Recaps: The Devil Judge episode 9

Professor Min Jung-Ho asks Ga-on what his reply is. Ga-on answers, ‘when there is no justice, then everything is just a game, and he wants to be in the winning team. ‘ Ga-on gets up and leaves.

At this time, Yo-Han comes to pick up Ga-on, and professor Min is speechless and devasted. Yo-Han takes Ga-on to a bridge, and he assures Ga-on that he will make sure that the conman will pay for what he did. Ga-on clarifies he joined him not just for revenge also he wants to fight the corrupt.

On the other side, Soo-Hyun stands, pointing a gun at the group of thugs (The thug seems to have a plan and Soo-Hyun is kind of trapped.). Elijah smartly calls Yo-Han that she is in danger. By this time, Soo-Hyun is ganged up by the group. She manages to beat them up but gets distracted seeing Elijah attacked by another thug.

Thankfully Yo-Han and Ga-on reach at the right time and save Elijah and Soo-Hyun. Yo-Han almost kills the main thug(Jungchan ) but, Soo-Hyun points the gun at Yo-Han and stops him. The thug laughs maniacally as Yo-Han leaves.

Yo-Han and Elijah reach their home and, Yo-Han doesn’t speak a word. Elijah not able to hold asks him to say something, and he starts yelling at Soo-Hyun for taking Elijah outside. Eli asks him not to scold Unni (Yo-Han is shocked to hear that from Elijah) and says she wanted to eat tteokbokki. And she doesn’t even have a company to tteokbokki whenever she wants. Yo-Han is dumbfounded now.

After some time, Ga-on comes to Yo-Han’s place to explain Soo-Hyun’s innocence. But Yo-Han shuts him up saying, Elijah has been kidnapped two times then also she believes whoever is nice and kind to her.

Sun-Ah is having a glass of champagne at the place and enjoying herself and feeling lonely, she calls Jae-Hee to celebrate. Jae-Hee asks that the Chairwoman of the foundation doesn’t even have a person to celebrate her victory and offers to book some models. Sun-Ah feeling awkward says she is fine and cuts the call. For a minute she considers models but brushes it off.

The next day, Ga-on goes to Yo-Han’s office to inform him that everyone at the Jungchan channel got released on the police commissioner’s order. Yo-Han reasons that they might not be just a bunch of psychos if the commissioner is involved. (I feel it’s Sun-Ah’s work. She might have set them up to find whether Yo-Han has something to lose.)

At that time, they are summoned by the chief justice. Yo-Han Jin Ju and Ga-on find Sun-Ah at the chief Justice’s office. She puts out an idea of shooting an advertisement with the three judges of Live court. Yo-Han mocks her saying she wants to make them clown and do an advertisement. Ga-on too criticizes the idea and the only person who supports among the 3 is Oh Jin-Ju (she is the only person who is kept in dark and now she has no idea how Sun-Ah is). Yo-Han then suddenly accepts to act in the advertisement with something in his mind.

Yo-Han stops sun-ah’s car when she leaves and warns her that she would be facing consequences for interfering in his plan. Sun-ah gets upset and asks him to be more kind to her and then suddenly cheerfully says goodbye and leaves.

That day at Yo-Han’s home, Ga-on and Yo-Han discuss how sun-ah is using them for their promotion and it looks like some kind of joke. Ga-on asks Yo-Han if he knows sun-ah already. Yo-Han says the nanny would have told him about the girl who jumped from the 2nd floor.

Ga-on totally shocked says that he played with someone’s feelings. Yo-Han laughs and marvels how Ga-on is just like his brother believing whatever they see.

Yo-Han flashes back when his brother advises him not to hurt innocent people. Issac says after what happened in school and the maid girl, he can’t imagine what their father would do. He makes Yo-Han promise that he will never hurt innocent people and gives him his mother’s Christ pendent.

At present, Yo-Han emotionally looks at the pendant and laughs then says Issac never understood until he died that there is no innocent person in this world.

At the president’s press conference, the reporters ask the president about the foundation embezzlement allegations. President Heo answer that the team is working on it and asks the reporter to stay patient.

Then a woman reporter asks about Jungchan creating a public nuisance and mob violence. Suddenly the president is offended ( why does the president want to protect someone like Jungchan ) and humiliates the reporter in front of everyone but the reporter smiles constantly and annoys him more.

