Recap and Review: Ghost Doctor episode 8

The episode starts with Professor Cha’s flashback. Back then when he was an intern and he stopped a patient to be turned back to another hospital when no other surgeons were left in the hospital to treat the emergency patient.

Cha thinks, “If I had let go of the bed then, would my life have been easier”. At present, Seung-tak goes through the exact situation. And as we think whether Seung-tak will stop the patient to be turned down. Seung-tak stops the patient’s bed and thinks, “what about me? Will this choice change my life? I have no choice I can’t let go. I felt the same way. I couldn’t let go”.

The ER doctor tells him they can’t treat the patient because he suffers from an “Abdominal aortic aneurysm” and there are no surgeons available. But with Cha’s help, he takes the patient to the OR along with Jae-won.

In the past, Intern Cha operated on the patient with the same condition along with his intern friend. But the anesthesiologist tries to stop Cha saying only a surgeon can do the surgery. Cha tells the anesthesiologist if they don’t start the surgery then the patient will die for sure. At present,Professor Cha follows the same steps that he followed back then. Similar to when he asks his friend to be careful with the vascular clamp and screams that the BP is dropping. This time Cha warns Jae-won to be careful with the vascular clamp.

Cha tells Seung-tak that in his first surgery when he was possessed by a ghost doctor when the surgery ended successfully everyone where in shock that he pulled it off. Cha tells, “that one moment when I woke up when I came to. I’d become a lunatic”. Cha asks Seung-tak didn’t he feel the same way. Seung-tak tells him, “Well I am beginning to see this must be how it feels. This must be the taste of doctor.”.

On the other side, ADD Han is talking with Seung-tak’s mom. He blackmails her that he knows about Seung-tak’s illness. Back when Seung-tak was  8 years old, he thought it was due to the accident and it would pass but recently he found out that when Seung-tak was in the US he bunked classes not to just waste time but to visit top Neurosurgeons and psychiatrists.

ADD Han wonders why Seung-tak did that. He also tells Seung-tak’s mom that he knows how strangely he behaves in hospital and he has CCTV footage of it. This makes Sueng-tak mom pale out of fear.

ADD Han continues that this is a hospital that involves people’s life so he can’t let this slip as Seung-tak happens to be a doctor.

In Professor Cha’s VIP suite, Dr. An visits him and looks at his chart. For a second he checks if professor Cha’s spirit is with him and he even jumps on a phone from fellow doctor Lee seon ho on something.

Dr.An rushes to the ICU to find that Seung-tak performed yet another complicated surgery on an emergency patient and that to back after the surgery of Lee Ji woo.

Seon-Ho tells Seung-tak is something. This is not the first time Seung-tak is performing such complicated surgery. He tells Dr.An that Seung-tak booked an OR in the name of chief Bam and with the help of Jae-won performed the surgery successfully. Dr.An looks here and there thinking Professor Cha might be hearing them and enquires where Seung-tak is now.

Seung-tak is at the hospital terrace with Cha.

Seung-tak summarizes that a ghost doctor possessing another intern is not a new thing and it has already happened to Cha. Seung-tak then tells it is not something that should be passed.

Cha tells him that they are not the same. In his case, he could not see the ghost so he was afraid and confused but Seung-tak has nothing to be afraid of. The Ghost doctor possessed him after that few more times when no doctors were available to do the surgery and one of such patients is Lee JI-Woo. At that time she was too young and he promised her that he will do the replacement operation after 10years.             

Seung-tak tells him one should not forget the promise they made and asks, “How do you know if people who can see ghosts aren’t scared of anything. You’re forced into my body. Then you should have seen it through. Since you borrowed my hands, you are obligated to save every single patient. Why did you give up?”.

Cha finally understands that Seung-tak too has a phobia which is why is not a good doctor. Seung-tak tells Cha that anyhow they have saved a patient but they should not anymore do this as it will lead to Cha’s death and then he leaves.

Cha tells him that this time Seung-tak was the one who stopped the patient so he is the one who saved the patient. Cha continues, “At first, I was scared and terrified. I wanted to run away. Do you know why I didn’t and kept staying here? Because the patient lived ”.

