Recaps: The Devil Judge episode 13

The episode starts with Yo-Han’s informant begging Yo-Han not to come up, as yo-Han with a gunshot tries his best to save his informant. As soon as he reaches the top Sun-Ah presses the button and Yo-Han’s informant crashes down from the second floor.

Infuriated Yo-Han says, “I will kill you in a lonely miserable way. In a way that suits you perfectly.”. Sun-Ah asks if his wound hurts and says now he has to save Ga-on and shows him the video of Ga-on running in the Hyungsan-dom slum riot. She then says she wants him dead lonely and She leaves with Jae Hee.

Yo-Han first calls Soo-Hyun and says Ga-on is in danger in Hyungsan-dom slum and asks her to save him. He reaches the ground floor and pats his informant’s head and says, “Your life really blows. just as much as mine. It was almost over. You just had to live your own life.”.

Without any strength left he lies down near his informant and tries to call Elijah but her phone stays unreachable. Yo-Han and his informant lie there for someone to come and rescue them.

In Hyungsan-dom slum, Ga-on helps a mom and her children and notices a group of thugs with JukChang chase him. Ga-on runs away from them and at the right time, Soo-Hyun comes to his rescue with a car. Ga-on hops into the car and they get away from them.

Ga-on says he went there because he got an odd call that Professor Min was there. Soo-Hyun says she talked to the professor that morning and he is safe in the hospital. Ga-on asks her how she knew he was there. Soo-Hyun hides the fact that Yo-Han told her and says she heard it from police radio.

At the same time, all of Yo-Han’s accomplices are attacked. The police Chief, Lawyer Ko and the actress are attacked. The police Chief and lawyer Ko manage to get away from the attackers but the actress is abducted and they take her to the dream home village.

Seoul is filled with a video of Jin-Jo announcing that a plague virus is reemerged in the Hyungsan-dom slum and asks everyone to evacuate the place immediately.

Yo-Han dreams of his informant asking him to wake up. Yo-Han wakes up and finds Lawyer Ko and the police chief doing first aid to him. Lawyer Ko says all his accomplices were attacked so he checked on Yo-Han’s location.

Yo-Han turns and finds his informant still lying there. The officer informs yo-Han that Han Soo-Hyun(the actress) is missing. Yo-Han asks them to find her.

He calls Elijah again and this time she picks up the call and says she was sleeping that’s why she didn’t attend the call. Yo-Han asks her to stay safe in her room and not to open the door to anyone.

Yo-Han reaches the home and finds Elijah talking to Sun-Ah. He hides his wound and sits at the dining table with them. Jae-Hee points him to the gun she has hidden in her pocket. Elijah is kept in dark of all these matters and Sun-Ah acts as if she wants to become friends with Elijah.

As Sun-ah leaves, Yo-Han feels at ease and Elijah notices that Yo-Han is bleeding in his stomach and asks him if it is blood fearfully. Yo-Han hugs her and says he is okay.

At Ga-on’s home, Soo-Hyun is aiding to his wound and Ga-on apologizes to her saying she is put in this situation of Minister Cha’s death case because of him. He continues that from childhood he had been a nuisance to her and she doesn’t deserve him. Soo-Hyun asks him not to apologize and just asks him to be not in any danger and she can’t stand to see him in danger. she just wants him to be safe and doesn’t care what is right or wrong or what the world is into.

Ga-on pulls her close and kisses her. The atmosphere between them becomes awkward. Soo-Hyun comes to her senses and not knowing what to do she gets up and leaves saying she has to go now and help in controlling the situation.

At the foundation meeting place, the president asks Soo-Hyun if she has taken care of Yo-Han’s accomplice and Sun-Ah answers most of them are put in the emergency evacuation to the dream house village.

Jin-Joo enters now everybody applauds her for the emergency broadcast. It seems Jin-Joo really believes there is a plague and she offers to get into the field and help evacuate people. The foundation members ask her to leave it to professionals. Sun-Ah asks her to get ready to become the presiding judge. President Heo says they should arrange for a drink sometime.

Yo-Han is treated by a doctor at his home. Elijah caringly asks if he is alright. Yo-Han answers, “It’s no big deal. Don’t worry. I’ll stay healthy until you can stand on your feet and kill me.”. (Ha-ha)

Elijah leaves angrily saying she is not worried about him. Yo-Han calls lawyer Ko now and asks if everyone else is safe. Lawyer Ko informs him that others are taken away by the foundation with an excuse of evacuation and they are doing whatever they want.

At this moment, Yo-Han sees the president emergency meeting on TV. The president announces that a new variant of a virus is spreading and announces that the press should follow government instructions for the news and there would be a 10 pm curfew. He announces that anyone against the evacuation will be considered a murderer and will be given maximum punishment. (Now I feel that the country was never in any crisis and everything was falsely simulated by these rich politicians.).

