Recap and Review: Ghost Doctor episode 10

The episode starts with ADD Han asking Seung-tak if he is Professor Cha. Seung-tak turns around and tells it is him, he is “Cha Young-min” and he has possessed his dear cousin. Cha proves this point by telling his conversation with Chairman Jang’s son – Jang min Ho. How ADD Han told to Min-Ho that he is not a psychopath to kill one of his assets and Professor Cha is an asset to his hospital.

Cha challenges Han to tell others as he won’t be affected because he a ghost but Han would become a lunatic in front of everyone. He then warns Han not to play with any of his patients as if they are some trivial things.

Seung-tak scolds him harshly for revealing the truth to ADD Han. Professor Cha seems pretty proud of what he did he successfully scared ADD Han. 

In ADD Han’s office, Han is freaking out that Cha knows everything about him and Jang’s case and wonders why he chose Seung-tak of all the people to possess. Han then freaks out saying if Cha is in the room behind Dr.An. 

Professor Cha consoles Seung-tak that for now, Han would not get in their way. Seung-tak asks about the surgery and knowing that it went well he chooses to ignore whatever bad thing happened as it has already happened and nothing can be done.

Seung-tak comes out of the ICU and sits outside. Cha follows him and asks about the childhood trauma ADD Han mentioned that Seung-tak went through and asks if it is too personal.

Seung-tak finally decides to let that out. Seung-tak started seeing a ghost when he was 8 years old and it took long for him to even realize they were ghosts. He first used to come to the hospital to check if he could still see ghosts and later he decided to live with them and ignore them. But this did not help him when he was in college and had to dissect the dead body when the dead people would stand right next to him.

Cha asks how he would manage the next 4 years if he wakes up, he wouldn’t be able to help him and on top of it, ADD Han knows about them. Seung-tak tells him he is not planning to be a doctor and asks him to wake up soon. Until then Seung-tak promises to stay in hospital.

Seung-tak also tells him that he could never do a surgery himself but he could lend his body to Cha. So he found it useful.

At professor Cha’s VIP Suite, Se-Jin thinks of how Seung-tak pulled out a tough surgery that day and how he responded when Dr.An accused Cha of doing a mistake in one of the surgeries and the patient’s BP dropped.

As she wonders, Seung-tak and Cha enter and Sueng-tak asks about Cha’s condition. She tells him that he has asked it several times that day and it has not improved. Seung-tak apologizes for yelling at her earlier as Cha asks him to.

 Se-Jin takes the turn to question now. She asks what happened earlier to which he says he was playing earlier. She then asks how he knew Li Bo Mi (ICU ghost) had a nosebleed, even when her mom or doctor didn’t know. And asks how he knows her. Seung-tak answers that he saw it in a dream(nosebleed) and has a mutual friend with her. Se-Jin tells him that she came to OR to deliver the contract to extend time.

When they come out Seung-tak asks Cha to wake up soon and asks Se-jin to stay. ADD Han who hides behind a wall after seeing Seung-tak listens to everything. After Seung-tak leaves, Han waits for Se-Jin to leave and goes inside the room. 

He tries to remove the life support of Cha and says he has so many questions and of all the questions this one(What if Cha dies) tops it.

The next day, Seung-tak runs at bullet speed to the hospital saying good morning to his crystal when she stops him. He reaches Cha’s room and notes his vitals and gives a big sigh.

The previous day night we are shown ADD Han telling his family that Seung-tak is improved a lot, so much that everyone thinks he is possessed. Han then goes to Seung-tak’s room and asks if he is either blackmailed or has a deal with professor Cha and asks what is the deal.

Seung-tak puts forward a deal to Han to come clean before Cha wakes up and he will be lenient with him. ADD Han asks what if Cha doesn’t wake up. So this question is what made Seung-tak rush to Cha’s room the next day.

Seung-tak then asks what Se-jin is doing to the nurse and gets to know that Se-Jin is scheduled to perform surgery for Bo-Mi. Before Bo-Mi is taken to OR her mom places a thesis at her hand and encourages her to wake up and complete her Ph.D. This makes spirit Bo-Mi emotional. The other ICU ghost consoles her and takes her in front of the Operating unit.

The other 2 ghosts bid their farewell emotionally and ask her to stay strong and live well. They let her alone there and leave.

Bo-Mi’s surgery starts and as it goes Cha also waits outside the operating unit. Seung-tak asks if he is there for the patient or doctor. Cha answers both. 

Seung-Jo (the boy who got operated on) comes now and surprises both of them. Seung-tak takes Seung-Jo to his room to Jae-won. Jae-won asks the kid not to go outside again and sends him inside.

Seung-tak asks if there are any rumors this time. Jae-won promises that he doesn’t care if he is human or ghost, he will go till the end with him.