Minister cha after seeing the interview on tv, angrily questions how can a clown like him be the president. And says it was a mistake to choose him as a president from the start. She flashes back to the time of the last election.

President Heo is as usual dramatically practicing a speech in front of foundation leads and speaks of his “new safe Korea plan” and claims he is a middle-class person so he would fight the rich and fight corruption. As he finishes the speech Mr.Seo encourages him to be just like this and assures him that he will win.

Behind President Heo’s back, everyone makes fun and worry about how a joker like him can be a president and the most annoyed one among them is Minister Cha who was a valid presidential candidate.

Mr. Seo explains that at this tough time they need a joker like Heo who could take all the blame if anything goes wrong and asks Minister Cha to control Heo from behind which would be enough for her.

Minister cha angrily thinks how Mr.Seo brainwashed her at that time and confirms it was the secretary (sun-ah) who was behind all these and not Mr.Seo.

The next day the promotion shooting supporting the president starts and as soon as Sun-ah enters she goes to Ga-on to correct his makeup with her spit for which Ga-on freaks out. She then checks him and leaves saying perfectly.

Next, she goes to Yo-Han and he warns him not to go too far.
In the middle of the shooting Yo-Han gets a call from his informant that he has prepared the background report on Sun-ah which Minister Cha is looking for. Yo-Han asks him to add one more point that Sun-ah worked as a maid at his home.

That day Minister Cha looks at the report, smirks at the information, and says sun-ah is interesting.

At Yo-Han’s place, Ga-on is looking at Jungchan Tv on youtube where a group of thugs beats up innocent people and shout out “we are the power.”. Elijah disgust at the video and asks Ga-on why is he watching such a video.

Ga-on says nearly 7 copy cat attacks happened the previous day and that day video of soo-Hyun pointing the gun at Juk Chang is uploaded and edited as if he is the victim and she is misusing her power.
Elijah is annoyed seeing him acting victim and says she can help Ga-on whenever needed.

The nanny comes now and offers to cook for Ga-on and Elijah escapes from there saying she doesn’t like Korean food. As she leaves Elijah wonders if Ga-on would be ok.

The thing is that the nanny cooks horribly and Ga-on understands it only after eating it. He is not able to say it out as the nanny says she cooked for him because she is thankful for him. She says Nowadays Elijah is actively starting the conversation and offers help. Ga-on learns from the nanny that Yo-Han used to eat without complaining but he suddenly asked her not to cook. ( Poor clueless nanny she should have tried her food. Until now she thinks Yo-Han is not eating her food because he is suspecting her.)

Ga-on then goes to Elijah’s room and asks why she didn’t warn her. Elijah explains that how can she warn if the nanny is genuinely preparing with all the possible healthy ingredients.

Yo-Han is in his car with his informant and enquires him about whether he gave the information to minister Cha and that Minister Cha would be hunting information on other members of the foundation now.

At this time Elijah calls him and asks him to come as soon as possible. She says Ga-on won’t allow her to eat the food until Yo-Han comes. Yo-Han smiles and cancels all the plans for that night and reaches home.
And it was so heartwarming to see them carefreely having dinner together.

The next day, Yo-Han makes the next move to catch Doh Young Choon and the people behind it(Minister Cha.).

Yo-Han, Lawyer Ko, Ga-on, and Yo-Han’s informant have a meeting. Ga-on asks Yo-Han if he has evidence to prove Minister Cha is behind hiding Young-Choon. Yo-Han answers No but puts out a plan that they can use lawyer Ko and find a person who could help them.

Lawyer Ko says that the only person who knows everything about Minister Cha is her secretary so they could get information from him only. Yo-Han’s informant comes forward to follow and get Minister Cha’s secretary and Ga-on comes up with a plan.

The plan is to buy the secretary with money. They kidnap the secretary and tie him in a secluded building. Ga-on enquires him about Doh Young Choon and says Young-Choon was responsible for the pyramid scheme due to which his parent was bankrupted and committed suicide.

The secretary frustrated asks him why he should answer him and says the next presidential candidate is Minister Cha and he has worked for her for years so he won’t betray her.

Ga-on puts 3 Gold bars in front of him and says those are pure Switzerland Gold with a value of 1.5 million… the secretary doesn’t speak a word. Ga-on then one by one adds two more bars but the secretary doesn’t change his mind.

