaves. Yo-han smiles.

Ga-on works at the dining table in the kitchen. Eli enters the kitchen and looks around and first asks and then orders Ga-on to open the top self for her. Ga-on smiles and opens to see instant cup of ramen there and asks if it is for the breakfast and tries to give the cup to her. She turns around and asks him to pour hot water in it and prepare it for her and leaves.

Eli smiles looking at the sofa and thinks about how they were sleeping there. Ga-on comes out of the kitchen with a smile and asks Eli and Yo-han to come to the kitchen as he prepared food to pay for his stay.

Eli smiles and Yo-han catch her smiling. She tries to make up saying he is wasting time cooking. Yo-han looks at her and says she was smiling and asks why she is caring and nice to Ga-on. Eli says that’s not the care and Yo-han teases her and they both mess around on their way to the kitchen.

Ga-on gives them food with rice and so many dishes. Eli says she doesn’t like Korean food but she is going to try and looks at Ga-on surprisingly after trying.

Yo-han says he really can’t taste anything and just chew and swallow food.

Yo-han eats well despite what he said. Eli asks Ga-on when he learned how to cook. Ga-on says he was a restaurant owner’s kid for 16 years and lived alone for 13 years. Eli asks if they shut down the restaurant as he referred to the past tense. Ga-on says it turned out that way without telling anything else.

The maid comes and with shock, she asks Yo-han what’s with the cheerful environment as he never eats food she made. Yo-han, with mouth full of food, runs away from the kitchen avoiding her questions.

Later, Ga-on goes to Eli, who is reading in her room, and asks her to go out with him the next day to meet his friend.

The next day, Soo-Hyun, Ga-on, Eli meet up in a restaurant. Ga-on introduces her and says Eli that she might need an older female friend and Soo-Hyun tries to make it comfortable. To which Eli says she is not a child, she will be 20 in 4 years. Soo-Hyun gets awkward and says yes.

Eli asks what relationship they have and they both again get awkward and Ga-on asks why she is asking and Soo-Hyun says, stammering, that they are friends. Eli compliments she is pretty.

Soo-Hyun suddenly asks if she still has the copy of the file she took from Yo-han’s computer. Eli, who is clearly not comfortable with that question says ‘no’. Ga-on asks Soo-Hyun why is she asking and tries to console Eli that it might be a misunderstanding. Soo-Hyun interrupts and says it might not be a misunderstanding and she needs to verify it.

Yo-han, tensed, searches for Eli in the whole house and finds her in the restaurant. He pushes Ga-on to a near pillar with all his might and asks if he knows what it is to kidnap a minor kid and pushes away chairs in his path and picks Eli to his car. Eli cries and asks him why he humiliated her like that. Yo-han stares at her and they leave while Eli cries a lot.

In a private luxury hotel, wife of Chairman of minbo groups, wife of Chairman of saram media, both the ladies play around with the young male artists and Sun-ah watches them. Minister Cha suddenly makes her entry and everyone goes to pin-drop silent.

Minister Cha explains that both the ladies need to be prepared as they will get prosecutor summon as they bought the land where the dream project is going to be there (to sell it at a high price to the foundation). Both of them go on their knees and say it’s their mistake. Minister Cha who is stubborn says she will make sure to send the prosecutor’s summon and leaves.

Sun-ah follows her outside. After some time, she comes inside and complains that Minister Cha is against the foundation now (because of her son). Both the ladies then agree to donate the land to the foundation. Sun-ah smiles and hugs and says she will protect them with a smirk.

Actually, this was a plan between Sun-ah and minister Cha. They both plan to go against Yo-han, so minister Cha helps Sun-ah with the land. Minister cha asks who is originally Mr. Seo, the one who is praying for the company? Or? And gives her a meaningful look.

Sun-ah thinks to herself that let’s see if Yo-han really has no one to protect.

In Yo-han’s home, Yo-han talks to his informant and says he underestimated Sun-ah and asks him to keep an eye on her. Ga-on comes and starts to explain himself for what happened in the restaurant, but Yo-han who is in full anger, tells every information about Soo-Hyun and says he won’t hesitate about the person who is standing in his way. Ga-on rebels and asks him not to jump to the conclusion and says not to touch Soo-Hyun. Yo-han challenges him and leaves.