Cha then tells him his time is so limited and now nobody can save him. He just wants to do his duty till that time. The atmosphere between them becomes so intense. Cha says he won’t force him but if he wants to cooperate he would continue doing the operation.

Seung-tak leaves to his home and at the hospital entrance Oh Soo-Jung slaps him tight from behind. (We know why😆).  Seung-tak says she should be awarding him and not beat him up like that.

Soo-Jung takes him to give a award and what she does is take him to the ground and make him do squats. Seung-tak falls on the ground and wonders what’s with the squat and doctors as if they operate using their legs. (I had the same doubt Seung-tak🤣😂)

Soo-Jung then asks if he is ok and confesses that she wants to become a doctor just like him. Well, this makes in surprised. Soo-Jung asks if he knows how many lives he has saved till now. Unknowingly she spills the bean that it would be nice if he could do it himself without anyone’s help.

She then manages to say she will work hard and die to become a doctor like him. Seung-tak starts to rant about what is so great with the doctor that they decide to give up on their life to save others. (Of course, he is talking about Cha.). Soo-Jung then leaves saying he should rest as he is tired.

Se-Jin saves the motorcycle man and her sister thanks to her and meets up with her brother in ICU. Se-Jin comes outside the ICU and feels emotionally overwhelmed. Cha tries to pat her head and tells her she pulled it off and he is proud of her.

The Chairman of the hospital gets to know from his assistant that Seung-tak has performed 2 successful complicated operations that day. On the other side, Seung-tak’s mom is in his room and crying over her old photo thinking about how ADD Han blackmailed her earlier.  In the ICU, Chief Bam visits the emergency patient, and the patient’s wife thanks him for saving her husband’s life. Chief Bam acts as if he did the operation and tells it was a complicated operation and he did his duty. Jae-won heaves a big sigh at the sight.

The next day, Seung-tak comes into the hospital and Cha patiently waits for him near his ghost limit.  Cha is unusually nice to him that Seung-tak asks why is he behaving differently. Cha says he is Kissing up to him because he needs him.  The moment Seung-tak asks Cha to behave normally he starts yelling at him for being late and Dr.Jang will be waiting.

They go to the motorcycle man and check on him. Seung-tak asks the man if he remembers him.  The man asks who he is. Seung-tak tries to make the man remember but has no luck. The motorcycle man gets a call from his PI head firm and gets to know his bills were handled.

Cha burst in anger seeing him speak on phone. He yells that he must be speaking to ADD Han and now that they are helping him the motorcycle man is stabbing in their back. Seung-tak rushes out from there to meet ADD Han. The motorcycle man asks if Se-jin knows about the man who got in the accident along with him.

He meets Han at his office and warns him to stay out of his path as he already going through so many things. Seung-tak tells that like a teenager he is going through an identity crisis so he won’t be patient if Han tries to mess up the situation more. Han doesn’t understand a word that Seung-tak spoke I guess.

Se-jin takes the motorcycle man to Cha’s suite. The man gets to know that Cha’s chance of survival is very less and only God can help him. Spirit Cha watches the man in disgust.

Cha watches the man from the top when the man stays in the canteen. Tes comes now and tells Cha to believe the man. He couldn’t remember the afterlife and that’s the law of the universe. The ghost and the living must not remember what happened. Tes then mocks Cha saying he shouldn’t be worried since he is not going to wake up anyway.

Seung-tak listens to Tes’s conversation from a distance and decides to remind the past life to the motorcycle man himself if he doesn’t remember. Seung-tak goes to the canteen and tells everything he knows about the man and the accident.

The man asks how he knows about these things. Seung-tak tells him that cognitive dissonance- happens when your actions go against your belief. He then asks the man to stay true to himself or it won’t be good for him.

Tes possessing the cleaning lady places health drinks in all the hiding places of soju for patients. The lady then says, “My gosh. People and ghosts are alike. They can just not do what they shouldn’t do, and not drink when they shouldn’t drink.”