Yo-Han enters now and straight forward takes away the gold bars one by one. The secretary freaks out now and when only two bars were left, he breaks down and holds the two bars and accepts to spill the beans.

Ga-on looks at Yo-Han dumbfounded and Yo-Han stares at him with the look “This is how it should be done!”. They get the address from the secretary and leave to meet Doh Young Choon.

At the car, Ga-on says to Yo-Han, he didn’t expect it to be so simple. Yo-Han replies, “It hurts to lose what you already have.”. Ga-on acts very frustrated to meet Young-Choon and Yo-Han says they are simply going to check on the information and plan the next move if the information that the secretary gave is true. And asks him not to have high expectations.

They reach a farmhouse and Ga-on finds Young-Choon doing some farming and smiling at his plants. Ga-on remembers how he smiled in front of the victims when he was taken to the court. The whole day Yo-Han and Ga-on watch Young-Choon and his family. They live a happy and peaceful life.

At the night Young-Choon even does some wood carving and spending his time peacefully. Ga-on loses his cool now and attempts to go into the garage to attack Young-Choon. Yo-Han stops him right at the moment and explains to him this does not only involves him. Young-Choon is bait to catch Minister Cha since many are affected by her. Even his informant’s father committed suicide because he was wrongly accused of bribery by Minister Cha. Yo-Han finally convinces him saying he can’t face Soo-Hyun if his hands were bloodied.

The next day Ga-on takes his day off to meet Soo-Hyun outside her police station. Soo-Hyun is taken aback seeing him at that time. They both then go to a lake to spend some time.

Ga-on subtly asks Soo-Hyun what would she do if he does something wrong. Soo-Hyun says she would arrest him and no judge can commit a crime. She asks him if he is drunk why is he asking such questions. He manages to say he just wanted to ask something weird.

That day night Ga-on goes to Young-Choon’s farmhouse and finds him at his garage carving some wooden statues. Ga-on asks him he is atoning for his sins and says because of him many people died so he can’t atone.

Young-Choon falls on his knees and says he has no money left as everything was taken from him by minister Cha. He then says he is waiting for the day to die. Ga-on then pushes him on the desk and strangles him to die. At this time his family comes and tries to save him.

Ga-on gets moved by his daughter asking to kill her instead of her dad. Ga-on then leaves him frustratedly and yells that how can Young-Choon become human and he needs to be a devil.

Yo-Han enters now and drags Ga-on and Young-Choon outside the garage. Yo-Han then locks up his family inside the garage. Outside the garage, there is a pit dug recently and a huge sum of money stacked near it.

Young-Choon freaks out seeing his money lying there exposed. Yo-Han asks Ga-on to hold Young-Choon and then takes a can of kerosene and pours it on money and the garage. He then first puts fire on the garage followed by the money. As soon as Ga-on sees the fire increase he tries to save Young-Choon’s family but Yo-Han stops him to look at Young-Choon.

Young-Choon maniacally shouts “my money! My money! ” and tries to save all of it and totally ignores his family. Ga-on watches him dumbfoundedly and then again tries to help his family.

By this time Yo-Han’s informant brings Young-Choon’s family from some other way and Young-Choon finds the money that is burning is all fake. Young-Choon’s wife and daughter stand stupified seeing him desperately trying to save the money instead of them. Yo-Han then tells Ga-on then Young-Choon ‘s family didn’t know the money existed. Young-Choon’s wife slaps him in the face and leaves with her daughter.

Yo-Han gives him a chisel and asks him to take his revenge now. Ga-on looks at the chisel and thinks of the day he stood in front of the court with the knife in his hand. Young-Choon begs him for life and says he was wrong. Young-Choon even shows his fake money and offers Ga-on the money desperately.

The next second he throws the knife away and says to Yo-Han that Young-Choon is their final bait to catch Minister Cha let’s not waste him. Young-Choon laughs like a madman realizing he is safe.

They capture Young-Choon and before leaving Ga-on asks where the real money is. Yo-Han says it is safe in the place where Young-Choon kept it. Ga-on gasps and says so Yo-Han pranked him.

Yo-Han says,”I told you. Humans lose their minds when they think they lost what they had.”.

The next day, Ga-on keeps a gift (the money they retrieved from Young-Choon wrapped) with a card saying – “To the victims of Doh Young-Choon’s scam” and knocks at the door. Ga-on has this sense of fulfillment after each victim feeling emotional after their money returns.

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