Recaps: The Devil Judge episode 11

Minister Cha insults Sun-ah that she is a low life who worked as a maid at Yo-Han’s home. This rubs Sun-ah in a wrong way and she calls Jae-Hee immediately and asks to look into whether Yo-Han leaked the information to Minister Cha.

Jae-Hee asks her so many questions about how can both work together they don’t get well together. Sun-ah shouts at her to just look into the issue. Sun-ah with the bloodshot eyes says, ” I will kill you. Kang Yo-Han I will tear you to shreads”.

Yo-Han is keenly making towers using card stacks. Ga-on is at Yo-Han’s home office and asks isn’t it enough for them to use Doh Young-choon to catch Minister Cha. Involving with others is too risky.

Yo-Han explains to him that he has to make the people in foundation against each other at the risk of the knife turning to his face. Dividing them is the easiest way to make them fall. Yo-Han then says Fortunately for them, everyone has their sore point. Anyone for that case.

Jae-Hee informs sun-ah that Minister Cha and Yo-Han are not working together so information might not be from him. Sun-ah says, “Kang yo-Han would put a knife in her hand and make her stab me. And thinks he after something. “. At this time she gets a call from Minister Cha.

Sun-ah visits Minister Cha’s office. Minister Cha shows her the report she collected of Sun-ah’s mom’s unnatural death. She puts out the fact that Sun-ah was the only witness and even the CCTV camera at that time was not working. The police believe the innocent girl’s statement that her mom was drunk though her mom’s body doesn’t show any presence of alcohol. The only way she could have fallen is if someone pushed her from behind.

Sun-ah says there is no record of such things. And Minister Cha says, “You still don’t understand, do you? The thing about truth is that I make it up.All I need a source that can lite up people’s imagination.”.

Sun-ah answers that Minister Cha is good at Fabricating evidence and pressing charges and asks what she wants.

Minister Cha asks her to catch Yo-Han and clear the charges on her son. She gives Sun-ah 1 week to do that and says since Sun-ah is from a dirty swamp she can do anything to survive.

Yo-Han goes to his usual saloon for a shave. He relaxes and suddenly hears Sun-Ha’s voice. He opens his eyes and finds the hairdresser fainted on the floor and Sun-ah is shaving his face. She asks him why he leaked her information to Minister Cha. Yo-Han says because he needs her to catch Minister Cha. Sun-ah comments that he put her in big trouble just because he needs her and asks what if she kills him here with the knife. Yo-Han doesn’t make a move and says it’s your choice now. Sun-ah leaves frustratedly.

As she leaves Yo-Han asks her to visit his home, Since it has been too long. As she enters his home she roams around all the places and remembers her young self sneaking a look at Yo-Han or serving him.

She is stopped by Yo-Han and Ga-on comes now and invites her for dinner. They all sit for dinner and Sun-ah comments that Ga-on has so many talents as he made such a big feast. Sun-ah then says to Yo-Han, “ I guess you don’t feel lonely anymore . Iam envious ”. Elijah asks Yo-Han that this is the first time he has brought a woman to their home and asks if they are together.

Sun-ah is obviously flattered and Ga-on clarifies that she is working at the supreme court for trial and helps Yo-Han at the office. Yo-Han then asks everyone for a toast and says one more member has to join. The nanny comes now and Yo-Han gives a toast saying, “To Ms. Jung Sun-Ah who has returned home after all these years”.

The nanny is totally surprised hearing her name and asks if it is really sun-ah. Sun-Ah is shocked and awkward in front of the nanny. Yo-Han and Sun-Ah talk privately now. Sun-ah asks If he is playing with her.

Yo-Han says it’s fun to play and says “You’re smart, ruthless, and as broken as I am. That ‘s pretty rare.”. Yo-Han then gives her the christ pendant and assures her that she is part of this home now.

At Sun-ah’s home, Jae exclaims how evidently Yo-Han is trying to fool sun-Ah. Sun-ah says she totally gets he is trying to use her but he doesn’t even try to hide it and she wants to fall for it at least for a short while.

At the supreme court, Jin-Jo gets a call from Chairman Park for a meeting. Jin-Jo hides that when Ga-on enquires about the call.

When she reaches the meeting in the large hall. Chairman park and Chairman Yong-Shik asks her to sit in a chair that is far away from them. Mr. Park says they saw the advertisement of the three judges and she did a good job in that. They ask her to join them and serve the nation and asks her why she punished a businessman who used his office money for himself when she worked as a judge outside Seoul. They question her if she has some anti-corruption sentiment.