Yo-Han thinks of his informant being killed and actress Han Soo-Hyun abducted by the foundation. Suddenly Yo-Han thinks of all the things that are happening. He thinks of words of President Heo sympathizing with him for the 10 years old fire accident. Ga-on asking him how would he fight if he cuts off people around him and warning all the people around him are powerful and high spirited. He remembers how professor Min said he is making the country lunatic and violent. Seeing President Heo promising the citizens that he will make the country overcome the crisis he decides to break his promise to his brother. He promised his brother that he will never hurt the innocent.

Jin-Joo is watching the news of the government evacuating the people of Hyungsan-dom slum to the dream house. Ga-on snatches the remote from her and switches off the TV and asks whether she went out and saw what is actually happening. He explains to her that he was beaten up by JukChang and his people in Hyungsan-dom slum. This whole virus thing is fake news otherwise why would a thug like him be working in the frontline. And we know Jin-Joo’s ears are closed now she says Ga-on’s mind is not working well and asks him to stop talking like that in crisis time and she asks him to stay calm and think about what to do.

Ga-on gets that she won’t listen and goes away without speaking another word. Ga-on then calls Yo-Han and asks whether he knows about the situation. Yo-Han asks whether Ga-on is well and cuts the call saying he will speak later.

Actually, Yo-Han visits the president’s office. Yo-Han asks President Heo to stop everything now itself else he warns him he would expose him in the live court. President Heo says he wouldn’t stop anything. President Heo says, “Those who created me are the same who created you, you punk. So people won’t listen to you.”. Yo-Han simply says he looks in good and goes.

Ji-Joo visits the Hyungsan-dom slum and finally understands the point of Ga-on after seeing people there getting beaten up by thugs and few people getting evacuated.

Soo-Hyun gets the call from the old lady to whom she went many days to collect information about the man who took care of the chapel. The lady says she heard that the man – Joseph was found in Seoul and gives all the information she knows.

That day Soo-Hyun visits Ga-on and the situation gets awkward when Ga-on speaks about the day they kissed. He says that the order has gone wrong and proposes to her. He proposes to her that when he was always afraid like, “What if things get awkward between us? Or will I ruin everything? What if we get together and then fight over nothing like others and breakup?”. He then says how foolish he was and just wants to like her forever. Soo-Hyun’s answer was a smile and a wide arm for a hug. They both hug each other. That night he watches her sleep peacefully.

At the foundation meeting, the president asks if really Yo-Han might have any information on him. Chairman Park says they have the control on the disease control, press, the prosecution, and the police so if they say a virus exists it exists and Yo-Han can’t prove anything against them. Sun-ah says they should get rid of Yo-Han if he has warned the president. Her plan is, First, they should get rid of the stage, and then when there is no stage he is nobody, so they can get rid of him.

The next day, Ga-on wakes up to the news of President Heo announcing that the live court will be disbanded and instead of it emergency court will be held to look after the cases like the disruption of pandemic assistance or relocation, the spreading of slander, and illegal gather and protests. He announces that Jin-Jo would be the chief Judge and associate judges will be selected later.

Ga-on asks Soo-Hyun that they should stop it at any cost and only Kang yo-Han is the one who can stop it. Soo-Hyun is not so fond of Yo-Han’s plan and she says she wants to first find out about Yo-Han and she is very near to her finding. Ga-on pleads her to first help in stoping the craziness and then find what Yo-Han is. Soo-Hyun remains silent.

Yo-Han at his office is speaking to Lawyer Ko on the phone. They make a plan on a secret broadcast and Lawyer Ko plans on getting all the people they have left for the plan. Ga-on comes now and asks Yo-Han to do something as everything is getting out of their hands.

On the other side, Jin-joo visits Chairman Park. Mr. Park says she has become Chief Judge now and he will see to it that one day she would become Chief of the supreme court. Jin-Joo asks him to do it properly. She says she can’t beat Yo-Han on his popularity and it would look like she stole the position of Yo-Han. So she asks that she should give a speech on the same location where Yo-Han gave his inauguration speech like “Iam power.” and also with Yo-Han and Ga-on behind her. (She has become too ambitious and I didn’t expect she would go this far).

She says she will persuade Yo-Han and tells Mr. Park it would give high TRP for his channels also. Now, this point gets Mr. Park’s attention and he says Ok for the plan.

PD of the show talks to his assistant that they won’t get any other show like the live court which was a grand success and nobody would watch emergency court for sure. Jin-Joo reaches the PD and they visit Yo-Han with the request of him coming to her inauguration.

Yo-Han says, “Iam so touched that I want to cry” on hearing her idea. Ga-on is clearly angry and asks her if she needs sidekicks. Jin-Joo says not to take it wrongly. Yo-Han accepts the show and asks the PD to make sure things look good and consider his position. (Yo-Han sure has something on his mind. Maybe he would use Jin-Joo in some way. I’m curious. let’s see.)