In the operating Unit, the surgery goes well and Bo-Mi is shifted to ICU. The other 2 ghosts become happy that Bo-mi has gone into her body but soon they find out from Bo-mi’s spirit herself that she didn’t go in her body. It was surgery to insert a tube in her head and give antibodies directly to the brain, So it would take time for her to wake up.

She tells them that Cha only explained to her all these and thanks him for helping her in treatment. The ICU ghost takes Cha to the terrace and they all do sunbathe. Cha enjoys the sunbath so much. Seung-tak watches him from away.

On another side, Seung-tak sees Se-Jin is asked by the nurse to get some fresh air and sun as she has not left the hospital in months and she would become sick at this rate. Se-Jin tells her that the room has plenty of air and sun, so she would not go out.

ADD Han summons all the professors and enquires about recent surgeries done by Seung-tak. They all lie that only the main surgeon did the surgery and Seung-tak just assisted. But they get caught in one case where Seung-tak did emergency surgery under the name of Chief Bam and Jae-Won assisted him.

ADD Han then warns everyone if it happens he would take disciplinary actions against them.

Seung-tak plans an outing for Se-Jin and Cha. He buys Jessica’s (Lee Ji Woo) concert and makes both of them go. He tells se-jin to attend because Cha is a fan of Jessica, also his patient, and tells Cha to watch the concert and increase his happy hormones.

Both of them go to the concert, of course, Cha inside Seung-tak body as he can’t go by himself. Both of them get surprised seeing each other but Se-Jin tells him she should be the one to get surprised.

Seung-tak(possessed by Cha) tells her that he came to the concert as a doctor to see any mishaps after surgery. The concerts happen and Cha watches Se-Jin the whole time, not the concert. Few instances their hands come in contact and Cha smiles at that. Cha thinks about the old times and enjoys as much as he can in the concert.

After the concert, as they walk back to the car, Se-Jin asks Seung-tak why he opted for CS as nowadays all the young people choose for easier major. Cha tells her that he opted because he promised a girl and they would conquer a hospital after he gets in CS and she gets into NS. Se-Jin stands there in shock remembering she telling the same thing to Cha. (For a second, I thought she would guess it was Cha who was speaking to her.). She then insists Seung-Tak take her to the hospital.

As both of them reach the hospital, Soo-Jung notices them and it felt she was kind of jealous. Before she tries going to them, she gets an urgent ER call and she leaves. Cha sends off Se-jin near his ghost limit and comes out of Seung-tak. 

Cha smiles ear to ear as Seung-tak asks how was the day. Seung-tak becomes so proud of his work now that he has increased Cha’s happy hormones. At this time, Seung-tak gets a call from Jae-won that Seung-Jo is missing and he has searched all over the hospital.

At Cha’s suite, Se-Jin apologizes to his body for going alone and promises to go out with him next time. She places Jessica’s autograph near him saying Seung-tak told her Cha would love it and then wonders how Seung-tak knows so much about Cha and is just like Cha in many ways.

After searching many places Cha and Seung-tak find the kid near the ICU. As Seung-tak calls out for the kid, the kid passes right through him and hugs Cha asking if he came to see him. The kid starts to dissipate as Cha tries to make sense of what might have happened.

On the other side, Soo-Jung finds the kid near the elevator and starts doing CPR. Seung-tak comes running checking for the kid. The first thing Soo-Jung asks Seung-tak is if he is alone or with Professor Cha. Cha and Seung-tak, both jump in surprise. Soo-Jung hastily asks him to switch hands with Cha if he is there. They save the kid on time. Cha asks Jae-won to put Intubate the kid.

Cha, Seung-tak, and Soo-Jung come separately and Seung-tak shoots his questions like from when she knew and how she knew. Soo-Jung tells him that she knew from when Seung-tak himself came to know and it was too obvious. She didn’t tell him because he never told her.

She asks both of them to at least maintain naming consistency as professor cha is the only one who calls her intern Oh and Seung-tak calls her crystal. And she also points out Cha’s weird habit of rotating his wrist before surgery. 

Before she leaves Soo-Jung asks Seung-tak why he is dressed up and comments he has so much time to go on date when she comes to know about his date with Se-Jin.

As she leaves, Cha wonders at how pro fanatic she is. Seung-tak is also dumbfounded at how open-minded she is at all these fantasy things. (Why does it feel like even she could see Cha. It was as if she could see him when she was giving CPR to the child.).

The middle-aged man of the ICU ghost feed the walnut cake Seung-tak bought. The man for some reason was interested in where the shop was and how many customers came to the shop. He was too eager to get feedback on how the cake was from everyone there. (Maybe he is the shop owner. Let’s see if we get to know about this back story.).

Tes joins them now and says to Seung-tak that he hid the fact that he can see ghosts till now and finally get caught.