Jin Joo immediately reasons that they won’t be interviewing her for modeling but presiding Judge and asks whether even Yo-Han had to go through the process. They both hilariously laugh at her question and say even the chief justice of their court had to go through the process.

Jin Jo is triggered and she gets up to leave. At that moment she thinks of something and changes her mind. She drags the chair close to the desk and says that is the right distance to talk about things and asks them to clear the doubts they have about her.

At Yo-Han’s house, Ga-on and Elijah are playing Jenga and She totally enjoys it. Yo-Han finds them playing and ignores Ga-on when he invites him to play. Elijah says he won’t play games of this sort.

when Ga-on comes to his room to ask, Yo-Han replies he simply passed by. Ga-on thinks of how the father of church told him about young Yo-Han used to watch the other children play and imitate them. The father then says it was chilling to see that. Ga-on asks the father- was it not because Yo-Han wanted to play with them as he was lonely.

This time Ga-on forces Yo-Han to play Jenga with Elijah saying he doesn’t spend time with her. Interestingly they both get well together while playing and play for hours. Ga-on and the maid agonize to make him play in the first place.

Ga-on and Soo-Hyun have lunch together and Soo-Hyun asks if he has some terminal illness as recently he asked her to meet up often and simply says he missed her. They both laugh when Ga-on clarifies that he is not terminally ill. Ga-on then thinks to himself that he would tell her once everything is over.

At Minister Cha’s office, Sun-Ah comes up with the idea of claiming the first victim of Minister Cha’s son’s case as fake. Sun-Ah says there were so many victims on that day but if they say the first one to start the witness was fake it won’t look good. Minister Cha accepts it is a good idea and asks what’s their first step.

Sun-Ah brings the actress who was the first victim on the trial and the actress pleads with them to help her mom as she is very ill and says she would do anything for it. Sun-Ah explains to Minister Cha that she can give the people a trial on tv that Min-Young’s trial had an ill play and Yo-Han won’t be left with time to react in front of the nation.

Minister Cha immediately announces a press conference and asks for a public trial on Kang Yo-Han. She also says it would look like she is doing all this for her son but it is not the case and announces to reveal the truth on the trial day.

So the trial happens and Minister Cha questions Yo-Han that he has a large amount of wealth and asks if he paid Jung Ki-young. Yo-Han says he already explained all that. Minister Cha then claims that in the next case itself he bought another victim and brings forward the actress.

The actress comes forward and says she was forced to testify against Lee Min- Young. As she finishes the statement, she accuses Minister Cha of forcing her to give such a statement against Yo-Han and threatened her to put her in jail in a smuggling case if she won’t do as Cha says.

Minister Cha is in total shock and looks at Sun-Ah and thinks of how she tricked her into this. Minister Cha then screams that she was framed and this is a conspiracy. Yo-Han shouts that she was the one who brought the lady there.

Ga-on takes the lady out of the office and the PD asks if it would be ok they have attacked the Minister. The PD was not informed of these things. Ga-on asks him not to worry.

Yo-Han now questions Minister Cha in the trial that if she knew Doh Young-Choon the conman who was sentenced to 17 years of prison and asks if he is still in prison. Minister Cha answers that he must be in prison.

Doh Young-Choon enters into the trial now and says that he paid a large sum to minister Cha to get out of prison and the person inside the prison is not him. Minister Cha infuriated says how can Yo-Han make some conman testify against her. She says it’s a political assassination and leaves the trial saying she will arrange for the prosecution to dig into the truth.

As soon as she gets into the car, She asks her assistant to arrange for a private meeting with Yo-Han and also arrange for a pistol for self-defense. She then calls Sun-Ah and questions how she could backstab her and warns her of consequences.

Sun-Ah asks her who would believe her now and says she should have acted nice to a mere secretary.

Ga-on safely drops the actress into the car. Soo-Hyun calls him now and excitedly tells how Yo-Han caught Doo Young-Choon. She asks Ga-on how Yo-Han did it. Ga-on asks her to stop thinking of how Yo-Ha did it as everything is over. Soo-Hyun then says she will definitely make sure to get justice from Minister Cha.

At minister Cha’s office, her secretary gives the pistol that she asked for and informs her that a police officer(Soo-Hyun) is constantly asking to meet her. She puts just one bullet into the pistol and meets up with Yo-Han under a secluded bridge.

Yo-Han comments that this place is so secluded and it’s pouring too, so nobody would know if someone was killed here. Minister Cha asks him what is that he wants from her. She justifies that 10 years before she was also a victim of the fire and in the case of suicide case of the businessman, she was ordered to do so. All the things she did were struggling to survive.

