Recap and Review: Ghost Doctor episode 9

The episode starts with Seung Tak and Cha talking about how Cha became special when he was an intern. Seung Tak asks why he didn’t ignore the patient while he could have easily. Cha says it’s because he couldn’t see a dying patient as a helpless person as it made him sad and resentful. He says he didn’t want to feel that again.

Seung Tak says he is not an easy person for people to attack him and he asks whether Cha didn’t get attacked when an intern suddenly become special to people. Cha says he did get attacked by his colleagues and every time it became hard but he did what he could as a doctor.

Cha asks Seung Tak why he does that. Cha has no other option as he can enter only his body but Seung Tak can choose not to. Seung Tak says he saw how a warm-hearted intern became a heartless professor and says he saw him as a competitive warrior. Seung Tak asks him to be a doctor even if he wakes up or not. He asks him to be a doctor till the end.

Just like that, they both start saving as many patients as they can.

Dr An meets Seung Won to say that Seung Tak is possessed by Cha. Seung Won is pissed and asks if he wants to believe in his ridiculous theory. Dr An says if it is a ridiculous theory then how Seung Won can explain Seung Tak’s skills which makes Seung Won think.

Seung Won gets a call that Chairman has visited the hospital so he rushes to the hospital. Chairman sits outside an OP room and remembers his good old friend Tes. Chairman scolds Seung Won for drinking as he could smell alcohol as soon as he comes. Seung Won says he was social drinking.

Chief Bam also arrives to visit Chairman. The Chairman asks Chief Bam if he needs to know something that’s going on in the CS department. Chief Bam looks and Seung Won and without second thought says that they are in short of doctors as professor Cha is ill. Chairman yells at Seung Won for not filling Professor Cha’s place yet and asks him to leave his position if he is not going to do his job right.

Chairman then leaves while wondering if Seung Won could read between the lines. Tes watches Chairman and smiles at how lively and old-fashioned he still is. He asks Chairman to not worry about them and says goodbye.

Soo Jung gets yelled at by his senior for calling Seung Tak when no one asked her to. He rudely asks if they are running a call centre. Soo Jung talks back and asks if they are running a home shopping network that they should return their patient. Her senior didn’t expect that and asks how dare she talk back to her. Soo Jung sarcastically says sorry and leaves before he could respond. Her senior is pissed and says they should keep a personality test as well to become a doctor.

Tes inside Nanny’s body observes everything and is proud of Soo Jung for not letting his senior his way. He then goes to her senior with a sanitary bottle and sprays it all over his body saying he is the one who needs to be cleaned.

Tes then meets Soo Jung near the vendor machine. Soo Jung sees Tes (who is in the nanny’s body) and excitedly draws another drink for him. Nanny says how sweet of her to always buy a drink for a nanny like her. Nanny then asks if she is happy that Seung Tak is treating all the patients and tells her that he is not that pathetic. Soo Jung smiles and says he is paying his debt off and asks how come Nanny knows Seung Tak that well. Nanny then tries to cover up saying when you get older you get a better judgement of people. Soo Jung smiles and tells her that her grandfather would have liked Seung Tak too. (And here is a heart-warming twist.) Tes is Soo Jung’s grandfather. Nanny says that her grandfather would be happy and content to see her. Soo Jung gets confused and Nanny tries to run away before Soo Jung finds out. While leaving Nanny says she should grow as a fine woman. Soo Jung nods awkwardly.

Cha hears nurses gossiping that Se Jin didn’t leave the hospital because of Cha and says she would be there as long as Cha is alive.

Cha then goes to Se Jin’s office. Se Jin sits near Cha (who is lying there) and talks to him emotionally as she reads Chairman Jang’s letter which he wrote with the help of Seung Tak. The letter says

Dear Se Jin, my precious daughter whom I cherished. I am sorry that I couldn’t express my feelings towards you. Thank you for staying by my side during my last moments. I love you. -Dad.