Tes and Seung-tak speak privately. Seung-tak asks how come he did not disappear even after this long time. Yes tells him everyone has something buried down in their heart. Seung-tak teases Tes that he has to pay rent for staying this long free and he can find someplace for Tes to shift.

Though Cha did CPR to save the kid he does not wake up that night. Cha asks Seung-tak to sleep well that night and he would find the reason why the kid fainted suddenly. The next day after Seung-tak wakes up, Cha meets him and tells him that the kid fainted because he ran too much.  

Cha takes him to the system and shows him how running has increased blood flow and a certain point of time blockage at a ventricle and hence the heart stopped.

In the patient discussion meeting, Seung-tak explains all the findings of Cha to the professors and asks Professor Han (the lead surgeon of the surgery) to do the operation right away on the day. Prof. Han says he is packed and other professors also back off saying many other reasons. The other professor also tells Seung-tak that he doesn’t need to assist them in other planned surgery too. 

Jae-won enacts from the panel that the higher-ups gave pressure.

Seung-tak immediately rushes to ADD Han’s office. ADD Han doesn’t try to hide and throws the fact straight into Seung-tak’s face that he can’t let a Resident practicing do surgery instead of the main surgeon. And there is some reason that Seung-tak is allowing Prof. Cha to possess him and do the surgeries. ADD Han wants to know this and he knows he won’t get an answer from Sueng-tak that is why he is playing this game. ADD Han challenges Seung-tak to operate on the kid himself without Cha if he wants to save the kid.

After Seung-tak comes out of Han’s office, Sueng-tak and Cha go to meet the kid’s Spirit at first they find the ICU ghost enjoying their time with the kid but the ghosts ask Cha to fix the kid as soon as possible. They start to rant that kids can be taken care of only for 3hrs and they have played hide and seek 27 times that day itself. As they speak the kid goes to hiding the 28th time.

Cha then starts searching for the kid himself. As he searches he finds Chief Bam asking ADD Han to allow for the kid’s surgery for only this time. He says they can’t transfer the kid to another hospital because Cha’s donation is used for his surgery. ADD Han makes it clear that the donation applies only to Cha’s surgery and Cha has to sign off for that and since Cha is not around the hospital may claim that money. Cha wonders at how lousy Han is.

 At the ICU, Seung-Jo’s mom cries at her son and as Seung-tak watches, the kid’s spirit roams around and ends up in the ICU and comes to know the truth. Seung-tak rushes to Jae-won with a plan. He asks Jae-won to help him with something and then he goes to meet Chief Bam at the canteen. 

Soo-Jung goes to her home and on her way, she wonders why Se-Jin went on a date with Seung-tak though he called and she even never went on a date with him. And wonders whether something happened when they were taking care of Prof.Cha. 

Soo-Jung’s mom welcomes her and the first thing soo-Jung does is give food to Cha’s pet. (Here is where Seung-tak left Cha’s pet then.). Soo-Jung’s mom believes till now that she is an intern at ophthalmology and warns her she should not be in cardio or neuro and work like her grandpa. We are shown a family pic of Soo-Jung, her mom, and Tes.

At the canteen, Chief Bam for the first time gets annoyed by his colleagues for not putting the child’s life ahead of the money. He yells at them for not standing up for the kid. Seung-tak goes to Chief Bam and tells him he has been brave 20 years ago when he started to do surgery and asks if he still has that braveness.

So they plan a way out for the kid’s surgery. They plan the surgery on a weekend when ADD Han is mostly out of the hospital and the next thing is they make Jae-won assist Professor Han. Their plan is very simple. Jae-won would work late that night and lock all his time so that just before surgery he leaves saying he has locked all his 80 working hours and hence Seung-tak should assist the surgery.

Unfortunately, ADD Han visits the hospital that day but he has no control over what is happening there. Before going into OR, Cha goes to the kid and makes the kid hold his shirt and say that he is the most famous doctor and is his doctor. Cha then promises that he will send back him to his mom. 

Tes hides from them and says, “He is making up for it this way. This is getting passed down.”.

In the OR ADD Han finds Jae-won leaving the OR just before the surgery starts and then Sueng-tak enters. Chief Bam explains that Jae-won has already worked 80 hours and all night so they can’t make him work more hours. Prof.Han says they couldn’t find any other residents too. 

So the surgery starts and as usual, Cha leads the surgery. The episode ends with a cliffhanger. For the first time of all the surgery when Cha possess Seung-tak, he loses control and it feels he is not able to hold things. He loses control twice that surgery. On the other side, Se-Jin visits a psychiatrist to know either about Seung-tak’s behavior or because she is finding him similar to Cha which we are not shown yet. 

Is the loss of control can be because Cha is going to wake up? Or something else that is bad. I don’t want it to be bad. Let’s see in the coming episodes what might be the reason.

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