Recaps: The Devil Judge episode 15

This episode starts with Ga-on giving an emergency press report in the supreme court that the live court trials were all fake. Ga-on couldn’t speak another word hearing questions like what will happen to Yo-Han from the reporters. Professor Min completes the interview saying a committee will be formed to dig into what happened and if anything illegal is found then every verdict of the trial will be annulled.

Yo-Han watches the interview from the live courtroom and announces to the public that he will release his statement separately. Juk Chang feels completely overwhelmed realizing that he is alive. He weeps so hard on the stage when Yo-Han asks the guards to release him.

President Heo, Chairman Park, and Chairman Shik discuss how messed up Yo-Han’s situation is. Chairman Park marvels at how it was never the plan of President Heo to save Juk Chang. (I have a vibe that president Heo is going to get backstabbed by the other two.)

Ga-on then goes to his office and apologizes to Jin-Joo for keeping her in dark of all these matters. She gets to know from him that Yo-Han has indeed manipulated all the cases and feels bad that she genuinely believed Yo-Han.

At Yo-Han’s office, He stands by his desk and thinks, “Is it happening all over again? Treating me like a monster”. He thinks from the start of how he was seen as a monster in his school for killing a bird and all the people who thought of him as a monster. He says to himself,” I just chose the fastest way for them”. At this time, Ga-on enters Yo-Han’s office and Yo-Han asks why he is at his office after backstabbing him.

Ga-on tells him that he realized Yo-Han never wanted to listen to JukChang in the first place and simply wanted to execute him. Ga-on continues,” You just wanted everyone to have blood on their hands and after that they have no choice but to stand with you”.

Yo-Han says that People desperately want to believe they made the right choice. That’s human nature and Ga-on finishes that Using the vulnerability of human beings is what a devil does.

This conversation heats up and Yo-Han holds Ga-on’s throat and Ga-on asks to kill him. Yo-Han leaves him saying he is naïve and weak.

President Heo and his wife watch the news of Yo-Han not yet given any statement of Ga-on’s accusation. President Heo as usual hypes on how he can etch his name in history & He wants some blood in the story for that. His wife reminds him of why they entered politics in the first place- to make money by making the country a business model. His wife can be visibly seen to hate his nonsensical behavior when he agrees that was their initial plan but, how great it would be if he is some historical protagonist.

When Yo-Han reaches his home, Elijah enquires if he is alright and says she saw the news. She also mentions that Ga-on would never come to their house. Yo-Han tells her that they are left with each other – the way they used to be earlier.

Ga-on goes to his lonely house and thinks of how he used to spend time with Soo-Hyun. Professor Min calls now and tells that he can never stop thinking that Yo-Han murdered Soo-Hyun. Ga-on convinces professor Min that Yo-Han is not that monstrous that he would kill his brother and kill Soo-Hyun who might have found the truth. Professor Min says that Ga-on doesn’t want to believe him though he knows the truth.

The foundation leads have discussion and Sun-Ah puts forward that they should lift the national emergency and let the public settle down.

President Heo tells that they should continue evacuating more people. He gets triggered when sun-ah explains that they can’t do it and asks her to stay within her limit. The other two people stay silent and watch the show.

President Heo then maniacally tells how they should wipe out all the old and good-for-nothing people and make Korea young and strong. Now Sun-ah loses her cool and gets up goes to the president and slaps him. President Heo goes into utter shock and the other chairmen do fist bump as if they were expecting it.

President Heo finally realizes that all the three have teamed up against him. He calls his secretary immediately and asks him to shoot sun-Ah first and then the others as they were planning a coup.

He goes into another big shock seeing his secretary pointing the gun at him and dropping it on the command of sun-Ah. (Poor President He is so naïve in front of all the others.).

Sun-ah then sits in the president’s chair and then we are shown the flashback. Sun-ah meets up with the chairman park and Shik. They talk about how President Heo is going out of hands after becoming the main character after being the support character all his life. Sun-ah tells the president’s plan of actually spreading the virus in the city and jeopardizing their original plan – To clean and redevelop Seoul and sell it to foreign investors. So they come up with plan B. (Plan B might be killing the president.).

Sun-ah goes to Yo-Han’s office the next day and offers another chance. She tells that he is not that stupid to take revenge for the death of his assistant where he has no gain. Yo-Han humiliates her, saying she always tries so hard for the things that she can’t dare to have. Sun-Ah loses her cool and leaves the place.

And finally, the climax day comes where everyone in the country is waiting to know the stand of Yo-Han of the accusation of Ga-on. The foundation members eagerly watch to know how he would get out of the situation. And what Yo-Han does is simply accept all the allegations. He accepts that he did manipulate all the cases so that he could punish the people with money and authority who otherwise escape through the hole in the law. He says he crossed the line and would resign from his position and accept any punishment given to him.

Well, I expected he would be humiliated by people for being a hypocrite but DUH! Of course, people support him for punishing the rich criminals. So the outcome of his confession is – every opposite party wants him in their party and he has gained nearly 60% chance of becoming the next president of the country according to an emergency poll conducted.

The foundation people are left with no choice but to keep their puppet president Heo for some more time. (They were initially planning to get rid of him.). Sun-ah calls Jae -Hee and asks her to keep an eye on the opposition parties.