Se Jin says she never called him “father” or told him that she doesn’t resent him anymore for mom’s death. She didn’t even say she loves him and cries to Cha. She then tells Cha that he also has many questions and asks him to wake up.

She asks him a favour. She asks him not to let her announce his death and starts crying. Helpless Cha looks at her and becomes emotional.

He then goes out and sees Seung Tak by chance and then decides to use him. He enters Seung Tak body and goes to Se Jin who is sleeping on the couch and cover her with a bedsheet.

He then starts humming a melody he and Se Jin used to listen to. Se Jin wakes by Cha’s gesture but thinks it’s a dream as she is seeing Cha. She then hugs him and asks if it is a dream and asks did he come into her dream because she was angry with him. Cha says he came because she was crying and says it is a dream. The night passes.

The next morning Cha is excited to see that his brain has started to produce some signals and goes to wake Seung Tak who is in the on-call room. They both are excited and run to where Se Jin is doing an MRI scan on Cha. Seung Tak excitedly asks Se Jin if it is true that Cha is showing some brain waves. Se Jin is confused and asks how does he know as she told no one yet. Cha nags Seung Tak for being careless again. Seung Tak tells Se Jin that he had a dream. Se Jin then explains that Cha’s brain started giving some signals again and this could be because of a reason that science can’t explain. She says this could be because of happy hormones. Cha is thinking something good that his brain has shown some sign.

After coming out, Seung Tak asks what did he do last night that triggered his brain signals. He asks if he did something “like that” with Se Jin using his body. Cha says no and tells him that he won’t use his body to do anything and says he just sat beside her last night. Seung Tak warns him not to use his body for his desires in his relationship with Se Jin. He says that if something made him happy in the last few days then they both know what it is – treating patients. They both then go excitedly to do some more of it.

Se Jin remembers the dream she had last night and tells herself that it was just a dream and there is no way it could have happened.

Seung Tak goes to Cheif Bam and uses his influence and makes Cheif Bam agree to allow Seung Tak as an assistant in all of Cha’s patient’s surgery.

Cha goes to nag Tes that he gave false information that he will never wake up if he uses Seung Tak body much. Tes says it is new for him as well and says it is good for him. Cha says it is a crime these days to spread false information. Tes says people become mean these days that that kind of law exists. Cha leaves after saying that his fate has changed.

Se Jin is so happy to see Cha’s improvement. Cha watches her work and talks about how she likes mountains and tells her that he will take her to the mountain when he wakes. Seung Tak enters the room and starts yelling at Cha as being lazy and tells him that they need to find what makes him happy. Cha gestures to Seung Tak not to talk to him as Se Jin is here. Seung Tak doesn’t get it until he sees Se Jin and freaks out. She says she is not being lazy. Seung Tak asks if she ate and calls his assistant as she says no and leaves awkwardly.

He does all the surgeries planned. He starts as an assistant and switches with the main surgeon and completes the surgery.

Seung Won gets suspicious as he thinks through how Seung Tak got his skills from. He watches him and waits for him outside OP room. Cha looks at Se Jin in one of the OP rooms after getting out. He stares at her until Se Jin gets a glance at him. He then crouches and reminds himself that he is in Seung Tak’s body and he should be more careful.

He then knee walks to the door where Seung Won is and accidentally falls. Seung Won asks what is he doing. Seung Tak says he was just exercising.

Seung Won asks if he still sees weird stuff as he used to as a kid. Seung Tak asks what he is talking about. Seung Won asks if he gets possessed by Cha while performing surgeries and asks if he can see him. Seung Tak says that the deputy director has a lot of time in his hand and asks if he is anxious that Cha is getting better. He also says he should pray that Cha should wake up soon so that he gets fewer sentences and leaves.

Se Jin sits beside Cha and wonders about her dream. Secretary Kim (Seung Tak’s secretary) comes with a hot bowl of meat soup which Cha used to get her while they were dating. This makes Se Jin think.

