Recaps: The Devil Judge episode 10

The episode starts with Yo-han building a card house. Go-an goes to him and asks why he is building that and Yo-han says he doesn’t know anything else to do with the cards. Go-an asks if he doesn’t play cards. Yo-han asks with who and Go-an replies with family and pauses there again says friends😂 and stops there and says he said something he shouldn’t have again. Yo-han says he doesn’t like to interact with people.

Go-an thanks him for catching Doh Young Choon. Yo-han smiles and says they are on the 2nd floor of their plan and says he is not sure how many more floors they need to go. And asks about Juk Chang. Go-an says Juk Chang started doing these after the president’s speech in his live video where he says young people should be the authority and should not depend on the police. They both watch episode 86 of the President’s show. In the show, President promotes Mr Seo’s book where the book talks about how foreigners are the problem in Korea. He also shows the video editor -Juk. Ga-on says the video editor is someone who helps presidential campaigns also. Yo-han finally asks if they should put him on the trail. Ga-on says they should as they are destroying Korea as the President’s soldiers.

On the other side, Sun-ah, Chairman Yong-Shik, Chairman Park, President sits and talks about how Yo-han wasted their time. Sun-ah says she will hold him back well. President then says he is preparing himself as many people like police, prosecutors can stab him in the back.

An office full of people works on recordings and stuff and Minister Cha enters there to enquire about Sun-ah ( she has these many people to dig information on people. No wonder Yo-han is targeting her. )

Her assistant informs him that many attacks are going on and people are asking why the Minister of Justice isn’t doing anything. Minister Cha asks if someone died or something and tells him that she is the next presidential candidate. President Heo may think that they (Juk and his people) are gonna support him. Minister Cha then says, when they get out of control and kill someone, then she will take the situation into her control. She asks to dig into Sun-ah as Mr Seo’s death is suspicious as well. Minister Cha also asks about Doh Young Choon and her assistant hesitates and tells her he is checking on him regularly.

In the court, Jin Joo participates in an interview where the interviewer flatters her. Ga-on watches them with a smile from the corner of the room. Jin Joo proudly shows the letters of their supporters pinned on a billboard next to her and says they give her strength. After the interview, Ga-on shows the videos of Juk to Jin Joo. Jin Joo agrees to have him as a defendant in their next trial.

At Yo-han’s place, Ga-on tells him that Jin Joo agreed but there is a problem that he won’t get arrested as police are supporting him. Yo-han says they will use Minister Cha. He leaked the information about Juk through Lawyer ko. And tells him that they need an officer and that would be Soo-Hyun. Ga-on tells him that he will never involve her but Yo-han says with the Chief, she is already on the move.

Ga-on watches Juk videos and Eli comes to see him. Ga-on says he is going to get him but JukChang is undercover now doing broadcasting on his own. Eli offers to help him. Ga-on wonders whether she will be able to do it. But Eli picks the laptop and says it won’t be that easy and starts working. Soo-Hyun calls Ga-on (he goes out to talk to her) to ask why isn’t he home lately. Ga says he is busy and asks if she is ok as Juk uploaded her video. Soo-Hyun says she had to hand over her gun because of that and she seems to be determined to catch him soon, she is also upset that higher-ups are not helping her.

He then comes in and asks Eli if she is on it. She says she is playing games and asks him if he thinks that hackers tap on their keyboards for a while to hack things. He smiles and Eli says there is a program running in the background and it may take a day, a week, or even longer. He then thanks her and Eli smile brightly at him.

She suddenly gasps at the laptop screen and says she didn’t think that Juk will fall for that so easily. She sends a link in the comment section which says it is about female singers and Juk happens to click it and fell right to the pit. She tracks down his location and Ga-on calls Soo-Hyun and tells her they need to do a proper investigation. Soo-Hyun says the higher-ups won’t help her and demands the location. Ga-on hesitates.

Minister Cha digs into Sun-ah’s past and looks for solid evidence that she killed Mr Seo. Her assistant comes to her and says the foundation subsided her funds and there won’t be enough funds to run that secret organisation. Minister Cha gets furious and goes straight to Sun-ah.

She asks why the subsidies were cut off. Sun-ah tells her that many other organizations need to be funded. Minister Cha tries to provoke Sun-an saying she should be in grief given that she worked for Mr. Seo so many years and she can smell blood from her. Sun-ah shuts her saying she should come up with solid evidence and makes her leave. Sun-ah also says when Minister Cha is about to leave the room that she should switch to a small official car because of the fuel bill. Minister Cha says she is crazy before leaving.

She then goes to her organization and tells her assistant that she needs to meet Yo-han as Sun-ah was a maid at his home. (It is going as per Yo-han’s plan. He is really something)

Ga-on goes with Soo-Hyun to Juk’s location. Soo-Hyun asks him why he is here and asks if he is worried. He says he is worried about Juk😂 because Soo-Hyun may even beat him half to death. The place is closed with a power shutter and Soo-Hyun goes to look for another entrance. Ga-on gets a call from Eli and she asks for pictures of the location.

Eli manages to open the shutter with her hacking skills which leave both Soo-Hyun and Ga-on speechless. Eli asks them to be careful.

After hanging up, Eli smiles at them and says how ordinary they are! Hacking?  and thinks of what she did. What she did is – She looks into the pictures Ga-on sent from the location and finds out the security is KU security and also finds out there are maths, English Academy in the building so she switches off the lights in her room and video calls KU security and tells them that she is stuck there. She, with an innocent look and teary eyes, says she stayed in the Academy to study and now she is stuck there. KU security officer agrees to open the shutter and that’s how the shutter opened😂. (She never fails to remind us that Yo-han and she share the same blood. She knows how the world works and how to make it work.)