Yo-Han comments he hates to hear the self-pity of the powerful and it makes him sick. Minister Cha asks him if he thinks a mere surprise trial would make her fall down. Yo-Han says she can dodge a single arrow but not many arrows coming together. He asks her to hand over the data she collected on President Heo if she wants to get away with this. Minister Cha holds her pistol tightly hidden in her pocket and asks him to do whatever he wants and he should know his place. Yo-Han leaves asking her to call if she changes her mind. Minister Cha loses her cool and shouts in the rain alone.

When minister Cha goes to her home, Her husband and son ask her what they are going to do and say they know how hard she worked to get into the position. She asks them never to be weak else they would become the victim and says she will fight till the end. (This atmosphere feels so uneasy for me.).

Ga-on, Yo-Han, and his informant meet up. Yo-Han says, “We must keep pushing her. To achieve her ambition she’d even betray her own child. She won’t give up so easily.”.

Ga-on says it was good to go through Old investigation files of minister Cha and Yo-Han’s informant visiting every single victim. Yo-Han asks them not to relax now and enquires about Testimony from the prison ward. The informant says the prison ward would give a statement and Minister cha’s secretary had made arrangements for them to go inside the prison without a problem.

Yo-Han says Eventually Minister cha would go down
and at that time they should reach out to her and Make her beg for help.

When minister Cha goes to her office she is surrounded by many reporters questioning her about Doh Young-Choon’s case. She announces that the truth will be found out by the prosecution. She notices that most of the reporters are from Chairman Park’s company and shout at him for that at a call, but Chairman park laughs it off.

At that time, Minister Cha sees the news of Warden of southern Gyeonggi prison claiming that she threatened her to switch places of Doh young-Choon with someone else and he was innocent and did it only because she threatened him. Minister Cha exclaims how the prison guard said he would do anything as long as he gets promoted.

At this time she gets a call from the Chief of the central prosecutor office. The officer asks her to come to the prosecutor’s office as 12 suits have been filed against her for reasons like abuse of power, blackmailing, etc…
She shouts at the officer reminding him she was the one who has put him in his position. He says he is not in a position to cover up what happened. Frustrated Minister Cha asks her secretary to arrange for the car and says they are going to the blue house. (She is being pushed to the corner by everybody it looks like she is getting suffocated by the weight of the things.)

In the blue house, the President talks in a way to irritate her. He asks her how this all happened as in 2 years she is set out to be the president. He then says how his wife and he are really careful with the furniture so they wouldn’t have any scratches on them.

Minister Cha straightly gets to the point and says she has the information of slush funds from the last election and the reason why the gwanghwamun demonstration turned into a riot.

President Heo calls his wife and they blackmail Minister Cha to put her son in jail for abusing drugs. They blackmail that her son uses all sorts of drugs so they would do whatever is needed as per the law and he would feel worst as already he was been flogged because of his mom.

Minister Cha at her car notices that someone else is driving her car instead of her secretary. The person says he works under Yo-Han as his assistant. He then says it’s her last chance and asks her to decide now as Yo-Han is the only one who could stop all these.

She asks him if she knows him. The informant says his father was the assemblyman who she falsely accused of bribery and he committed suicide. He says he was in middle school then. Minister Cha says so he had a boy.

At her office, Yo-Han and Ga-on enter and they say this was the time she would want to meet them. Ga-on says because of Doh Young-Choon he lost his parents and says he doesn’t want any apology or remorse from her but wants her help to catch bigger criminals.

Minister Cha laughs and comments that they want her to be a whistleblower. Yo-Han says she doesn’t have any other choice.

She takes out a cigarette and says she has these when she wants to think and asks them to give her some time. They leave. Soo-Hyun comes to the Minister’s office the same night in order to inquire about Minister Cha’s involvement in Doh Young-Choon’s case.

Minister Cha has half of her cigarette and crushes it. She shoots herself in front of her table with her family photo in her hand. The last thing she thinks of is her son crying on her lap.

Yo-Han and Ga-on hear the gunshot and they rush to her office. They find Minister Cha lying in front of her table covered in blood.

And I found it very disappointing and disturbing when the first thing Ga-on did was search in her pocket if she has the files with her. (as Yo-Han said no one is innocent in this world.).

At this time they hear a voice, “Raise your hand and step back.”. Soo-Hyun is standing there pointing her gun at them.

She is shocked to find Yo-Han and Ga-on there. And the episode comes to end here.

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