The next day, Seung Tak comes out of the on-call room and sees Cha waiting for him. He asks why he didn’t come in. Cha says he doesn’t have any surgery today so he should rest as he is in a bad shape.

Chairman Jang requests Cha to take good care of other coma ghosts as one of his last requests so Cha asks Seung Tak to bring a book from a college which is one of the coma ghosts requests.

Seung Tak brings the book from the college. Cha introduces one of the coma ghosts – a hard-working girl who was doing a PhD. (the ghosts are still clueless that Seung Tak can see him). Seung Tak then learns about the coma girl that one day she hit her head while feeling dizzy. She looks good to wake up but doctors don’t know why she is not waking up. Seung Tak then gives her case file to Se Jin and asks her to do this favour to him.

Seung Tak and Cha learn from the coma girl that she was nose bleeding lot than usual that day. Se Jin thinks there could be an infection that doctors could miss and starts taking tests going against her attending doctor. But the name Seung Tak makes it easy to deal with people in the hospital.

She finds out that she was indeed infected and changes her treatment. The attending doctor wonders who told Se Jin that she was bleeding as her mom didn’t know about it and it is not in the record as well. Se Jin then goes to the coma girl’s mom and asks if she knows Seung Tak who might be her daughter’s friend. But her mom says she knows all of her daughter’s friends and she has never heard of Seung Tak. Se Jin wonders why Seung Tak is concerned.

Se Jin notices that the coma girl’s body isn’t reacting to the treatment and decides to do a surgery that might be risky but better than letting her just lie. The coma girl’s mom agrees to the surgery and the coma girl is very happy that she may wake up soon.

Se Jin looks at Seung Tak treating a patient and remembers Cha. Soo Jung wonders who is she that is looking at Seung Tak like that. A nurse tells her that she is the one who is taking care of Cha now.

Se Jin later sees Seung Tak and Soo Jung play around. She hears doctors gossiping that something is going on between Seung Tak and Soo Jung as Seung Tak comes whenever he can and Soo Jung calls him to come without missing a chance. Se Jin smiles at them happily.

Seung Tak looks for Cha and Seung Won notices him and asks who is he searching for. He also says that he thought about what Seung Tak said yesterday. Seung Tak is clueless and asks if they talked yesterday. Seung Won gets curious and asks if he doesn’t remember anything at all. Seung Tak says doesn’t remember it maybe because it was not that important. (When we all think that Seung Tak almost got caught). Seung Tak then asks if he is ok with Cha waking up or not and tells him to hold onto his anxiety and asks him to reflect deeply and leaves while smiling. Seung Won is pissed realising that he got played by Seung Tak just now.

Seung Won meets Dr An and yells at him for his ridiculous theory and says Seung Tak played him because he kind of believed in that ridiculous theory. Dr An says he will prove Seung Tak his theory.

The next day, Seung Tak and Cha goes to the OP room happily. But both are shocked to see Seung Won across the glass. Seung Won says he got to know the little trick Seung Tak was playing. He says he knows about how he switches with the lead surgeon in the middle of the surgery. At this point, Dr An enters the OP room and Seung Won says he got Dr An here with a little trick and asks Seung Tak to do the surgery with Dr An assisting. Seung Tak starts panicking and Cha asks him to calm down and asks him to believe in him.

Cha enters Seung Tak body and performs the surgery. Dr An plan is to note something that Cha does out of habit. He has is a phone turned on and Seung Won is listening to them.

Se Jin receives a file she requested and goes to the OP room where Seung Tak is performing surgery. Cha gets distracted to see Se Jin there. Dr An uses this opportunity and says Cha did a procedure wrong in one of his surgery. Cha turns around and asks “when did I?” and everyone goes speechless. Cha then clears his mind and says he knows that Seung Won is listening and shouts him to leave along with Se Jin.

After the surgery, Seung Won asks Seung Tak if he is going to deny it again even after he got caught. Cha is still in Seung Tak body and says “yes I am Cha Young Min” and the episode ends here.

I am loving this series so far. What about you guys!?!

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