The next day, Ga-on, on his way to the court calls Soo-Hyun and asks her to stay low. But our brave lady says she is a police officer and she will take care of herself. Just then, Ga-on notices the bike he saw earlier following the professor. He chases the bike and after a long run, he misses her. Ga-on tells the professor and he asks not to do dangerous things like this and they both suspect that it might be Yo-han.

The girl on the bike seems to be Jae Hee and she purposely almost got caught by Ga-on at the request of Sun-ah. Sun-ah says it’s like seeds she is sowing to go against Yo-han.

In Yo-han’s house, Ga-on finds Yo-han watching (on the tv with full volume) some Yo-han’s followers flogging the pickpockets after catching them and they scream that they are the authority.

Sun-ah meets Jin Joo at the court and tells her she is the shining star and shows at the men’s (judges) pictures all over the court and tells her why only them and Jin Joo thinks about it (Sun-ah seems to like women empowerment)

Soo-Hyun notices Doctor Safety taking a generous amount from an ATM and informs Ga-on that she is going to get a warrent to investigate. Ga-on asks her not to do anything as Yo-han know every information about her. Soo-Hyun says she is not going to stop just because a gangster knows her address and heads straight to her senior. Someone is following soo-Hyun.

Her senior seems to be against investigating Yo-han’s bank statements and asks her not to rub the wrong side of Yo-han. Soo-Hyun doesn’t argue much and comes out and calls Ga-on to say he didn’t approve and it is weird as he was the one who wanted her to investigate Yo-han. Ga-on says it is good job of her that she didn’t argue and asks her to stay safe.

In Ga-on’s office, Oh Jin Joo says Yo-han is off these days as he didn’t even talk to her when she went to give him suggestions about their next trail. She complains that he needs to talk to his coworker if there is any trouble.

Yo-han’s informant calls him and says Soo-Hyun is investigating Doctor Safety and she may end up finding his bank statement. Yo-han says she is annoying and asks him to proceed with it.

Later that night, Soo-Hyun calls Ga-on from Doctor Safety’s house which is a mess, and Doctor Safety is gone. She walks down the street when suddenly someone attacks her and a stranger admits her to a hospital. Ga-on runs to the hospital and tears up to see Soo-Hyun and a band-aid on her head. She acts all tough and says she is fine but the attending nurse says she was asking if she is gonna die and says she was fortunate to not get hit on the wrong side. Ga-on asks Soo-Hyun to look into his eyes and asks her if she is really ok. Soo-Hyun says she was scared that she may never see him again and he holds her hands.

They both watch the flash news where Minister Cha speaking at the live conference. She says Doctor Safety was bribed to give his sentence and they found his bank statement. She says she will find out what happened and will provide justice.

Ga-on reaches home and picks a fight with Yo-han and asks him why did he touch Soo-Hyun of all people. Yo-han says he didn’t do anything to her and asks him not to attack him ever again. (Yo-han almost harms Ga-on)

Yo-han calls Minister Cha and they meet up. Yo-han starts by saying she won’t be able to prove anything. Minister Cha says real evidence is not what the public wants. They want a story and she is giving it to them and also says he left her in pain and now it’s his turn. Yo-han starts laughing and says out of all people she is talking about pain. He then leaves saying he came here to make a deal but he doesn’t want to do it now.

At the court, higher-ups ask Yo-han to resign as the public opinion comes first as per his justice.

Yo-han holds a press conference at the court and says he did give money to Doctor Safety and apologies and at this time Doctor Safety enters the court and says he was in crisis as a whistleblower and his kids were suffering so Yo-han helped him with the money and cries asking ‘is that a crime?’. Yo-han then asks the public to judge him and almost 97% of the public votes that he is innocent.

He thanks them and says he has information about who is doing this dream project and shows Mr. Seo, President, Minister Cha, Chairman of Saram media, Chairman of Minbo group. He announces that the donation (the foundation has been receiving for the dream project) is spent somewhere else and he will compensate with his own money for whoever informs him about the money.

Minister Cha, president, Chairman of Saram media, Chairman of Minbo group comes in chaos, and Sun-ah smiles at the twist.

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