As she bends to pick trash the ICU ghost steals the soju bottle and runs for their life from Tes. As they settle to drink, Chairman Jang’s ghost comes and asks if he can get one of the soju bottles.

Chairman Jang and Professor Cha meet at the hospital terrace and chairman Jang pours soju to Cha thanking him for successfully operating on him. As Cha finishes, he pours another shot apologizing because of him Cha’s bright future took a tumble. He pours the third shot for tearing him and Se-jin apart. Seeing Cha surprised Chairman tells that he was the one who forced Se-Jin to come to the US and when she came she never lived in luxury. She used to tell the chairman that she had hurt the most loved one of her life so she doesn’t deserve the privilege to live well. Chairman found Cha was the one as soon as he saw Se-Jin’s reaction on the day he met Cha.

Chairman Jang then asks Cha to pour him a drink and asks to consider that shot to comfort himself. He has failed as a father and he wants to consider the shot for that.

Later that day, Cha stands behind Se-jin and speaks that she should have waited a little longer on the day she left and cries. Seung-tak catches him crying and nags him. Cha manages saying he got dust in his eyes.

Seung-tak then goes, to tell the truth of chairman Jang to Se-jin but Cha stops him. Cha takes him to OR and tells him Chairman’s wish. On the terrace, Chairman Jang also asked a favor from Cha. The favor is not to reveal the truth of his surgery to the world. Chairman tells that he would take the sins of his son with him.

Seung-tak rants in anguish. As a parent Chairman can decide to do that but it is an injustice to Cha also. Cha stops him and says he is in the same anger as him but it is a hard decision that needs to be taken. Chairman Jang knows his son and he did that to avoid many people and his daughter from getting hurt. So they need to do what is needed next.

The next day, the whole internet and news are filled with the news that chairman Jang is still in a coma and there was rumors of malpractice in the hospital to hide that and his son is involved in this. Chairman Jang’s son, ADD Han, and Dr.An rush to the VIP suite of Chairman Jang.

Chairman Jang’s son as he enters the room finds Se-jin wiping Chairman’s face and speaking to him. Jang’s son releases it was her doing and starts yelling at her. Se-Jin sees ADD Han and Dr. An rushing to the room. Now she finds the real culprits.

Cha tells the Chairman that he told this would work. “An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth. I told you this would work”.

Right at the time, Chairman Jang’s lawyer comes in and tells Jang’s son and daughter of Chairman Jang’s will. The lawyer takes out the DNR order form.

We are shown a day early. Chairman Jang gives the lawyer’s address to Cha and tells him he is giving his son a punishment that is harsher than imprisonment. Seung-tak takes this address and meets the lawyer. Seung-tak also meets up with Se-jin to ask her to check on her father. She tells him that it is not malpractice but a crime that happened to her father but why are not telling this to anyone.

Seung-tak asks her to stay patient and trust Cha. He tells that Cha will take care of everything else once he wakes up but for now she has to do what is necessary. (i.e take life support of her father.).

Se- Jin tells him she can’t do it. Seung-tak asks if she trusts anyone else doing that for her father.

ADD Han is at Seung-tak’s mom’s office. He explains to her that he got the report that Chairman Jang was awake and he didn’t know that this was all fake. Seung-tak’s mom teases him if he wants her to believe that. She tells that she doesn’t care why he did that and asks him to fix it. She then mocks him saying This is the hospital where we handle people’s lives and you happened to be Administration Deputy Director.

ADD Han cleverly plans for a fix. He makes Dr.An the scapegoat . ADD Han tells to Dr. An that it would be correct the doctor messed up and usually the patients sue the doctor. But Dr. An is lucky that Chairman’s son wants to leave this silent. ADD Han then asks Dr.An to leave the hospital or else they would all be in trouble.

The motorcycle man is shifted to another hospital near his home. Seung-tak tells the man that he made the arrangements. The man tells Seung-tak that he will pay for what he did, to which Seung-tak replies that Cha will wake up and decide how much he has to pay. While leaving the hospital the motorcycle man asks Cha to wake up soon.