So the information that Soo-Hyun gets from the old lady is Old house, blue gate, and uphill of an area. Soo-Hyun has the photo of Jesoph and goes to the area and knocks at every blue gate to find if Joseph stays there. After so many houses she finds Joseph at a home and he tries to escape from her after knowing she is after him.

The PD and his camera crew follow Yo-Han’s car to the inauguration show of Jin-Joo. PD notices that the car is going in the wrong way and at that time Jin-Jo calls the PD and says they have time so they plan to have lunch.

The car stops at a slum location and the PD wonders why they didn’t stop at a restaurant. Jin-Joo apologizes to PD and she shows the Hyungsan-dom slum below them.

So it seems Jin-Joo decided to be on Yo-Han’s side and manipulates Mr. Park for the inauguration show from the moment she saw Hyungsan-dom slum situation. Earlier, The person who knocked on the door when Ga-on was begging Yo-Han to do something was Jin-Joo. She asks Yo-Han that she wants to join them and she saw how people are mistreated in the Hyungsan-dom slum. Yo-Han then says now it would look more natural since Jin-Joo is cooperating.

At the broadcasting station of MR. Park(Saram Media), Yo-Han has one of his men and he lets in Lawyer Ko and others into the studio. All Yo-Han’s men point the gun at the people working there and one person guards the door of the broadcasting station.

At the slum, The PD looks at Hyungsan-dom slum people and says now if he doesn’t shoot this, he is not fit to be in his job and immediately gathers all his cameramen to shoot. Before they start Yo-Han announces it’s time for the trial and Ga-on says, “It’s time to go on stage.”.

They wear white suits and masks and move to the overpass nearby. The police chief waits for them at the gate of the overpass and locks the gate after the PD and the judges go into the overpass.

The camera is set on and Yo-Han starts his trial. Yo-Han shows how the people in the Hyungsan-dom slum are beaten up in the name of evacuation and viruses and says the government is hiding the truth and committing state violence.

Every citizen who watches the TV gets utterly shocked on knowing that. People were convinced that people in the Hyungsan-dom slum were evacuated just for viruses and the outer world didn’t know the injustice happening there.

Yo-han asks every person in the country to give their judgment in the DIKE app. Yo-Han then says, “The government is covering your eyes. It’s time for you to open your eyes.”.President Heo is in total Haywire and screams at Chairman Park for broadcasting it and asks him to immediately stop it. President Heo then orders his bodyguards to ask Juk Chan to kill Yo-Han.

Juk Chan and his thugs come to the spot now and start throwing stones at the judges from below and also at the gate the police officer is attacked. Juk Chang gets infuriated after seeing Yo-Han who had put him in such a situation. And at the broadcasting station, the guards try to break into the station.

Ga-on is hit by one of the stones and after seeing him hurt in the news while driving Soo-Hyun rushes to the Hyungsan-dom slum. The day passes and though the entire attack is broadcasted on TV, Juk Chang and his men continue to attack the people.

In the evening, one of the stones hits Yo-Han, and an old man goes to Juk Chang and tries to beat him for attacking Yo-Han. Juk Chang pushes the man down and beats the man to death asking Yo-Han to come down. Ga-on and Jin-joo feel helpless and Yo-Han stops him shouting, “Kim choong sik!”.(Juk changes the real name).

The president at the blue house watches the entire broadcast and cries in anger to stop the broadcast by any means and even asks them to shut down the power of the entire city. They really at last shut down the power of the city. As if already Yo-Han knew this would happen, PD asks the cameraman to get ready and Yo-Han switches on the torch in his phone. Seeing him Ga-on, Jin-Joo, PD, and literally every person except the thugs switch on their torches. Yo-Han now shouts, “Darkness can’t beat the light.”.

After this, the entire area is light up by big lights, and the people who were until now beaten get some hope. The people surround the thugs and start to beat them up. Juk chang is dragged from their by president’s assistants to a safe place.

As everything gets over, the entire crew packs up to leave the place. Soo-Hyun comes now and runs towards Ga-on seeing him hurt. Ga-on notices a man with a gun behind her and by the time he warns her, she gets shot right at her chest.

The police chief runs after the gunman. Ga-on catches Soo-Hyun and he loses all his senses seeing her in such a state. Soo-Hyun seeing his wound on the forehead asks if he is hurt and says she told him not to get hurt. She asks him not to cry and says “Ga-on, I love You.” And dies at his arm.

Ga-on cries and begs for someone to help her. Jin-Joo cries in shock but Yo-Han does moves a muscle in his face.

It feels so evident that he is the one who killed Soo-Hyun. (Maybe I am wrong!) I really don’t want Soo-Hyun to die. This episode started and ended with a death. I am not sure how the story would go further and I am really curious what would happen next.

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