Professor Min and Ga-on visit Soo-Hyun’s burial place and the professor gives Ga-on Soo-Hyun’s pocket notebook. The professor says it’s one of the last possession of her. He points that the last thing she was searching for was someone name Jung Joseph who used to maintain CCTV of the church fire.

Now Ga-on investigates the old lady near the church and finds out that soo-Hyun persistently used to investigate the church fire and the last time she spoke to Soo-Hyun she gave the house details of Joseph.

Ga-on then visits the residents of Joseph, just as Soo-Hyun knocked on every blue gate to find joseph, Ga-on does the same. He finally finds Jeseoph heavily injured and bandaged.

He finds out from him that he was the one who was in charge of the CCTV during the church fire and immediately after the fire Yo-Han approached him and promised him a house and a large sum of money for the CCTV record of that day. Joseph gives him the CCTV record but takes a copy of the CCTV record with himself also.

he was beaten up by the men of Yo-han after Yo-Han came to know that he spoke with Soo-Hyun about the CCTV record though he turned down Soo-Hyun saying she need to have a warrant for him to talk about the CCTV footage. When Ga-on asks about what was in the CCTV footage, he hesitates and tell he can’t tell because if he did he would be killed by Yo-Han.

GA-on enquires about the man who beat him up. Joseph says the man parked his car near his house the day before. They get the CCTV record of the nearby house and find the man’s car number.

Ga-on immediately calls his professor to find the man’s address and the professor advises him not to miss the man and if soo-Hyun was killed by Yo-Han he might also try to get rid of the assassin.

That night Ga-on reaches the assassin’s house and finds out the assassin is dead in his house and another person escapes from the place seeing Ga-on.

Ga-on goes near the dead body and takes the phone from the assassin’s pocket and is in utter shock to find that the last logs of call were all Yo-Han’s.

Ga-on remembers the words of Yo-Han,”You must feel like you are in a fiery pit where you can’t get out of. Find the people responsible and make them burn in the pit. That’s the only way you can survive the place.”. Infuriated, Ga-on directly goes to Yo-Han’s house with a knife and tries to stab him. Yo-Han catches the sharp edges with his bare hand and says he can let Ga-on kill him but Ga-on would regret it for his entire life.

Ga-on sees the blood dripping from the Yo-Han’s hand and remembers how Soo-Hyun stopped him from killing Doh young-Choon. He puts the knife down and accuses Yo-Han of killing Soo-Hyun and Yo-Han’s elder brother. Yo-Han is shocked to hear it from Ga-on and asks him if he believes what he is saying.

At this moment, Professor Min with some police enter and they arrest Yo-Han for the murder of Soo-Hyun. And the main Sun-Ah enters now clapping her hands. Now it’s the turn of Ga-on to get shocked.

Ga-on learns from Sun-ah that coincidences are very rare to occur and that to Ga-on who just looks like Yo-Han’s brother becoming a jury of live court and working with Yo-Han was not coincidental. She tells him how she made professor Min the chief of the supreme court so that she can make Professor Min put Ga-on in the live court show under Yo-Han.

So for this long professor Min, was working for sun-Ah and was manipulating Ga-on. Ga-on looks at Professor Min in shock and the professor replies in one sentence that it was all for the greater good and leaves.

Ga-on tries to follow Professor Min for an explanation but Sun-ah stops him and says, “You are Master Yo-Han’s weakness that I planted. This man is really dangerous.”.

When it’s too late Ga-on realizes that Sun-Ah was the one who manipulated everything and killed the assassin who killed Soo-Hyun. (In fact, I think she is the one who killed Soo-Hyun.). Ga-on shouts this truth to the police but Yo-Han explains to him that it is late now and all people in that place are under Sun-ah.

Sun-Ah goes to Yo-Han and says she said she made him lonely just as she told and gets a phone from Jae-Hee to shows the CCTV footage of the church fire to Ga-on. Yo-Han screams in pain and pleads her not to show it to him. But he is pinned down by the police officers there.

Ga-on gets shocked to see the footage and grabs his head in pain after knowing the truth. A flashback is shown where 6-year-old Elijah is playing with her teddy bear and there are a lot of candles around her in a room in the church. Yo-Han knocks at the window of the room from the outside and asks her to be careful. Elijah leaves the room but unknowingly pushes a candle down which was the source of the fire.

At present, Sun-Ah tells how Elijah would react after knowing she was the one responsible for her parent’s death. At that right moment, Elijah comes from the above floor and calls Ga-on.

She then sees Yo-Han pinned down by a group of policemen. She screams and calls Yo-Han and Sun-Ah threatens to tell the truth to Elijah. Yo-Han begs sun-ah not to tell the truth to Elijah.

Sun-Ah tells him that all these years she just wanted this look from him for her and asks the policemen to take him. (OMG how extreme she goes just for this.).

Ga-on watches all these things and thinks deeply, ”That moment, I decided to die.”.

The episode ends here. I am kind of disappointed with the backstory though…maybe it was one big mystery that was so intriguing but the fire was a mistake of a child… I feel so bad Ga-on till this episode only person who did not manipulate him was Soo-Hyun.

Only one more episode is left I am really curious how the drama is going to end. Let’s watch and find out.

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