The next day, Cha is with Chairman Jang. Chairman asks why is he staying all day with him and asks if Cha thinks he would jump out of the window. Cha mimics Chairman telling as if you can. Se-jin along with a few doctors takes chairman Jang’s body. Chairman asks Cha to be with her as she needs Cha more.

Se-Jin takes all the tests and declares with the teary eye that Chairman Jang has no meaningful brain signals.

In Chairman Jang’s room, Tes joins him and asks for a Go game. Chairman asks tes to talk respectfully as he is older and gets to know that Tes died 20 years ago though he looks younger than him. Chairman Jang enjoys the GO game, the last game of his life as much as he can.

On The other side, Se-Jin musters up all the courage she has to remove her father’s life support. All she could say with her weeping is sorry to him.

Tes watches Chairman Jang passing to his afterlife and says his last word to him, “My man. There is not winning or losing when you are playing. That’s the same with human lives. You don’t win or lose. That’s a good life. Chairman Jang. Take care.”.

The next thing we are shown is at chairman Jang’s funeral and Professor Cha in Seung-tak’s body paying his respect next to Se-Jin.

At the hospital, Seung-tak asks that now Cha has finished most of the work and he can be at peace. Cha says, “All I have is time . All ghosts have is time and our job is to wait.”.  Cha Slides to Seung-tak (for a minute I was thinking what is he doing. They have a good bromance😆😉.).

Cha has the next plan in place. The plan is to help all the patients on which Chief Bam and senior professors are struggling.

Dr. An one day finds Seung-tak treating a patient with a knife stab and has a ghastly look. The hospital chairman’s assistant informs him that Seung-tak is doing amazingly well and the talk that he is possessed is not done anymore. The chairman asks if Seung-tak is healthy and is there anything odd with Seung-tak lately.

 At the patient discussion meeting, Seung-tak volunteers to assist all the cases under the senior professor. Chief Bam hurries to find if he has any other patients left. As Seung-tak leaves the room, he asks if Cha thinks of him as a puppet. Cha corrects that he is “Ko Seung-tak.”😂.

 Chief Bam and his team wonder how Seung-tak is performing remarkably and improved a lot more. Chief Bam says he even struggles with abdominal aortic aneurysm.  The professors suggest they should push Cha’s patient to Seung-tak too. They all speak Cha chooses only kids and women. Cha listens to everything and gets infuriated by the fact that they think he chooses his patient.

In the doctor’s resting room, Cha does squats as Seung-tak exhaustedly lays on the bed. Cha tells how awesome it is he performed these many surgeries and he is not even tired. Seung-tak comments that it must be great that he is a ghost.

Cha smiles and says he is a ghost and has left little time left but had made many commitments with most of his patients. Cha asks Seung-tak to bear with him for a few more days and if he doesn’t want they can stop. Seung-tak doesn’t say anything.

At a bar, Chairman Jang’s son and ADD Han have drinks, and Han wonders how Seung-tak knew everything all along and played so well and at last disclosed only half of the truth. Jang’s son wonders even Se-Jin knew everything and starts ranting that all the wealth is gone to the foundation and the chairman made her in charge. After the bar, ADD Han goes to meet Dr.An privately.

Hospital Chairman visits the hospital and finds intern Oh along with other interns running to an ambulance to attend to a patient. He then goes straight in front of the operating Unit and sits on a bench and talks to the air asking if he is there too. (does Seung-tak’s grandpa also can see a ghost?).

Seung-tak’s grandpa is in front of the operating unit imagining his friend and him coming out of the operating unit laughing and teasing each other and the important part of it is his friend is none other than Tes.

Seung-tak and Professor Cha rush towards the ER and both hold their hand so that Cha can possess Seung-tak.

The episode ends with Dr.An giving ADD Han the operation report saying it is prepared by professor Cha. At the hospital, Professor Cha’s chart suddenly starts showing some signal in the monitor near him.

And the episode ends with the cliffhanger of like cha is showing signal of waking up and ADD Han getting to know that spirit of Cha exist.

Will Han believe Dr.An and what would happen to Cha if he believes and does something to him.. 🤔 idk let’s see in next episode.

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