Ga-on and Soo-Hyun find Juk in one of the rooms in the building. They catch them, but on their way out, a bunch of thugs come to rescue Juk. They both try to run off with Juk but the thugs catch them and start beating Ga-on and Soo-Hyun. At this point, Yo-han with all swag enters with a black mask and black hoodie and helps Ga-on and Soo-Hyun. Ga-on and Yo-han fight the thugs while Soo-Hyun runs after Juk who runs away and with a kick in his face he gets caught.

Yo-han goes to Minister Cha’s secret organisation. Minister Cha asks how he found that place. Yo-han says he is interested in youth, law and education. Minister asks him to cut the crap and come to the point. She asks about Sun-ah being a maid. Yo-han acts like he doesn’t know anything. Minister says she understands nothing comes without a price (now why am I talking like Hee-ra😂from The Witch’s Diner. Anyways, moving on) Yo-han says she should help him to put Juk on the trial. Cha agrees in the end and Yo-han gives her the Autopsy report.

Yo-han successfully convinces Chief Judge to take up Juk’s case. Ga-on says he will set this up as he knows well about people like Juk. Yo-han agrees and smiles to himself.

The President calls a press conference and says he will look Into this case closely as it is absurd that a young patriotic man got arrested. This pisses off Chief Judge as he was not expecting that. (Well played Yo-han, again).

Juk’s lawyer is Lawyer Ko😂(nice..). Juk blabber about how he can’t be treated as a normal criminal. The lawyer listens to him and promises that he will take him out on probation.

Go-on goes to his home to pamper his plants. Soo-Hyun comes to visit and says he is been acting weird, he went to her office unannounced and asked what she will do if he did something bad and Yo-han, out of nowhere came to rescue them when they were chasing Juk. She asks him if he is up to anything bad and also says she is kind of feeling weird as he is hanging out with a rich guy as if he went to a different world. Ga-on says he is not a rich guy but a very poor guy. He says he has sweet memories with his parents, he has home and stops while starring at Soo-Hyun(ofc, everyone knows he has a solid friend/more than a friend) and ends it by saying he has a fan club who supports him. Both smiles and Soo-Hyun leaves. After she leaves, Ga-on says “I have you, Soo-Hyun” ( this scene is kind of giving me an odd feeling. I just hope nothing happens to either our Super lady or Ga-on).

Sun-ah barges into Yo-han’s office and asks him why he chose the high profile case again. Yo-han says why the Juk case is high profile one as he is neither celebrity nor politician. Sun-ah says Juk works for the president. Yo-han says he didn’t know and says Juk attacked his niece. Sun-ah says it is still not ok as she will be in a difficult situation and in turn he will also be in a difficult situation. Yo-han says he will think about it and asks her not to barge in like this again. She asks him to invite her for some time and asks if his house is still beautiful. Yo-han asks if she misses her days of being a maid. This triggers Sun-ah and she asks not to insult her like that again and leaves.

The trial day. Juk’s followers come to cheer him on like he is some god. The trial happens closed doors as the excessive enthusiasm of Juk’s followers may lead to an accident. The trial starts and Yo-han officially announces the case.

Juk tries to be a hero and says he will read out his Declaration of National Salvation. In short, he says foreigners should be eliminated, he will save Korean, and so on. He also mentions that Korean women are taken away by foreigners. Jin Joo says women also have rights. Juk crosses the line and Jin Joo curses him and apologizes for the language. This triggers Juk and he asks her to come down. Ga-on asks him to calm down and goes down to him.

Ga-on says there are some files sent by his lawyers to appeal probation. Ga-on shows Juk’s Grandma talking about him and his Grandfather reveals that Juk stole money from Grandma and was always attention-seeking. Also, they play a video of Juk’s school teacher where he says Juk is not a bad kid, he always used to copy bullies and he is not that great to do revolutions, so they should punish him less. This embarrasses Juk to the core and his followers who were supporting him start cursing him for being a copycat.

Ga-on starts asking for the money and says if he had done something illegal then he has to endure a life sentence or death penalty. The lawyer tries to save him and plays another video where a content writer says she continuously received money from Juk to write about him and she is disgusted with it.

Juk is ruined for his life now. He starts crying. Yo-han announces the judgment as probation but he has to carry an electrical anklet with him with which anyone can see his location in the Duke app.

The President pisses off on the fact that Yo-han ruined all his effort. He arranges another press conference to say that people like Juk should be punished and questions his nationality itself.

Some bullies find Juk and beat him just like he did in the past and upload a video. Ga-on watches them and worries maybe they have created another monster. Yo-han says a monster cannot be created, that is something that comes off from the true self of a person with a situation.

Sun-ah who is pissed because Yo-han played her (he said he will think about the Juk case but he clearly didn’t), does her exercises at her home and Minister Cha barges in commenting how concentrated Sun-ah is. Sun-ah is taken aback to see her come in. Cha asks her not to act out of her character. Cha triggers Sun-ah saying she knows where she came from and all about her past (especially her being a maid). This pisses off Sun-ah to another level. She calls Jae Hee to look into it and swears to kills Yo-han.

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  1. this story is very good and the story is going interesting and i can not guess what will happen next..

  2. Eli is the intelligent, while opening the shutter, i thought she is the biggest hacker🤩🤩. but she cheated me😦😦..

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